Saturday, February 9, 2013

Work Weight-Loss Challenge and Livin' la Vida Vegas!

I have been a very bad blogger as of late and I'm hoping this post will put an end to that! 
I get into these moments were I have so much to blog, but I don't know how to write it up or I don't know where to start that I end up just not blogging anything.  Bad, Catherine! 
So there's this weight-loss challenge at work.  Last year when they ran it, I didn't even entertain the idea of entering it because me, myself and I all knew that I wasn't about to be putting down the cheeseburgers any time soon.  Wow, how things have changed since then! 
Because my posts have been so sporadic, I'm not sure if I've even mentioned it, but the weight-loss challenge is a 10-week challenge and the winner will be determined by the most % of weight lost.  So, basically they had a first weigh-in and this number will be used to determine the percentage of weight lost each week.  Percentage is being used so that peoples' weights can remain private.  Weighing in on this even though nobody asked, I think it's unnecessary.  I mean...especially/personally for me...the start of actually losing weight is to face it.  Letting your weight NOT be a secret makes you accountable for it.  Heck, I have before pictures of me floating out there on the WWW.  But, it is what it is.  You can't lose weight without first acknowledging that you have weight to lose.  Nothing makes me prouder than knowing what my original number was and how that compares to what the number is today.  Percentages doesn't do that since my losing 20 lbs pretty much looks the same as a lighter person losing 10 depending on the numbers.   
Which, by the way, is how my friend Tara told me that I'm kind of getting screwed over.  Percentage weight-loss challenges suck in that someone who weighs less than me does not have to lose as much in order for their percentage to be the same or pretty darn close.  At the time, I told her it didn't matter since I was always going to continue to lose weight even if this challenge didn't exist.  And I wasn't in it for losing quickly or fad diets, etc.  I sounded so noble and full of wisdom and all that jazz!  Too bad I forget my intense and slightly concerning competitive streak. *wince*  
CONFESSION: I'm the worst competitor ever.  I will demand recounts and second opinions.  I asked for the scale to be recalibrated.  I may have been joking...I think...  I asked to see the specific breakdown of the Excel sheet's formula to see exactly how our results were being calculated.  And then I threw a fit when I came in fourth place after week one because they were rounding to the sixth decimal place and that makes a difference as opposed to just using two decimal places.  Ugh.  I'm almost slightly ashamed of the fit I threw except for the fact that I'm still in fourth place. 
Seriously though, couldn't they have started this four months ago?   
I guess I've mellowed since then since I didn't have a meltdown as I am no longer in the top five this week.  Then again, I had a pretty good reason.  I wasn't at work during weigh-in day because I was too busy stuffing my face at a Vegas brunch buffet.  Key word: VEGAS.  Everyone knows calories don't count when you're in VEGAS, right!? 
As a result: 
and this 
As if that wasn't bad enough...

May have led to...

*closes eyes* ...THIS.
In my humble and somewhat weak defense, since I did bring up the old Catherine earlier.  Old Catherine would have had bread covered in layers of butter and pasta with cream sauces all over her plate.  I am really noticing a big difference in new Catherine's food choices.  Granted, they're still not 100% great, I think they're still better than what they would have been and that's gotta count for something, right?  If it also helps, we walked around a LOT on that trip and I even hit up the gym on one of the two free mornings that we had.  I'm gonna call snaps for me on that one - and on running all the way from Treasure Island to Harrah's to catch the last 2 am monorail in HEELS.  That's gotta be worth at least one crab leg if not four.
I was once again on my best behaviour as soon as we left Vegas.  We had a pretty long stopover in Chicago (P.S. WORST. airport. ever.  Who still charges for Wi-Fi in airports anymore!?) and I was back to drinking water and the healthier food options.  What I have learned in the last few months is that while I'm not trying to deprive myself of anything, it's knowing when I've had enough or let myself enjoy bad foods enough.  I did and I made the most of it, but now I'm back and that means it's back to the healthy lifestyle change I chose for myself.
Mother Nature also helped out by providing a bajillion centimetres of snow and my entire "snow" day turned into shovelling so many times that I had to take an actual pain killer for my arms.  Burned 818 shovelling snow today.  Booyah!

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