Monday, February 25, 2013

FuelBands and SportBands and Polars, OH MY!

I think I'm overthinking my blog posts.

Every time I log on to post, I just sit here and stare at the screen and end up just shutting the laptop down.

So tonight, I'm determined to get a post up.  I've been very productive and I know I'll be mad at myself later on for not even mentioning it!  You know, the memory isn't what she used to be since I turned 30...I have to write things down so I'll remember them after! *LOL*

CONFESSION: I totally started this post three Supernatural episodes and one BBM video chat with my mom ago.

So let's see, what's been going on in a nutshell?  My Skora's and I have been having a ball!  We are currently in our honeymoon phase where we just love each other and want to be with each other all the time and when we're together, I can do no wrong and everything is just lovely and sweaty and rose-coloured.  I'm not even being sarcastic, I am LOVING my shoes and the even more freaky part?  I am loving running!

Okay, wait, scratch that. That's not technically true.  I am loving that I CAN run.  That's actually closer to the reality of it.  It's taken me three years to get to this moment, but I still don't really like running.  I like the gadgets that come with running.  I like the outfits that come with running.  Definitely loving the shoes that go with running and I'm liking that I no longer suck at running.  But there still hasn't been a moment where I want to run just for the sheer joy of it.  I don't think that's going to happen any time soon, but I'll let you know in three years.

So a lot of my newfound feelings for running of course has to do with the stuff I've been getting.  It's weird how motivational getting running gear can be.  I mean, they all pretty much cost a pretty penny, so one of the motivational things about it is that if you're going to spend the money, you'd better use it.  Or your husband finds the receipts for one of the things that you bought and tried to pass off as something you've had forever and he pretty much says you'd better go out and run to make it worth the amount he's seeing and well...I mean, that's just an example.  It's not like it's a personal experience or anything...

The other motivational thing about it is seeing results!  Not results as in, oh wow, I feel great and ooooh look at all the energy I have.  Meh, that's for chumps and hippies.  Results as in NUMBERS and charts and stuff you can post to Facebook so you can say, "see world! I'm AWESOME!"

CONFESSION: I never really said I was all that humble... *wince*

But hey, whatever works for you!  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my wallet, new gear is the BEST kind of motivation for me. 

Speaking of which:

Look at my new friends!!!! They're so PRETTY!!!

Actually, only one of them is mine (for now).  Besides the "see it, want it, have it" syndrome that I've got going on I've also got the 'now' syndrome.  So basically, you have to add 'now' after each of those...'see it now, want it now, have it now'.  Once I've got something in my head, I pretty much follow through ASAP.  It's like an obsession, I can't stop thinking about it until I own it.

Since I realized I can run for a long enough distance that it would be worth it to keep track, I've been wanting to have something to track it with.  A few years ago when I started running I was using micoach on my phone and the GPS would keep track for me when I ran outdoors, but unfortunately, two phone updates later and micoach wasn't able to keep up and I live in Canada and there's no way I'm running outside in the snow, so I didn't really have anything that would give me a good idea of how far I was running - well, you know, besides a treadmill. 

But I have recently discovered that my local rec centre has an indoor track and also offers free Wi-Fi, so I've been popping in there at lunch (okay, so technically I've only gone once, but I PLAN to go more often now that I know about it!) and the track length differs which lane you run.  Of course, it does give you an idea of distance, but - oh who cares, I saw that the SportBand can tell you distance and I just wanted it.  All the other stuff I mentioned were just added factors to the reasons behind me wanting it.  *LOL*

I saw it online retailing for $79 and thought I would just duck in to the Nike store nearby and just get it.  I understood that I would probably have to pay a bit more since I could have it right away (I really hate waiting for things to ship), but BONUS!  I get to the store and they're on sale for $24.99!!! WHAAAAAT?!  Bart was with me so I had to limit my purchase to one for myself, but I'm still having thoughts in my head about going back to get the black and lime green one to match my Skora shoes.  *wince* That's so bad.  Pretty soon, I'm certain I'm going to need an intervention for my gadget bingeing. 

Meh, who cares when you can see results and charts like this! YAY! That's ME!  Doing a 5K on a Monday night like it's no big deal!  The chip has me going a lot farther than I actually do so it does need some calibrating (that run is basically out of the package and running), so it's off by almost 1 km since I stopped the treadmill at exactly 3.2 miles.  Because the chip is basically just an accelerometer, I think it's using a stride rate much higher than what my stride actually is when calculating the distance.  But with the calibration, I should have that narrowed down a bit more and really, I just wanted a good idea of what I was running.  The distance accuracy will get better once I actually start running outside and get my GPS going on my other app.  That, or Nike can put in a place where we can enter our heights or ethnicity or something, so they can tell I'm a five foot nothing Asian and they can calculate a shorter stride length.

CONFESSION: I also can't run in the rain - all the watches and straps attached to me might ensure that I'll get struck by lightning or electrocuted or something.  I'll be sure to run with less techno gear when it's outdoor running time, I think!

Alright, I'm just gonna cut myself off while I'm ahead and looking pretty fantastic with my 5K run.  I'm trying to decide if going to the indoor track tomorrow at lunch time isn't overkill, but with the nice warm honeymoon glow from all my cool, new gear, I think we all know I'll be there tomorrow strutting my Asian shuffle with all these wires and watches and straps slapped on to me. 

Off to harass the hubby and pup for some cuddle time before bedtime! 

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