Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year in Facebook Statuses

  • Happy, happy New Year, everyone! May 2012 be the best year yet! Here's to unknown blessings and adventures to come! May you all face it with your family, friends and loved ones at your side! 
  • Oh no. I just realized I forgot to charge my 'I give a crap' battery last night. Please hang up and try again on Monday.
  • Just got my E-Mail notification that I am officially part of an indoor Ultimate Frisbee team! This E-Mail also outlines that my team's name is Disc Pigs. Clearly the universe is punishing me for something.

  • Thankful for free evenings and weekend calling: Chewy was drunk-dialling my BB's phonebook - and by drunk-dialling, I mean he was walking all over my BB. *LOL* 
  • Sustained a scraped knee injury at frisbee today by diving and making the most amazing, seemingly impossible catch known to all Ultimate frisbee universe. By that I mean I was running and fell all by myself...while everyone else was on the other side of the field.
  • Staying up as opposed to waking up to 4:01 seemed like a good idea at the time, but SO worth it - for my PB and the inner technogeek in me, that is; everyone else, please consider this your disclaimer. Approach with caution. 
  • Me: Bart, you don't even read my blog :(
    Bart: I live your blog. And then I clean up after it.
    Touché, Mr. Bolton, touché...
  • Ugh. It's official: Down and out for the next few days. Thinking non-stress-inducing thoughts. I should probably get to sleep then...

  • Don't forget to spring forward tonight/tomorrow morning, friends!
  • After helping Kristine and Ushi move last week, I am now throwing out everything I own so if we move in the future, I won't have to carry it. Except for the couch...Kuya Marvin is gonna position and re-position our couch 8 times just so I can see what it looks like *LOL*
  • Me: Bart, watch The Hunger Games with me!
    Bart: What's it about?
    Me: Remember the movie Gladiator, where they had to be the last one alive to get out of the arena? It's like that, but with kids.
    Bart: -.-
    That sounded different in my head...
  • Things are literally rattling in the house from the music from the university neighbors. Meanwhile, I spent the day getting RRSPs, figuring out my investment risk tolerance, filing taxes, looking for a house AWAY from this neighborhood and looking up noise complaint info for tonight. I'm officially old and intolerant of young people having this so-called fun.
  • Laughed through 21 Jump Street!
  • It's so cheesy, but I'm loving the Bring It On marathon! A little silly fun before the Walking Dead finale!
  • Officially registered for the Niagara Falls 5K run! Here's to beating my last chip time! Went out for a "run" today at lunch and it was NOT pretty! *LOL* Back on C25K!
  • Watching Tiana's practice for the recital. First time seeing it and I think I embarrassed myself by crying a little *LOL*
  • Happy 30th Anniversary to mom and dad! Wishing you 30+ more anniversaries to come and thank you for setting a wonderful example of happily married life with all the work, effort, patience and love that goes into it every day! Love you!       
  • Happy birthday to our beatiful, ball of sunshine of a goddaughter, Lexy! We love how you always have a smile on your face and always so happy! We love you, munchkin and wishing you many more blessings to come! See you tomorrow! Love Ninong Bart and Ninang Tootz!
  • So excited to be cheering Johnalyn on for Miss Teen Philippines! Girlfriend's killin' it! So proud!

  • Three jackets? It's not excessive if you get LOTS of use out of all of them (and if they're 70% off!) 
  • Dance party in the car for the two hour drive back to the hotel! Thank you, Grove City! It's been fab! 
  • Course Instructor: If the Mayan calendar is right and the apocalypse starts, don't worry about the assignments. Just spend time with your families. L. O. L. 
  • Prepárate Cuba, estaremos allí en 40 días! Una piña colada, por favor! 
  • Jewelry and dessert party was a lovely success today! Ladies, thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. P.S. Someone drank all my wine!
  • 9:00 pm - Meant to do the first assignment for my intermediate Excel course that's due next week. 10:47 pm - Just finished doing ALL the assignments for the entire course. Huh.
  • Packing lists, stalking TripAdvisor, creeping the forums, airport lounge upgrades, seat selections, oh my! 32 more sleeps and the 'planning for Cuba' craze has set in! But first up...the Virginia-Baltimore 'stuff-your-face-with-cupcakes' adventure with my crafty girls!
  • Yay! Got my first goal/touchdown/point during the last game! Summer Ultimate next, who wants to plaaaaay?
  • For some reason, I feel like trying out a high tea afternoon sometime. How very 'oh la la!' Big, floppy hats optional?

