Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Insanity Day 16: I Officially Hate Squats

...I mean, I was a little wary of them before, but I now know for a fact - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that I hate all their sneaky hidden forms.  Power squats, frog jumps, ski jumps, basketball're not fooling me, Shaun T! Those bitches be squats!

I think that's probably one of the biggest reasons why I'm so surprised and suspicious when I get on the scale every week (bwahaha, who am I kidding, I live on that scale!) and see the numbers for weigh-in.  It's because every time I step on, I already feel like I weigh 200 lbs in my legs alone since every day for the last 16 days, they've felt like dead weights.  I wake up and my body creaks and squeaks like I just did Day 1.

Which is a good thing, right?  If I didn't feel anything after my workouts, it would mean that my body's not doing anything it's not used to?

For the last couple of days I was a little bit worried because I was feeling some weird twinges and aches in my lower back that was extending out to the back of my left leg. 

Before I really started Insanity or changing up my lifestyle, let me just say that I didn't really know my body very well.  I didn't really know why things felt like they felt, I didn't really know (or care?) how certain things impact it - heck, I didn't even know that I was practically flat-footed until I tried to workout and my arches were NOT havin' it!  I also never really understood the difference between my being hungry or bored and how certain foods affect me.  I still don't know a lot, but I can say that I'm definitely learning.  But what led me here was that I was hurting when I sat and it was making me nervous.

Every time I was in a sitting position, I'd feel these weird tingles.  It wasn't sharp stabs of pain or anything, but tingly enough that it made me think that I really shouldn't be noticing it.  For a while, I thought I had pinched a nerve or something, but I think, after more careful consideration and really trying to focus on what exactly hurt and where - not just thinking, 'ow something hurts in that general vicinity' that I think it was just regular 'ol new workout muscle pains - in an area that I guess I've never really worked before.

What I assumed was pain in my lower back extending to the backs of my legs was really just around...I don't even know how to describe it.  I think it was in my hips and groin area would you say?  From Insanity's warmups and cooldowns, the hip flexor stretch.  Day 1 or Day 2, I couldn't even get down to put both palms on the floor and now, while I can't stay down there very long or do it exactly like how the sexy peeps on TV do it, I am getting down there and I am streeeetching.  It wasn't every day that I would get down into a hip flexor stretch, I mean, go down far enough and it's practically like you're down the splits if you couple it with the deep lunge.  So that mystery is solved and it's nothing new. 
So that was Day 16.  Still taking breaks and still using water breaks as my lifeline to survival, but still noticing differences and improvements, if you will.

I was able to get through the first cycle of the warmup in FULL.  Including the jumping jacks which I can't do very much because it really hurts my legs in ways I don't enjoy feeling.  But was able to get through the first set of warmups and into the faster jog, whereas before, I couldn't get past the first set of jumping jacks.  So YAY for that!  Everything else...well...that's why they say water is life-giving.  If I didn't stop in between some of the sets or exercises to get some water, I'd be passed out.  LOL

The only thing after was that I was so pumped after my workout and I had to go straight into baking cupcakes (yeah, it's weird, pushing yourself to the point of sweat and teardrops all over the floor and then getting up to bake cupcakes) for Halloween that I forgot to eat dinner.  I had to force myself to eat a little bit of my lunch for the next day so at least I had something in me, but I was a little bit worried that it was already 11:00.  But basically, no surprise, MFP told me off again for not eating enough. 

My goal for today - do NOT eat any of the cupcakes I'm bringing in to work!

Have a good and safe Halloween everyone!

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