Friday, November 2, 2012

Insanity Day 18: Aaaah...

Hello friends!

To clarify that is a nice, deep breath ,and then deep exhale out Aaaaaaaaah (not a screaming, lunatic one).

Glancing at yesterday's experience and blog post, it's pretty clear that whatever workout I got, the feel-good endorphins did NOT hit while I was blogging it out.  *LOL*  Awwww, I guess there are days and then there are those days. 
Today I'm feeling QUITE lovely and nice. 

Perhaps compared to the hectic, stressful, frustrating day that I had, getting down and dirty on the yoga mat with stretches and squats and lunges was what I really needed to let loose and let go.  I'm feeling all nice, limber and stretched and I'm loving it.

There I go again, always on the opposite poles of things like usual!  It's making me chuckle a little at how much of a 360 I am compared to yesterday. 

It took a while for me to get into the "get dressed to work out" bit, but I'm telling you, that calendar with room for checking off workouts is my ultimate motivation.  Not hanging up a dress one size too small, not posting up pictures of skinny people or knowing that I'll be partying it up in Cuba over Christmas or in Vegas in February.  It's that calendar with all those little blank spaces for CHECK MARKS!  I'm a "gold star on my homework" kinda gal and THAT'S what gets me moving.  I get really tense when I know I need a checkmark!  It's quite possibly the Asian in me, but who knows.  I need checkmarks!

Seriously.  I'm feeling pretty darn good right now! 

I keep pausing my typing and sitting up and shaking my shoulders out a bit to get a feel for how my body is feeling and considering that my leg muscles were screaming at me last night and right before today's workout, I just feel really good.  I also sound like I'm slightly high because I'm noticing how I keep saying how good I feel *LOL*

There were still a lot of times where I had to get out of holding those stupid squats and lunges, but still noticing considerable improvement from the first go-around!  I'm definitely a lot more bendy than I was before and stronger in my arms to hold those planks! *happy mini nsv dance*  But at least that still gives me more things to work towards!  I can't wait to see me after I check off my LAST cardio recovery box!  Atlhough from the comments I've seen about Month 2, I'm not in all that much of a hurry for Month 1 to come and go!

Just goes to show that there will always be up days and down days and the difference between people are that there are some who'll accept and power through the down days so that they're around to see more up days.  If I had quit yesterday when I was feeling and out and altogether sore, I wouldn't be feeling like I feel right now!  Hopefully I'll be able to remember that the next time around because I have to accept that they'll come around again.

Thanks so much for sticking it out with me and listening to me whine and complain.  I'm very excited at the thought of being able to look back on these blog posts and shake my head at myself for ever having had such a hard time with push-up jacks or even (hopefully) globe jumps!

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