Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Insanity Day 22: Think Before You Drink!

So...note to self: Check the calories in a drink BEFORE ordering it.

Ugh.  I went over on my food log today!  It would have been a lot worse if I had skipped my workout, but I had to dig veeeery deep to find the will to power through and actually workout.

But you know, life happens and I don't want to dwell on it too much.  I have to be flexible and willing to bend a little, because when something is too strict or too oppressed, it's bound it revolt, right? I believe this is the longest I've ever stuck to a "lifestyle change" and I'm starting to believe it might really be an actual lifestyle change!

Things are starting to come to me second nature and when it comes to food, I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to eat anything I don't want to nor do I feel like I'm depriving myself.  Yes, I did go over today, but I believe I showed a lot of restraint and this Catherine is certainly different from the Catherine who would have thrown caution to the wind and ordered something completely different without one thought to what the consequences would be to the hard work she's already put in.  So YAY me.

Bellini well deserved!

As you can see, I'm looking properly scandalized or feeling slightly naughty that I'm about to drink this baby like it's the last day of the Mayan calendar.  The picture got cut off but below that my plate is CLEAN.  As in, if I just licked it a little bit, I could hand it back to the server and it would have looked like he'd given me empty plates *LOL* This girl was HUNGRY!
So the OLD Catherine would have ordered the regular cut prime rib and gotten the mashed potatoes and had them hold the seasonal veggies.  She would have gotten the bellini without a second thought and then ordered dessert.  NEW Catherine got the small cut of prime rib and substituted the mashed potatoes with a side caesar salad light on the dressing and I ate all my carrots and beans!  I had originally ordered water, but as my friend hadn't ever been to Milestones and had their bellini before, I joined her and had one.

Oh yeah, I guess I should explain.  Dinner out tonight wasn't originally planned, but my friend Suzy from Virginia was in town about 20 minutes away from me, so we wouldn't let her be so close and NOT meet up.  She's here for the week but tonight was my only free night, so it had to be dinner!  So I would also say that a special circumstance deserves a little bit of leniency!

Anywho! That's that!  My calorie overage wouldn't have been too, too bad but as I was able to get my workout in when I got home, I also started my new recovery protein formula that I picked up at Walmart.  Weider Maximum Recovery.  I don't know too much about it except for the few reviews I was able to find, but it tastes DELICIOUS.  I'm starting to wonder how good it can be for me because it's so delicious, but fingers crossed.  It had the word recovery in the name.... *LOL*
I'm not sure if I'm putting too much stock in it, but I felt pretty good today after starting chocolate milk as a recovery drink - or I guess, to be really honest, after actually putting in an effort to do something recovery after a workout since before I was consuming absolutely nothing after a workout.  I woke up sore and stiff this morning, but after getting up and walking around, I was feeling pretty good.

Started on the workout and I was able to get through the first TWO sets of the warmup and into the third and had to stop right after the third jogging set.  And I think it was mostly because jumping jacks are still hurting the bejesus out of my calves.  I actually caught myself smiling because I know for a fact that that's the longest I've gotten through in the warmup without having to stop.  Not a bad way to start off Week 4, I'd say!

I think from having just had dinner, I was a little low on the plank in and out, jumping bit because I had to stop for a bit because I thought I was going to barf all over my little puddle of sweat.  So I had to stop, but I could not stand the thought of me just hanging out not doing anything so after I got through as many of the ski abs as I could, I pushed myself up and jogged and high-kneed on the spot while everyone did ins and outs.

Otherwise, I am noticing a DEFINITE improvement from early days and even from last week.  Aside from the warmup, I was able to do ALL the suicides without stopping once, I was able to do all the mountain climbs and the ski jumps, although I'm sure I may have done them slower than the group, but I did them all in the time alotted.  So for that set, the only thing I missed out a lot on were the power squats.

The second set was a little bit harder.  I did all and pushed myself through the basketball drills because I knew that was pretty much the ONLY thing that I could do in full from that set.  Drill 1...well...I was able to do a few reps exactly as the group was doing it, and then it was down to pushups on my knees and then it was down to just hanging out on my knees before I pushed myself up and jogged on the spot to keep myself moving.  I was able to do a lot more ski abs than I normally do, but had to cut out early from those as well.  Ah well, still more room for improvement and I'm hoping with my recovery regimen, I'll be able to come back stronger and stronger!

Awwww yeah!

So was the bellini worth it?  I'd say no as I'd probably be sitting pretty on my food log without it, but I've forgiven myself and I still got that workout in.  It's over and done with and it was for an occasion that doesn't always come up, so I'm good with it.

Thanks for sticking it out with me and a REALLY big thanks to you if you've taken the time to leave some love for me.  I really, really hope you know that not only do I appreciate it and LOVE reading comments and knowing that someone's taken the time out to read my thoughts and experiences, but the encouragement is seriously PRICELESS.  I also love knowing that anyone who's reading my experience with Insanity is getting the feeling like they can do it too, because honestly, I am NOT an infomercial.  It's not like those Spanx commercials where they show thin people wearing Spanx that don't smooth out any lumps and bumps that they don't have.  I'm just me!  Round, food-loving (okay, food-GORGING) me, who would have rathered staying in bed, reading a book with my puppy cuddled up beside me and plates of food and bowls of popcorn beside me than to even go out for a short walk to the mailbox.  And I'm doing Insanity and regardless of how awesome my form is (or isn't!) or how strong I am (or aren't), I am slowly working through it and checking workouts off day by day.  Some days I feel good about it while other days I feel like complete crap, my legs hurt and I catch myself wondering why I'm doing this when I'm sure I was MUCH happier just being everyone's fat friend, almost every day there's a check mark getting logged onto my calendar and the days are ticking down and I know that T-shirt or not...at the end of all of this, whatever good happens out of this...I've EARNED it.

*HUGS* Talk to you soon friends!

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