Sunday, October 28, 2012

Insanity Day 12, 13 & 14: Week 2 = DONE!

I had a TON of stuff written and I don't know how it happened but I went to press the backspace and instead of erasing a spelling mistake, the entire browser went back and I lost everything I wrote.

*pouts* Just know that there was a LOT of clever, witty, insanely funny stuff that used to be here. I will try to re-post what I actually had when I'm done being mad at my computer.

Alright...I had to get over it because I know I'll want to read back on my first cycle of Insanity. 

Double workout days are HARD.  Usually near the end, I get myself through the rest of the workout by telling myself I'm almost done and I can put another check mark onto my calendar, but double workout days means that once you're done Pure's BAM, right back into it again.  UUUUUUUGH.

During Pure Cardio, I was actually excited to get started on Cardio Abs because I thought being able to lie down and pretend to do crunches has GOT to be better than dying on my feet. 

Shaun T must have had a focus group made up of every single voice that's inside my head. 

Because as I collapse onto my yoga mat and hit play, Shaun T's like:
"BWAHAHAHAHAA, no crunches! Jog it out!"

*whimpers* What. does. he. mean NO CRUNCHES.  I want to lie down, dammit!

Instead of lying down, you know what it is? Warm up. 

Whaaaaat?! I just finished Pure. Let me just say: Puuuuuuuuuure CARDIO.  I'm plenty warmed up.  I'm super warm.  I'm the Carribean of warm.  Come ON, Shaun T! Oh, we're jumping now? JUMPING?!!!!  Fine, I'll jump, but this better be quick and I won't even like it.  Oh.  MORE jumping?  Shaun T hates me.  He can see me through my TV screen and he hates me. 

Is it time to lie down now? Oh yes, thank you baby, Jesus, he's getting down on the yoga mat.

We're NOT lying down?  What the heck is a C-shape?  I don't want to make a C-shape, I want to make a tumbled over I-shape.  A horizontal capital 'i'.  This C-shape is hard.  I'm looking at myself in the reflection of my coffee table and that is NOT a C.  It looks like.....a G.  G for gut because my gut is making the g part of my c.  Ugh.  I guess my gut is the reason why I'm doing this - I must have burned a lot of calories complaining out loud to no one, so I buckle down and get my C on.

Buuuuurn.  Gollum from Lord of the Rings: it buuuuuuurns ussssssssssssssss....

Watching people do this looks easy.  Doing it is NOT.  When I first saw them doing hip tilts, I was like, wtf is that? ANYONE can do that.  I can do that in my SLEEP!

No I can't.  I can barely even do it awake and I was already flirting on the edge of consciousness. 

I have to remind myself it's my first time doing Cardio Abs, but I'm definitely glad it's part of the regimen now.  I clearly have ZERO ab strength at all.  Now that I can almost do pushups, I have to be able to do this C shape minus the G. 
I was kind of surprised after the workout that I didn't already have a six-pack.  My abs burned enough that it felt like I must have one by now. *LOL*

But there it is.  Week 2 is DONE.  Next up is another fit test.  I can't really guarantee that I'll be at ALL any better than the first time.  The first time, I didn't really know what I was getting into so I went into it blindly.  Now that I know...LOL...oh man.

Onward and forward!

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