Monday, November 12, 2012

Insanity Day 25: Oops!

So in my last entry, it was pretty clear that I was VERY excited and proud of what I accomplished - and don't get me wrong, but I still totally am...but I am also totally SORE! *LOL*

 Going hard also means feeling it later.  It makes sense though, if I went harder than I ever had before. it would be odd if I didn't feel anything, but when I couldn't fall asleep because all my muscles were so sore, I kind of wished I felt it al ittle less.  I actually ended up having to take a night-time Advil/pain reliever just so I could finally fall asleep.  It wasn't any better when I woke up Saturday morning, though.  Instead of just being super sore, I was now SUPER stiff.  Gaaah!

So needless to say, after going non-stop for the last couple of weeks, it was time for a rest day.  I was a little
disappointed about not being able to go to kickboxing class, but I also didn't want to go just for the sake of going and doing the workouts half-assed.  I tried hard not to feel too guilty, because even the Insanity workout plan has a rest day.
Instead, I spent a fun-filled, bonding afternoon shopping with my momma and put my Fuelband through it's paces!  Rest day or not, I was going to meet my daily goal!

Sunday, I was definitely feeling better...and GREAT!  Just in time for our first indoor Ultimate game of the winter season!  Second GAAAH of the post!

Holy lanta, I forgot about indoor Ultimate.  It's like a completely different game compared to outdoor.  At least in outdoor, the field is bigger and there's more chances to take breaks, catch your breath and catch up.  Indoor Ultimate is pretty much HALF the outdoor field and it's just go, Go, GOOOOO!!!  You're running one way and then you haven't even taken three running steps and there's a turnover and you've got to slam your foot into the turf and turn around super quick.  It's a lot of start and go, start and go.  If only it were that easy, but it's more slam and go, slam and go and my legs are COMPLETELY feeling it.

Still, it was an AWESOME game and we WON!  I was already proud of myself on Friday, but during half-time, my friend Melissa and I had a quick walk down memory lane.  It's been exactly a year since we both signed up for Ultimate Frisbee on a whim and just judging from my experience alone, I. was. AWFUL.  I could barely go a minute running up and down the field.  And now, here we are zooming up and down the field and I'm running CIRCLES around some people!  I even busted out the shorts to wear for the first game with my multicolored, rainbow-striped knee socks!  It was a good move to wear the shorts, it was SUPER HOT in the dome tent, although by the end of the game I was thinking it maaay have been a little too early to wear shorts just yet...weight-wise! LOL

Last night was another hard night to find sleep as my legs were huuuuuurting and I was still feeling it today!  Cardio Recovery may have been a break from cardio, but that's pretty much it.  Part of me actually would have much rather have done cardio!  Those squats and pulses are SUCH a bitch!  With all the leg work I had done on Saturday, I can't say that I felt like I did a great job, even if it was recovery.  After, I felt like I needed to do more so I popped in my new Dance Central 3 disc and shook what my momma gave me!  After that, I happened to glance at my Fuelband and saw that I was 50 Fuel points away from 5000 so it was a mad dash or jumping jacks and the running man until I hit it! w00t!  That's my best number to date!

Gotta say, whatever its pros and cons are, the FuelBand definitely has me moving and it motivates me to keep moving more when there's points involved!

Whoops, which reminds me, I've earned myself a checkmark for today!

Thanks for letting me ramble!  Only two more workouts until the end of the first part of Insanity for me! WOW!!!!

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