Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Insanity: The Countdown is ON!

So I must have lost it somewhere here or there in my Insanity day counts, but I figured with just a little over one week left to do before I finish the whole program, I think I can start counting from the opposite end!

I'm typing and I can't really believe that it's actually true.  I can STILL remember when I first started Insanity and how daunting it completely was.  Hanging up the calendar and seeing all those boxes to check off.  And now there's more checkmarks than blank boxes!

Heck, I can do pushups, yo! PUSH UPS!

CONFESSION: I can be in the middle of a sentence or yelling at someone and get totally distracted when I cross my arms.  I'd be like, "Oh YEAH?!!?! Well - ooooh, muscles! I have MUSCLES!  Feel my arm!  Feel it! It's all hard and stuff!" Wanna know where the beach is? *flex* It's right...over...there!

I think it's solely because of this that I have become a bit of a workout snob.

Before, when I just wanted to lose weight and didn't care how, it was just about burning calories.  And when you watch too much TV or infomercials, companies are totally banking on that.  They'll get you to buy *insert any product here* while promising that you'll lose weight.  And I was good with that!  But after going through the Insanity program (I'm becoming VERY aware of how dangerously close to an infomercial I'm starting to sound like!) I'm seeing all these differences besides weight loss and all of a sudden, it's not just about losing weight.  It's really changed me!  I LOVE knowing that before this all started, I couldn't do even ONE push up.  Not even half of one.  It was start in plank position and go straight down into a faceplant.  That's all the game I had.  And now...while I'm not all there yet, I can bang out about 15 of them!  Dying through the warmup?  And now getting through it and seeing myself get stronger and stronger with cleaner technique.  Who wouldn't love that?! 

Besides the physical changes - now this is where it will sound a bit corny - but it's changed me on the inside as well.  To be honest, it's not a night and day change...I'm still completely lazy, but the difference is that 9 of 10 times, I find a way to push past the laziness and just get 'er done.  I said when I first started all of this that I wasn't on a diet and that this was a lifestyle change, but there was still that part of me that was waiting for me to give up and watch this be just another one of my fads/hobbits that I get tired of and quit.  But here I am, almost four months in and I'm still here!  I still have a long way to go, but I've made my stand.  Let's just say I dug deeper and I've got some roots down in this crazy journey to health and fitness. 

I'm not saying that I'm not going to have any setbacks, but I think I like where I am and where I'm headed. 

...and with that quick update, it's time to ZUMBAAAA!

My mom got this for me as an early birthday present and has been calling almost every day asking if I've started it and I've been telling her I haven't had the time, so it's time to get it in!

Have a great night everyone!

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