Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Insanity Day 29: My Butt Hurts

SRSLY. And I'd never even met my hip flexors until Insanity.  Now Shaun T wants me to meet it and greet it EVERY workout.  My hip flexors kind of hate me.

...and my buns? They don't feel nothin' like stee-yul!

Two points to anyone who can tell me where that came from! *LOL*

I mentioned yesterday that I went for a walk at lunch yesterday and at lunch today I spent a majority of it running around chasing after a frisbee, so I got in a good calorie burn though I didn't track it (secret bonus calorie deficit!)  I got back at lunch and I was wondering out loud to my coworker that even after all this working out I've been doing, I can't believe my body and hurt so much just from running and walk around at lunch.

It completely slipped my mind that I started a new portion of the Isanity program.  My body has probably gotten used to the first month of the program but definitely not this week's workout and I think THIS is the reason why different things are hurting and burning, including my arms, shoulders, obliques and  yeeeeeeep, my butt!!!

The long yeeeep came from the fact that my husband is watching Storage Wars right now.  

But even with only a week of this workout, I can see a little bit of improvement!  I was able to burn more calories this workout compared to yesterdays and in less time!  Hopefully I'll be able to keep increasing my burn with every day that comes, though I'm not sure.

The last couple of days, I've just been feeling SO tired.  Yesterday I mentioned I had to drag myself to get moving and today, I actually passed out on the couch for a bit with one sock on and one sock off while I was getting dressed to work out.  The Insanity program plus my FuelBand is really kicking my butt! *LOL* I honestly can't rest until I've at least met my goal or soaked it.  Lately, I've been aiming to ice my goal.

If you don't understand FuelBand lingo yet, soaking your goal is meeting your daily goal and then beating it by 50%.  Icing it is doubling your goal.  At this time, my goal is 3000 and yesterday with the lunch hour walk included, I was able to ice my goal for the first time and I think it's totally tuckering me out! *LOL*

CONFESSION: I had a little moment today despite the fact that I can tell that I'm making progress.  For some reason, I can't SEE it through my progress pics.  Everything looks the same and it SUCKS!

I'm a quantifiable results kind of girl (checkmarks, numbers, stats) and this includes pictures to me and it kind of disappoints me sometimes that I can't really see any significant differences from my first picture at the start of my journey to now.

I haven't posted this EVER and I'm still probably going to pull it, but here's my progression pictures so far.


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