Saturday, December 15, 2012

Insanity Day 46: Max Holiday Punishment

Who ever said holidays were about eating?  They clearly had no personality because they SUCK! Why couldn't they have just said, the holidays are about DONATING food ONLY!  Or, the holidays are aaaaall about NOT eating! Fasting is FESTIVE!
But nope, for some reason, some dope and a bunch of his friends were like, let's sit around and eat stuff and tell ourselves we're feeling all warm and fuzzy while stuffing our faces with things that could clog our arteries and pores!  And for some reason, that tradition has totally caught on until now, with days before Christmas, everyone feels the need to celebrate with food! As if a celebration couldn't happen without food.  
Sorry, folks.  Clearly, I'm a little bit kerfuffled.  Since Wednesday, it's been "celebration" mode.  Wednesday was a staff dinner and unfortunately, the person planning it felt the need to have it at a pub.  A PUB! You know what their healthiest item was?  A chicken taco salad in a deep fried bowl.  I tried my best to be good, but then the next day was a holiday party/jewelery party. And what was there??? FOOD!  Hahaha, okay, that one I shouldn't act like I was surprised there was food, I brought a platter of crackers topped with granny smith apple slices, 5-year aged white cheddar and prosciutto!  Mmmm...prosciutto...the night wasn't as well-behaved as the night before.  I popped hors d'oeuvres in my mouth like they were illegal substances and the cops were knockin' down the door and I had nowhere to hide the stuff.  *wince* I also had a glass of wine *double wince* GAH!  As soon as the glass was done I immediately switched tI already figured the damage was done.  Friday, well, whattaya know, ANOTHER Christmas party!  I was able to fare a lot better here because I was on high alert considering the couple of days I had before.  Saturday was actually the next time I was able to work out.  UGH.  Taking that long a break?  My body can feel the difference.

I took the punishment without complaint because I could practically feel cheese essences oozing out of my pores and it needed to get GONE!
In all honesty, I'm probably being really extreme.  I didn't really go overboard, but I went a little crazy that I couldn't even really log much of what I ate?  I mean, how do you log delicious jalapeno/apricot filled brie spread over toasted, olive-oil drizzled baguettes.  OMG, I think I'm re-living the moment.  
Soooo, where was I? It was no surprise that Saturday's workout felt HARRD.  I trudged my way through the workout and alternated between going hard and then wanting to just quit or die...whichever came first.  
Still don't have any plank push-up game, but it's starting to get better.  I can't get down, but I'm hovering as opposed to just moving straight into faceplant.  I have a feeling that I'm relying entirely too much on my arms and not enough on my chest, but I've still got two weeks of Insanity left.  I can DO it.  Plank push ups are in my FUTURE!  They just HAVE to be!
CONFESSION: Ever since I've been able to do push-ups, I've sort of been having a love affair with my arms.  There's like....muscles there!  I'd be int he middle of a conversation and cross my arms and then totally lose track of the conversation because I'd get all fascinated that my fingers are touching muscles!  Then I'd flex them and stroke my arm and then flex some more and then poke at the muscle and get all giddy that there's actually a muscle there! And then I look up and realize the person who was talking to me is looking at me with a mixture of disgust and amusement on their face.  
Sooo...after the workout punishment from holiday hell?  I had to get ready for two more parties.  Ugh.  :(

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