Monday, November 19, 2012

Insanity Day 29: Cardio Balance and WHAT Recovery?!?

So I could say that I did just what Shaun T said to do in the video when he said to just work but not to feel beat up and to take it easy because it's recovery week but that would be liiiiies!

I "took it easy" because this was TIRING! *LOL*

I think I can go hard and quick and flailing, but when you slow the moves down and control them using core and muscle groups? Ugh...I was shaky and wobbly!

I was also starting to think that I shouldn't have made such a big deal out of finishing the first month of Insanity.  I think the celebration and announcing it to everyone (including everyone on Facebook *wince*) had my body feeling like it was over.  I gotta say, it was REALLY hard to get back into it.  My head was saying, "Okay, body, let's get back into it." and my body was like, "Say whaaat? We already finished! We celebrated and announced it and everything!"

I was supposed to start up again on Saturday, but I shuffled and puttered around the house and I just could NOT get it together.  I ended up taking a rest day - not to excuse myself, but I think I was kind of due one - so I tried not to feel too bad about it.  I kept it in mind that Sunday was Ultimate Frisbee day and I made sure to GIVE 'ER at the game.  Sucky me completely forgot my HRM so I had to take a best guesstimate of my calories based on how much I normally burn.  I usually average over 500 or more (though not less than 600) and even though I knew I went hard, I docked off 100 points and just logged myself 400.

Today my friend and co-worker Tara messaged me early this morning about going for a walk at lunch time and I said yes.  I felt even better when she told our other co-workers that we were going for a stroll at lunch, so I was like, okay.  I'm definitely up for a stroll.  It was such a nice day and we got out there swinging our arms like crazy monkeys!  We both got FuelBands so it's been a really hilarious competition so far!  But she TRICKED MEEEEE! It was DEFINITELY not a stroll!

She started jogging and I was like, HEY!!! In our lunch hour - even when we used to do the C25K program during lunch hours - we went farther!  We hit 4.38k in 50 minutes! Say whaaaat?!  Because I thought it was just a stroll, I didn't bring my HRM either and I didn't even try to log it.  I figure whatever calories I burned will just be there without trying to eat it back - although I know there's a certain teeny, tiny tub of Skinny Cow icecream in the freezer calling me name!

After my workout I was sitting here stretching thinking about the kettlebells that I saw the other day.  If you know me by now, you know that my mind has been a busy bee.  It can't rest when it wants something!  I had recently seen a set at Walmart but it was about $60 and considering my splurge on the FuelBand, I couldn't really drop that much on them just yet - especially considering that I've never used any before and I don't reeeeally know what to do with them, though I have an idea...

I figured I hadn't checked Canadian Tire out yet, so with 15 minutes to go before closing time, I zoomed out of the house and into the nearest CT and out I came with a kettlebell set! YAAAAAY!!! And these ones were only $40 for the set!

Awwww yeah!  Thank goodness this one came with a DVD.  At least I can use that and get an idea of what I can do with these!  Can't wait to get STRONG!  If you haven't heard, skinny is good, but STRONG is the new SEXAAAAY!  Can't wait to get strong AND smexy! 

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