Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Insanity Day 34: ihdgk3u[t69dkjg

Sorry, I was trying to type out a title but all the little black spots dancing in front of my vision seem to have hindered my keyboarding skills.


Shaun T must be a wanted criminal because he just assassinated a lot of calories in my body.

That. Was. TOUGH!

I don't even know where my mind is anymore or if I didn't just hallucinate that I was doing the workout because it just seems so unreal that I could have made it through!  I think I got through the entire warm-up without stopping.  I loved that it was different from the first month's warm-up but still got me sweaty in a jiffy!  Every little difference from the first month to now is totally registering...like being able to actually DO an entire set of jumping jacks whereas before, I couldn't even get through a few seconds' worth.

Yesterday's fit test/assessment at the gym caught up with me though because I had a hard time with the push-ups in this DVD workout.  And there were a lot of moves that I was definitely feeling my abs in. Which I will attribute to the situps I had to do yesterday.

Oh, CONFESSION: I didn't do the Insanity Fit Test today! *wince* I forgot about it and was already into the actual workout and although I could have stopped it since I wasn't in so far, I didn't.  I figured, enh, I just had a fit test.  So I had BETTER have REALLY good improvement numbers the next fit test go around.  That's all I'm sayin'! *LOL*

I could really feel the difference and impact that the extended workout time has from this month's workout to last.  An hour is LONG, yo!  It's that timing bar at the bottom killing it for me again!  I'm working it and I'm getting it in and I think, my goodness, I've got to be done by now and a quick glance up at the screen, and WHAT?! I still have another half hour to go?! What else could he POSSIBLY do to me that won't kill me if I keep going!?

Oooooh, there's lots more.  Though I do have to say that I really love the "ski abs/push up jacks/in-out/oblique push up" move.  I mean, I could barely do more than one set of it, but how can you not feel like G.I. frickin' Jane while doing it?  I wanted to get up and be like..."WHOO-RAAAH!"  Maybe instead of an "I earned it" T-Shirt, we should be getting dog tags after completing the program! *LOL*  Doing some of the moves really had me feeling like I should be having a "be all that you can be" moment!

I'm also really feeling my quads today.  Today's workout coupled with my maiden voyage on Jacob's Ladder yesterday has got me feeling muscles that I thought I had already met.  May I just wander off the path for a minute and comment about how intense that ladder machine is!  When I first joined the gym and was taking the tour (prior to my awesome assessment session /sarcasm) the tour guide pointed out the two Jacob's Ladders they had sitting smack dab in the middle of the gym floor surrounded by all the other treadmills and ellipticals.  She said that it would probably look familiar to me if I watched The Biggest Loser.  I didn't and had no idea what it was but she mentioned that they were quick calorie burners so that caught my attention.  Two, almost three months later and I'm finally getting around to pushing past the intimidation I feel even just thinking about it.  People have told me that this ladder is HARRRD.

And YES.  IT.  WAS.  I'd like to proudly say that I contributed my own sweat tracks to the tracks under the ladder rungs.  I didn't even think I could stick it out for a MINUTE.  I felt it EVERYWHERE and it was really a mental effort to keep telling my mind to keep my muscles moving, pulling up one foot to step one run up after the other.  It wasn't Insanity, but it sure as heck was CRAZY!  The other thing about it is that I mentioned is that it's right in the middle of the gym.  For EVERYONE to see.  You have to climb like you're actually climbing a ladder, one rung up at a time, feet and hands climbing and for the first second, you're kind of conscious that your butt is kind of up in the air for everyone to see.  And then the second is over and all you're concerned about is just not dying and even then, you're kind of wishing for it to happen so that the ladder would just. please. STOP.   I went 25 minutes in total, but in 5 minute intervals with some long-ish breaks in between.  I'd say I got in about 4 5-minute intervals with 4 1-minute breaks though some were longer than others.  That ladder is intense, y'all.  Wasn't pleased that I got the bright idea to try it for the first time the day before I was set to start Month 2 of Insanity for the first time.

I've worked out and then I've worked out hard.  But today is the first time I can officially say that every stitch of my clothing was drenched in sweat.  Sorry if that's a little TMI, but I type that proudly.  Each drop showed I gave it as much of myself as I could give.  I grunted and groaned and shrieked with the best of those folks on the screen and then I dug deeper and went just a little bit harder...right before I stopped for a water break...or just to double over and blink my vision back into focus.

Now that it's over and the pain and intensity seem to be fading from my memory, I'm starting to get mad at myself that I didn't go harder, but I'm pretty sure that I went as hard as I could for today.  Every time I had to stop, there wasn't a time where I just said that was that.  That's it for me.  I took a break but I came back, even if it was for the last ten seconds to finish out the set, I came back and I finished each set.  And the floor switch kicks? (I don't know if they're actually called that), a month ago, I couldn't even lift my hips up off the floor and today I managed to be able to switch kick it the best that I could while taking some breaks in between.  Me!!! Little, round me!

I ended up going through two 24 oz bottles of water plus my recovery drink by the time the workout was through and I'm really feeling proud of myself.  I'm getting to watch and live through my own little history in the making.  I'm doing something worthwhile for myself and it feels so. frickin'. good. :)

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