Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goal: 35 before 30

I guess you could say that I'm off to a slow start in 2013.  I blame in on the holidays, but I guess that's what everyone else would be saying too.  So I'm going to go with blaming it on Cuba. *LOL*

It's definitely hard to stay on track while vacationing away.  I have many witnesses who can attest to the fact that I tried really hard to behave - they have also pointed out to me how verbally annoying I was about it with my constant whining, but I digress.

The first time I went to Cuba in May, I didn't really notice anything was missing food-wise because that was prior to the new lifestyle change.  So basically all I ate was bread, pasta and lobster.  This time around, with bread and past out (I had to keep the lobster - sans butter though, if that at all helps my case!) I was turning to fresh fruits and vegetables and anything they had going on the grill.  For the most part, I would classify my Cuban diet as mostly paleo as the only thing I felt okay eating was protein.  I did try to do vegetables every once in a while, but as Cuban resorts as well as parents all over the world have discovered, people will eat vegetables more if their covered in butter, and that's how pretty much all the dishes came - vegetables and even rice!

Since returning from vacation, I'm finding it a tad difficult to get back into the groove of things - although I'm sure it has everything to do with my mindset as opposed to any other outside factors actually making it difficult for me to refocus.

Unfortunately for my husband, I have a surefire way to jumpstart motivation and get me inspired to get moving again. 


Inspiring TV shows and stories don't move me like buying a new workout outfit or fitness gear!  If my husband is lucky, a couple of tops usually get me set, on his unlucky days, it's a gadget that captures my fancy - though he's not complaining at my need for us to both have Nike+ FuelBands.  They've definitely given us a competitive edge lately!

Considering it's after vacation and the holidays, I kept my fitness gear shopping to a minimum - especially since I wasn't even planning on picking anything up!  I had accompanied my coworker to Old Navy over our lunch hour and while she was browsing through the kids' section, I moseyed on over to their active wear and noticed the giant 40% off signs!  I mean, you just can't ignore 40% signs!

Teal and purple sports bras as well as teal and purple tops (I took a chance and got the purple one in a Medium so it doesn't exactly fit...yet!) for $11 each!
As we were headed back to work, we had to walk through The Bay and gee-golly-gosh, something else caught my eye!

 I heart this running jacket!  I believe it's by London Fog and of course it was on SALE!  What was even better about it was that it was on further sale from the sale price that I was already okay with! 

Bart asked me if my purchasing this jacket meant I was ready to start jogging outside again.'s still early days yet.  I just finally got motivated to start thinking about reuniting with Shaun T, I don't want to overdo things by gallivanting around outside as well!  Bart just doesn't understand baby steps!  *LOL*

With the new year also comes one more inevitable moment.  My birthday - and this year is the big THREE OH for me!  Bart is currently planning me a birthday party (CONFESSION: Okay, so perhaps I'm doing most of the planning and then making Bart send out all the invites and telling him to tell everyone he planned it all) and I've made a little mini goal in the hopes of reaching 35 lbs lost before I turn 30!  (CONESSION: I'm actually hoping it's more like 40 before 30, but we'll see!)  I've already got a dress in mind to wear to paint the town red that evening, but it's just the teeeensiest, tiniest bit too tight (I look very tightly, though lovingly encased by the dress as of right now) so I'm hoping by the time party time rolls around, it'll be a comfortable fit! 

One good way to ensure that?  Is to get up off my butt!  Shaun T is calling! 

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