Sunday, November 4, 2012

Insanity Day 19 + the Weekend

Hello friends!

Even with the one hour fall back, this weekend has come and gone in a flash!

Saturday, I took a much-needed Insanity break and went to the gym for a kickboxing class.  Even though I say much-needed, I felt really guilty for not doing an Insanity workout and was sad when I walked by my calendar and didn't  have a reason to check a day off.  But in any case, it's been more than a weekn since I'd been at the gym so it was nice to be back!

I feel like I was being punished for missing a week because Terri, the instructor, kicked. my. butt.  I was expecting push-ups and the regular routine and it was a WHOLE new workout and it was HARD!  I gotta say though, it felt GOOD.  I don't know what it is about putting on my gloves and facing a punching bag and just whaling on it that feels really empowering and just plain hardcore.  It's a big class, but Terri is awesome.  She always seems to know the exact right time to stop and push me.  There were a couple times when I was ready to grab a water break and she came and just yelled right by me that I could do it, I could DO it, it was ALL me and I GOT it.  She said I could and so I did.  Also felt like she was taking pages out of Shaun T's book because we did a lot of burpees, butt kicks and high knees.  All in all, a good gym day!

What better way to end a gym day than with soem quality Mother-Daughter time!  After that I picked up my mom for a shopping trip!  I tried to be very good, but as always with weekends, without the scheduled routine I missed out on my snacks, but got a lot of water in.

Today, it was right back into Insanity.  After choir today I took a little detour before home time and went grocery shopping and then after that, somehow ended up at a sporting goods store.  It's been a long-time coming but I've been meaning to get some cross-trainers.  I've been working out in my running shoes and I've been having a lot of pain in my arches and my shins/calves in different areas than I used to have when I was running.

I'm thinking I should have gone to a better sporting goods store where I could have had someone help me and actually converse with me about what type of shoe and support I probably need for my type of feet, but like usual, I had something in my head and I just wanted it.  I picked out a shoe labelled trainers and tried it on with a few other ones and did a few experimental jumping jacks.  Picked the one that felt the best and went with it.  I was excited to get home and try it out.

Preeeeeetty!  Now before you go blaming me for just picking out pretty shoes, I really did try to pick out the shoe that felt the best for me.  I had really nice black and white Nikes on (I don't really like colour on my shoes...)  but it had some weird cushion thing inside and it felt weird jumping in them and the Asics I tried on before those were even nicer, but as I wasn't interested in a lot of arch support, I declined them because there was a noticeable bump-y thing for my arches.

In any case...apparently there will be yet another expensive trial and error.  It took me forever to find the perfect pair of shoes to be able to run in comfortably and now it looks like it will take me forever to find a pair of shoes to train in because sadly, these don't feel like the ones.  I had them off immediately at the end of the warm up which I did crappy in because they hurt.  I will be trying them out a few more times since I know they're brand new, but why can't I just find a pair of shoes that I put on and get through a workout in?

Overall, today was a really productive day despite the fact that I know I didn't put 100% into my workout.  I know I could have gone harder, but I just didn't.  I always do this.  I sit around after a workout thinking I could have gone harder, but whenever I have the opportunity to try again (ie. the next day), there I go again, just trying to get by.

I burned slightly less calories than I normally do, but there it is! Still proud of my little puddle of sweat!

Had a little breakthrough today though via my friend "BeSexy" on here.  She mentioned the Results and Recovery formula.  I normally don't pay attention when programs tell me I need this and that in order to get through it, but I'm starting to wonder if this might be a time that I need to make an exception.

Now that I'm paying attention, I've read that the recovery formula is meant to "feed" my muscles or body after working out to help it repair (recover) and get ready for the next workout.  Considering that I'm not taking anything and having a REAL problem eating ANYTHING after a workout or taking in enough calories in the day for that matter, I'm thinking this is exactly the reason why after the first week of Insanity, where I'd been feelign just fine, I've been feelign really awful!  My body has been hurting as I've no doubt whined about, and my legs have been feeling so fatigued and tingly and sore.  Like sometimes as I'm sitting, it's felt like if I stood, my legs wouldn't even hold me up.  Gah!  Here I am working as hard as I can and I've been making it harder and harder on myself to keep going.

Of course, now I've got something in my head again that I want and I don't feel like waiting around for it to ship.  I'm thinking to duck into a local GNC to find something comparable, but then reading through some of the forums that I frequent, someone mentioned chocolate milk as a more cost-effective alternative.  Chocolate milk!  Yes! I remember reading about that while I was on my C25K kick!  So I grabbed a couple jugs of that and drank a cup after my workout.  I'll monitor how I'm feeling and hopefully that will turn it around for me.  Otherwise, I think I really will need to invest in a proper recovery drink for after my workouts.  I'm pretty sure I can't go much longer with the way I've been feeling and it's just so disheartening after working so hard and still feeling just like the first day without any kind of improvement - and in fact, sometimes feeling worse!

Well, off to spend some quality time with the husband and puppy!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well!

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