Thursday, November 29, 2012

Insanity Day 37: Shut. The. Front. Door

Okay, so somewhere along the way, my counting got messed up and apparently I'm on day 37.  At least, that's how many check marks my calendar has.  So in case you're wondering whether I missed the counting lessons in kindergarten, I know it looks like I just jumped up from 34! *LOL*

So, remember when I was on here waxing all poetic about how proud I was of myself and how awesome it was to see me improve from Day 1 and blaaaah blah blah.  Timewarp.  I'm back at Day 1.  Today was beyond HARD, y'all.  It was insane and it was painful.

Painful, how so?  I face planted.

There were moments where my body was like, "WTF is happening?"

Let me backtrack a second though to my last comment.  I still am proud of myself, don't get me wrong, that hasn't changed, but just as I was getting used to feeling strong and accomplished, Insanity switches it up and takes it up a knotch.  Which of course I know is what's supposed to happen.  Gotta mix things up, keep my muscles guessing and all.  But it's no fun *pouts*

There were also a LOT of push-ups in this one.  Considering my push-up count was all of ZERO about a month ago, there were a LOT.  Level 3 Drills is 32 push-ups.  When he said that, I was like, "but I can only do 15..." *LOL* So where was I on the second set of push-ups? Back on my knees. Bah.

But can I measure improvement if I don't suck at something first, right?  So I'm considering this my challenge.  30 days from now, I want to look back on this post and laugh at the fact that I couldn't do about 65% of this DVD.  I want to remind myself 30 days from now how I had zero squat push-ups (really, Shaun T? Putting TWO of my LEAST favourite moves together in one?), zero side twisty whatever push-ups, that psychotic push-up balance thingy...that was all NADA!
...and that's cool.  This girl has gotta start somewhere.  Heck, I'm writing history for myself RIGHT. THIS. MOMENT.

 Because this is the last time I will be at this place.  Tomorrow I will improve or I will be on my way to improvement.  I mean, there's nowhere to go but up if I keep at it, right?

I noticed that there wasn't that much cardio in this one.  At least, not conventional cardio.  You still get your heartrate up, but it's not just from jumping and flailing around or jogging or wiggling or whatever.  Now the calorie burns are coming from the moves that perhaps are done slower, but need to be done deeper, longer, lower, stronger.  I'm telling you, I feel ALL of my abs and obliques EVERY single time I do a push-up.  So no, I'm not running/jogging, but the heart rate is going crazy just trying to keep everything in check.  The squats aren't just oh alright, let's go down into a squat.  It's get your butt down there, control it and then push up and then sink right back down.  Squat pushups, to keep from falling flat on your face, you want to squat down as low as possible to have the best control and form to get down to the floor without slamming your palms and wrists into the ground.  Squat, squat, squat.  Ugh.

I'm definitely going to be feeling my shoulders, chest and arms tomorrow, that's for sure.  But you know what?  I'm gonna keep at it and the next go around, I'm going to be better.  Definitely want to work on my tricep push-ups though.
I can NOT wait for recovery day!

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