Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Insanity Day 9: A little snack'll do ya!

So what a difference an afternoon snack makes!

After yesterdays craptastical Insanity workout and taking the time to reflect about it and examine where I might have gone wrong, I was determined to make sure I ate my lunch at a decent hour and got my snack in.

So of course you know what happened.

Bananas hit the fan and this afternoon was insane in a non-Insanity kind of way.  I didn't even have time to grab a washroom break much less think about getting my lunch ready to eat.  Ugh.  By 4:00 pm, when it still wasn't dying down, I said eff it, I'm going to get my lunch.  I scarfed it down in between working so of course, but the time I was done lunch it was pretty much time to go home. 

No snack before Insanity again? Aw heeeell to the no!  Got dressed to work out and in between that I had a small bowl of cereal with milk and a Danactive.  I was planning on having a banana, but they were still green.  *LOL* 
But I could definitely feel the difference.  I still wasn't feeling as pumped and perky as I felt last week, but I definitely wasn't as sluggish and blah as I felt yesterday.  There was no meltdown moment in between power jacks and no moment where I was about to burst into tears. 

However, there were grunting moments and screeching, digging deeper to pull through moments.  It also helped that my husband was getting all Insane with me too!  A little bit of a competitive edge keeps things going, I'd say!  I'm so excited that he's decided to try this along with me and it's fun to be able to high five each other after a particularly grueling set.  Also, knowing that he's behind me working out made me more reluctant to want to quit or take a break during a set.

Another thing that I noticed I'm able to concentrate more on since I'm no longer too busy trying not to die is really listening when the TV and Shaun T prompts us to tighten up our core.  During the exhales, I'm able to really contract and pay attention to my core and my stomach so that I definitely feel like I'm getting a much more intense kind of work out.  I'm not just jumping and flailing around doing the moves and everything is flapping and jiggling all around.  I'm not doing it the WHOLE time, but I'm really starting to feel the difference between Day 1 me and Day 9 me.

This feeling almost makes up for the fact that I'm not currently at the gym doing my kickboxing class today.  I was a little bit sad that because of the time constraints I have this week - what with the cake I have to make for this Friday and getting my Insanity days in plus frisbee plus all my other extracurriculars...it was just that one thing had to go and unfortunately, kickboxing was the one that had to go.  I was able to make it to the Saturday class which is more cardio intensive than tonight's class, plus the Insanity trade-off...I'd say it was worth it.  I'll be back next week!

I mentioned it in my status updated today, but seriously: doing push-up jacks makes me feel legit hardcore!  Like, it's intense! *LOL* 

Even though it's one of the hardest things for me to do, it's probably my favourite move so far in the first month of workouts.  Besides the fact that it looks totally cool and army-like and intense, it makes me feel REALLY, REALLY proud to notice that every time I do it, I can get lower into my push up. 

ME!  From the girl who face-planted in that fitness assessment session in that woman's office from trying to do ONE push up!  Now I can get down there and jack it like Shaun T's crew! Say whaaaat?!

I can't WAIT to meet Day 60 me!

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