Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Insanity Day 4: Cardio Recovery

So apparently this DVD is supposed to get us to recover from all the intense cardio we've been doing up until this point with the program.  So is it weird that I found this to be WAY harder?

I guess you can say my resistance and strength are pretty darn lown!  I couldn't hold the squat lunges for very long or the pulsing before it got to feel painful in the front leg.  So I had to keep getting out of the lunge to shake things out and try again. 

But like this whole week...this will be my first time on each of the DVDs.  I can't take back how I do on the first time but I can just log how I did and how I felt and hope that I'm stronger and better the next time I see this work out again.
Some of the other yoga poses, I guess because my stomach keeps getting in the way prevent me from doing it exactly how they do it on the DVD and when I try, it causes my legs or knees to jut out sideways (ie. when they go into a crouch to prepare to jump back into plank, I can't get my knees up to my chest, so my knees go out sideways) and to jump back, since my knees are out, they do this weird twisty thing to be able to get me to get my legs out behind me into plank.  First time I tried to do it, I really felt something in my knee, so I had to vary from the jump into plank position and instead, from the crouched position, I just moved one foot back and then the other into plank.  I'm hoping I'll be able to jump back next time!

I think I almost sweat as much as when I do the regular cardio intervals!

I remember last year, my friend Melissa and I did a lot of yoga and I looked and felt different from how I did today.  Although this wasn't exactly yoga, there were a lot of similar poses that I couldn't do - or couldn't do well - that I was able to do last year.  At some points during the exercises, I got into the mind spiral where I couldn't believe how far I'd let myself go and how much I didn't care.  I figured with yoga, I could just hop right back into it but the difference is so huge!  Having all this extra baggage on me is practically hindering me from even doing hamstring stretches and I had to shake myself out of the spiral and just promise myself that I won't let that happen again.

The past is past and whatever it is that I did or didn't do...that's over and done with.  I just have to keep moving and stay in this groove that I've found.

I know I'll sound like some kind of infomercial for some diet pill, but the difference is that there's no pill or secret trick or magical thing you can take or do in order to lose weight easily.  It's just me.  Especially since the last time I was trying to get healthier, and even know, I thought it was about having just this one THING that could jump start my road to fitness.  But it's not a thing.  It's an attitude.  And right now...I'm attributing it to the endorphins, but I'm feeling pretty darn good!
Though I laugh and joke about it, I take it very seriously when people comment to me that I seem much more easy-going and in a better mood all around.  Because it means that there was a noticeable difference from the me that I used to be almost a month ago.  And I know it's true. 

But now, I'm excited that I'm excited to want to work out or get to the gym or get to a class.  I feel really bad when I miss a workout or variate from it because I want to do this right.  It doesn't feel like all the other times before where I was trying to lose weight for the sake of losing weight.  I mean, that motivation is still there, who doesn't want to look better?  But it's more than that now.  It's seeing where I was a month ago and noticing that the place I was in wasn't good and it's working now and seeing that I'm taking control and doing something about it.  There's no self-help book I can read or medication that I can take to make me feel this good about myself.  It's not just feeling all smug that I'm forcing myself to pick the right foods to eat even if I don't like it.  It's recnognizing what the foods I choose to eat do to my body and trying to fix it and do something about it.

Anywho...I think I'm probably going around in circles and the high is wearing off, so I better hop in the shower and get ready for work! *LOL* Until tomorrow, Shaun T!

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