Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Week

So now of course I have that BNL song stuck in my head!  You too? What? No way, what a coincidence! :P

It's been one of those weeks that felt like it dragged on forever while it was going and now that it's over, it feels like it flashed by in the blink of an eye.  How'd that happen?

Been keeping busy as usual and of course that isn't enough!  I had to find more ways to distract myself!  But there's two significant things to this week that just dragged on and flew by.  One: I got myself an iPod Touch and second, I am officially down to my LAST week of Insanity.  I know!  It's insane!

So first things first, the iPod thing is kind of a big deal because I'm a pretty anti-Apple kinda girl.  Well, maybe I shouldn't generalize since that doesn't seem to be true anymore.  So let's be more specific and say that I'm an anti-iPhone kind of girl as I've got two feet firmly rooted in camp BlackBerry.  This girl already has the BB10 on reserve, may I add!  It was almost a make-or-break in our marriage when my husband decided he wanted to try the iPhone - so much so that I may have yelled that he could try a hooker, but he can't try an iPhone!  But I digress...

Since I also have a dirty little secret:

CONFESSION: I really like Instagram.

...and unfortunately, Instagram?  Well, she's not on BlackBerry.  What is a girl to do!? 

I tried though, I really did.  I got Molome and tried to make do.  It almost felt like Instagram, but let's face it: it wasn't.

Since the iPhone in our marriage debacle, I've since relaxed and have also clarified that the earlier outburst was not to be taken literally and that it was not (nor ever was) an option that was on the table.  It probably helped a little that since trying out the iPhone, my husband has been experiencing a lot of drawbacks and has conceded that the iPhone doesn't do a lot of the things he had been using his BlackBerry for business-wise.  So, ha! Vindicated. 

Like all things electronic, Bart had actually expected me to take over his iPhone, despite my very vocal arguments against it.  He knows me and regardless of what brand it is, he knows I can't resist anything that powers on and has an LCD touch screen.  He was quite surprised when I didn't immediately appropriate myself within his iPhone world, but I think I'm losing focus of my post as it's not meant to be an iPhone vs. BlackBerry reflection.  This is really about Instagram...and how I fell in love!

I mean, it offers the capacity to take photos, edit them, make them pretty and then share them and get comments and feedback and love.  It's this little Asian girl's dream!

So blah blah blah, long story short, I made a compromise and got an iPod Touch!  I rep my BlackBerry and I get Instagram!

YESSSSS! So of course, I've been busy snap-clickin'-editing-posting!  Basically, all around Instagrammin'!

So celebrating one week of Instagrams and one week of Insanity left!  I know I'm probably speaking too soon, but I can't WAIT to start cycle two just so I can see/tell if there's a difference to how I do the first month's workouts!

  1. Trying to get back into the insanity that is Insanity.
  2. My mom got me the Zumba workout as part of an early birthday present.  I couldn't figure out which one to I did both!
  3. Wednesdays are still my favourite day of the week! I have officially entered the 160s!
  4. As much as I LOVE my gadgets and gizmos, I just can't go into Chapters without walking out with some books!  As much as I hated the return to Sweet Valley - I couldn't stop myself from getting the next book, and Cecelia Ahern, author of P.S. I Love You has been a long-time favourite of mine!  Everyone needs a little mindless, silly, imaginative reading to wind down!
  5. The 8th last checkmark I will mark on this calendar!
  6. I love birth-month!  Who ever said that you only celebrate the DAY?  Part 2 of my mom's birthday present to me: a trip to Lulu Lemon to celebrate my fitness success so far (two birds with one stone - she heard me say I needed to pick up some new workout outfits and she couldn't think of anything else to get me!)
  7. As much as I love Insanity and what it's helped me do to my body, Sundays are my FAVOURITE days because it's Ultimate Frisbee day!  It may or may not have a lot to do with the cute, colourful socks I get to wear!
  8. Clean-eating junk food?  Probably closer to junk, but I tried my best! *LOL* It's been a while since Bart and I have had tacos so we had chicken tacos using low sodium taco seasoning on whole wheat tortilla shells!  Instead of sour cream, I made guacamole with avocados, tomatoes, onions and lemon juice and instead of lettuce, we used shredded baby spinach (not as a healthy substitute, but because I forgot to buy lettuce)!  It was faaantastic!
Tomorrow begins my first foray into the last week of Insanity!  I plan to go as hard as I can to make the most of it!

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