Thursday, October 18, 2012

Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio

Before I get started, I would just like to say that Day 4: Cardio Recovery was NOT recovery! *LOL*  My body was STILL recovering from it 10 hours later!  I was driving home a couple hours away from home and I was like...ow, my butt kind of hurts.  Then a little bit later...oh wow, OW, it's really hurting! And the backs of my legs too! Squats are EVILLLL! Pulsing squats are even worse!  But it's a good hurt riiiiight!?

As for it possible to feel pumped AND completely exhausted at the same time!?  I don't know why, but every time I finish a workout, I'm always a tiny bit mad at myself because I feel like I could have given just that little bit more - when really, there were black spots dancing in front of my eyes as I was trying to move.  *LOL*

I think I may have overdid it yesterday by doing the Insanity in the morning and frisbee in the evening.  I got home and I could barely open my eyes or move my body.  This morning, my alarm went off at 5:55 am to get me up for Thursday Swim Day and I cracked one eye open and thought, no way, and went back to sleep.  First time I've missed Thursday Swim Day in a few weeks!  Although now I'm wondering if it would have done me some good to move my stiff muscles around in a nice, gentle swim.  Ah, regret.  That's why it's always better to just do something, isn't it? Enh, hindsight, 20/20, blah blah blah.

I don't know how to rate today's work out though.  I feel like I didn't give as good as I could have/should have.  Butt kicks on the spot for some reason give me really bad shin splints and I had to stop a couple of times and switch over to just really quick marching to shake out my legs. 

Also, NOTE TO SELF: Get some more sports bras.  It's distracting having to constantly pull stuff down *LOL* Less jumping please, Shaun T!

In any case, I also didn't do a lot of the burpess.  Everytime I bend over to crouch and jump out into plank, my stomach is splitting my knees apart so that when I try to jump back, my right knee is getting twisted and the first time I tried and thought to myself, "just jump right into it and do it, your body will follow" I really felt it.  I knew I had to keep moving though and not just stand there letting my heart rate go down, but I made this mistake of choosing to do running plank.  Bad news for me, next up was push up jacks. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!  I'm really glad these work outs can be done at home, I really feel like I can get that "just ONE more" out by screaming and grunting.  Seriously, try it.  If you feel tired and think you can't even do just one more...SCREAM and grunt and scream some more and you'll find you have one more in ya!

I seriously feel proud whenever there's sweat pouring off of me and dripping to the floor.  Gross as it sounds, but it really makes me feel like I'm really putting everything I have into this and my fat cells are crying for mercy.  Or is that just me?

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