Monday, November 5, 2012

Insanity Day 20 & 21: You know what that means...


I have OFFICIALLY finished my THIRD week of Insanity!  Can I PUH-lease get an Hallelujah!

I'm feeling REALLY proud of myself at the moment, not just with the fact that I've been able to complete week three, but also, because today was one of those days where I almost gave myself a pass.  Today was a really big day at work and I knew it was going to be legit CRAZY.  I ended up having to stay two hours after "home time" because there was so much to take care of and because dealing with finances and other people - especially when a lot of the situations is the fact that a lot of the people we dealt with today didn't have the finances required of was mentally as well as physically draining.  After we finally were able to call it a day, I pretty much just slouched in my seat and could have just slithered right onto the floor.  I realized that for the whole day, I missed drinking my water, missed all my snacks and barely got my lunch in and of course I forgot or didn't have time to take any washroom breaks.  *wince* I just wanted to get home, change into some warm, fluffy PJs and cocoon myself under a mountain of fluffy blankets with a good book loaded onto my ereader and my fluffy puppy cuddled right up beside me.

But I'm telling you...the power of the empty box needing a checkmark can probaby get me to do almost anything.  Knowing that that box was empty and needed a perfectly drawn checkmark would not let me veg out.  I got home and changed right away so I could get down to business!

...and with that said and based on the last few workout entries, I'm happy to say that I burned an extra 20 calories since my usual average.  If I couldn't get through a set or a particular move within a set, instead of just stopping, I did something else to keep my heart rate up and my body moving because sometimes I have to stop not because I'm tired but because my legs hurt, so I recovered those calories by just jogging on the spot or whatnot.

Awwww YEAAAH, say whaaaat? *LOL* There's Chewy in the background nudging me to pay attention to him.

I wonder if my mini "dig deeper" moment was because of the chocolate milk I drank last night as a form of recovery intake.  Hmmm...I can't really say that it was or it wasn't, but it's interesting to note.  After last night's workout, I got onto some review boards and started looking up cases for and against chocolate milk as a recovery drink and I have to say I was really wanting to see the cases for chocolate milk since it's about a million times more economical for me to have at the moment.

However, I did go to my local GNC and asked around for what they would recommend and got two options.  Both were actually more expensive than BeachBody's Results and Recovery formula, so I wasn't really all that interested since the person helping me out couldn't really tell me how they tasted.  I know I must be health store employee's worst nightmare or something.  I have an idea, but I don't know the first thing about it and then after trying to help me out, all I seem to care about is the taste *wince*  However, I believe I had some good intelligent questions to put forth, so I'm hoping I wasn't a total brain dud.  At the end of the day, I ended up going to Walmart and picking up Weider Maximum Recovery because yes, it was way cheaper than what GNC was urging to get and I looked up a couple reviews on my phone and people had mentioned that it was pretty okay tasting.  It was about $29 so I'm a little bit worried I'm going to fall under that whole "you get what you pay for" adage, but looking at this way, since they don't seem to offer any kind of small trial packets, I'd rather spend that amount of money and find out I don't like it, then spend $70 on something and find out it sucks.  Basically, I've still got my sights set on BeachBody's Results and Recovery formula and I even have a sample packet I'll be able to try if I decide to go that route.

I know some people may probably be thinking that if something tastes bad but works really well, I shouldn't be so shallow about whether or not I like it as long as it does the job, but I'm a newbie and I'm surprised I've even lasted this long.  I'm trying my best to make this the best possible, most enjoyable, successful experience that i can to help myself out.  I know myself and I know that I'm not in the right place where I can get the mindset that even if it's unpleasant I'll just have to push through.  I feel like I'm really going for it already with the workouts themselves, so why not cut myself a little slack elsewhere if I can manage to find a suitable alternative.

Immediately after my workout today, I grabbed a banana and an 8 oz glass of chocolate milk, so I'm hoping I'll feel like taking on the world tomorrow!

Whoops!  I've got myself a spoiler little fluffy puppy who just draped himself across my entire laptop.  Clearly I'm not arranging my priorities to his liking *LOL*  He's looking at me with this total look of accusation like he's saying, "What? I let you workout and have your "you" time already.  Now pay attention to me!"

I'm off to lavish some much-needed attention on my favourite little man on four legs, but FIRST: I've gots me a couple boxes to check off.  Have a great night, my friends!!!

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