  • Congratulations Lulu and Christian! Beautiful wedding!         
  • Flying out of Buffalo for Virginia/Washington/Baltimore next week for five days, back home for five days and then flying out to Cuba for a week! I've been bitten by the travel bug and I keep getting E-Mail notifications of more awesome deals!
  • I'm not a mom just yet, but listening to my "kids" in the GVO youth group makes me the proudest EVER. I feel very blessed and honoured to know a bunch of thoughtful, humble, intelligent and open young adults. ♥
  • didn't go EXACTLY as planned, but I had the funniest, adventurous Mother's Day with my mama yesterday!
    Mom, thanks for being the BEST mama to be stranded with on the side of the road in downtown Toronto! It wasn't a musical, but how can I not love spanding quality time with you any way it happens! Love you! (So...just flowers next year? LOL)
  • Classes are going great but I'd really like to shoot some guns now, please :)
  • Busy day planned out! Fancy morning with high tea and a cupcake adventure, then, messy afternoon at the shooting range and then eating crabs! Lots and lots of crabs!
  • Gun safety lesson = DONE! Let's shoot stuff!
  • Flight = Delayed :(
  • Delays = missing all connecting flights, so I've been re-routed to JFK. They cut my Detroit flight and I'm headed straight to Buffalo in three hours, then another two hour drive and I'll be home to husband and Chewy tomorrow! I felt so bad for the gate people freaking out due to all the people yelling at them after we were deplaned. I was very nice and flexible and was upgraded to first class for all the troubles :)
  • Boarded delayed plane. Sat down. Asked to deplane. AC on plane is broken. Delayed another hour.
  • Flight from JFK to BUF just got cancelled *cries*
  • Aaaah! Home sweet home!!!
  • DJ is playing 'Afternoon Delight' at this this children's party. I feel creeped out.
  • Gotta love fam jams. My heart is happy :)
  • See you in a week, Canada :)

  • Currently being eaten alive by mosquitos in Cuba, but it's a small price to pay for the awesome week we've been having! But home is where the heart is and I'm looking to being back home this Tuesday (I'll probably think this only ONCE since the plane lands and then I'll wonder why we ever left!) 
  • Using up the last few minutes of my internet card and then one last drink at the bar for tonight before heading back to pack! ...Okay, last two or three drinks at the bar! :)
  • What people do in the name of a higher power often says more about the nature of who they are than it does of the one they worship.
  • Made Chewy peanut butter popsicles for some cool, sweet treats. Officially Chewy's favourite person.
  • Yeeeeeeah! Awesome ultimate frisbee night! Finished with a WIN! One point for me and a couple-a smackdowns! :D
  • Woke up at 7 am yesterday, finished up a cake order, drove 8 hours and no more rooms left at the hotel! Bart and I are killing the next 4 hours playing Monoply on thr PlayBook at McDonald's and then another 4 hours more driving to VA Beach! Happy weekend everyone!

  • Through our ministry we are on FIRE: Fruitful, Inspired, Renewed and Empowered!
  • Finished the Ultimate Frisbee off with a WIN!!! One week off and then Fall season at Riverside!

  • Tea party at Langdon Hall is done. I need a STEAK!
  • "Thank goodness we go back to work! This long weekend was too long!" - No one, ever
  • Five years in the blink of an eye...
  • Really enjoyed our first Cirque show!
  • VEGAS. is. BOOKED!

  • I think I threw out my back trying to be sexy at the gym's hip hop class. It wasn't sexy and it wasn't worth it! *LOL*
  • We've had a few safety notices for attacks around campus areas, mainly geared towards women, and YET, I'm driving home and I see countless girls walking down the street at night with their heads bent over their cell phones texting/messaging and basically overall not paying attention to anything going on around them. COME. ON. GIRLS. I know it's sad that we're living in times where we're not always safe walking around at night and I don't want you walking around scared or paranoid, but you gotta help yourselves too! PAY. ATTENTION! Put your phones away, keep your keys in your fist and just focus on getting from point A to point B.
  • Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Today I remember all of my family and friends who have lost their precious children too soon.
  • Day 3: Slipping in a puddle of your own sweat while doing moving push-ups with Shaun T. That's #Insanity!
  • Got my smexy on with kickboxing at the gym! Now I'm getting pumped for tonight's famjam to celebrate the one and only Kristine's 29th BIRTHDAAAAAY!

  • I knew my work day was at an end when I said to a kid paying by debit: "If you have a chick, just stick it in the bottom" as I handed him the debit terminal. **
  • I'm on the other side of the border, but I'm proud that the clocks were only set back an hour on Sunday and not 50 years today! FORWARD! /Politics
  • Sorry, Mittens. If it's a legitimate election, America has ways of shutting that whole thing down. Looks like it was legit, 'cuz you've been shut. down
  • Just finished the first month of Insanity - 50% down, 50% to go! Stats since Insanity Day 1: 18 lbs down and I can do push-ups without landing on my face. I think I need a chiropractor *LOL*
  • Shaun T is trying to kill me, y'all.

  • Just had the best dance party over at Andrew's and Erin's! Back with the fam and ready to welcome 2013!     

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