Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Insanity Day 26: ...and then there was one

...as in ONE WORKOUT LEFT until I have officially completed the first MONTH of Insanity.    Not counting the week "off" between months, I'm almost technically 50% through the program!  Which incidentally is the longest I've ever stuck with anything DVD workout program!  I almost said anything at all, but then I remembered I got through the C25K program (on the treadmill) and then had my butt handed to me when I tried running the same speed and amount of time outside on the road.

But let's not dwell on that right now! *LOL*

Today I was dreading my time at work but I wasn't really looking forward to it ending because I knew that when home time came around, I'd have to go home and work out.  Ugh.  Wasn't feeling it.  What's even worse is that I knew it was Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs up tonight.  I didn't feel up to one workout and I have two to do? Bah!

I dilly dallied a lot and even tried to convince myself I'd rather clean up stuff around the hosue then workout (yeah, NO), but eventually, I finally made it into my workout clothes, trudged around and filled my water bottle, mixed up my recovery drink, dragged my butt over to the DVD player to put in the workout until there was nothing left to do but actually workout.
Bart was just getting home from work and he settled in to watch and give support and be my cheerleader.  I told him not to bother because I had already decided I was only giving about 75% tonight.

Something must have happened to me when I pushed play though because I'm pretty sure I gave somewhere closer into the 90s.

Even without this Fuelband pushing me, it's kind of hard not to be competitive with myself.  As I started the warmup, I already had it in my head that I had announced it to the world (or to MFP and by the world, I mean Kelly who's awesome and reads my entries! *LOL*) that I had already gone once through a warmup without stopping.  It seemed kind of shameful to brag about that one day and then not be able to do it again the next day, so I pushed.

If Shaun T ever came to town to do a group workout, I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to go.  I pretty much sound like a lady in labor when I workout.  I even noticed that I use one of their techniques!  I try VERY hard not to look at that yellow timing bar at the bottom of the screen while working out.  If they meant it to help out to show that there's only this much time left...it doesn't work for me.  For some reason, I'll be working out and when I glance at that bar, I get mad because I feel like I've been working out for WAY longer and can't believe time's not up yet!  So instead I usually focus on the floor, or like how I caught myself doing for the past few days - right above my TV on a shelf is an angel figurine that I put out for Christmas when I first moved in here...so about 5 years ago and I never got around to putting it away...I mean, why, Christmas comes around again anyway, right? *LOL*  So, here I am staring at this angel like it's all I have left or that someone's told me if I look away from it I'll die (which is kind of plausible if I keep listening to Shaun T when he tells me to keep going) and I'm huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf who is in desperate need of a bacon day.

For whatever reason, it may be because of the oxygen flow, but I really think it's becasue of the distraction that it provides, coupled with the focus on the object, but to get through the warmups, I've been breathing a LOT.  I really took it to heart when Shaun T told me to listen and that whenever I get tired, all I need to do is take in a really deep breath and blow it out HARD.  So that's what I do, over and over and over again until I realize that it's time to do a different move in the warmup.  I'm so focused on looking at that angel and making sure I'm breathing out like my TV is on fire and only my breath can put it out that by the time I realize I'm tired or that my calves are on fire, it's time to do something else...and it's been working out for me pretty darn well!

As we were starting to sprint on the last leg of the warmup, I knew I was going to finish the warmup again without having to stop to take a break.  In my head, there was NO WAY I was going to stop now.  I'd come too far and next thing you know, he's calling it and I'm feeling like I could mummy kick 'til the cows came home.

Can I get a w00t!?

After that...well...I mean, it's Pure Cardio...and Shaun T loves him some squats.  Sqauts and I are still frenemies.  We have an understanding.  I'll do about 10 or 15 reps and then I'll switch out to jogging to give my shaking thighs and glutes a break before I get back into it again for the last 10 seconds.  Burpees killed me today.  I think I burned a lot of calories just trying to ensure I didn't face plant and just pass out.  Burpees are also my everest...next to squats and globe jumps.  

But I got through it and then I powered through to Cardio Abs and got through that too.  I'm getting better at the jumps although I don't really feel that I'm working my obliques during those wide jumps.  Plus, I can't concentrate because that girl in front of Tanya with the curly hair always distracts me.  She does the moves funny and I have to stop and giggle sometimes.  She also distracts me during the Plyo circuit because seriously.  Who comes to a workout called INSANITY with their hair NOT in a ponytail.  Honestly, now matter how many times I see the DVD and know she doesn't have her hair tied back, it bugs me again when I see her with her hair flying all over the place.
But I digress... *LOL*

To celebrate my finishing out my workout and the fact that Bart is FINALLY home from work at a decent hour, we went out on a date night to see Skyfall!  Got there and realized it was completely sold out, so ended up seeing Hotel Transylvania instead. *LOL*  Quite the difference, I'd say, but honestly, I liked it better this way anyway.  Daniel Craig still isn't believable as James Bond to me for some reason.  Since I hadn't eaten dinner yet, I made the reckless decision to make popcorn my treat/dinner (I know, no lectures needed, BAD CATHERINE!) and I even said yes to butter! GAH!  After a couple slightly-less-than-handfuls, I had a moment to put it into my MFP app and flipped out when I saw that a small popcorn for myself with butter was over 500 calories.  I dumped all of my popcorn into Bart's almost empty bag and went and got myself another small with NO butter.  I knew I had allowed myself to be bad and reckless, but I didn't want to waste good solid effort!  I ate the popcorn sans butter and drank my water from my water bottle and I'm not at all sorry.  (Though I'll have to load up on vegetables tomorrow, that's for sure!).  It was a good movie and I have a lovely date with my husband while surfing the endorphin wave from my awesome workout that was not just 75% effort :)

Hope you had a good evening as well, friends!

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