Friday, October 26, 2012

Insanity Day 11: Buuuuuuuurn!

My muscles are still shaking! *LOL*

I've decided I don't like doing slow squats or lunges....or basically everything we did in cardio recovery today! Bwahahaha! Everything is on FI-YAH!

And I will be reminded that I am recovering from cardio everytime I try to sit down in my desk chair or go to the bathroom. 
Is it bad that I sweat as much in cardio recovery as I do when I'm doing the regular workouts?

I had a hard time getting going this morning.  Since last night I was debating when I would get this workout in.  I have this afternoon off to work on the cake order that I have to deliver this evening and I'm nowhere near my goal finishing time.  It didn't help that the bucket of fondant I was counting on using last night was EMPTY.  And I put it back on the shelf.  Who doooooes that?!  Apparently, I do.  And I don't even like it when people put empty milk cartons (milk bags, for this Canadian!) back in the fridge.  And I go and do THAT?!  So because of that, I'm kind of behind.  I was planning on having a clean, fondanted blank canvas to come home to today so I can just work on decorating, but now it's kneading, kneading, kneading and rolling out fondant and then having at LEAST two meltdowns when the fondant won't go on the cake right.  *sigh*  So what was I saying? LOL...

Right, so because I knew I had to get down to business right away, I was telling myself I had to do my cardio recovery this morning.  But then this other girl in my head was like, 'Naaah...just do it in the afternoon.  You're gonna have LOOOOTS of time!'  I'm telling you, that girl is just....SHHH!  This morning, she was wide awake long before the rest of me was.  As soong as my alarm came off, she was trying to convince me to go back to sleep.  Thank goodness I had to get up to use the washroom or I might have seriously listened to her.  I think I hate her.

I'm not sure if I was feeling lazy or if my body and core really are getting stronger than 7 days ago when I did this DVD the first time.  I was sweating buckets the first time, and I still was this time, but it felt different.  Still couldn't do all the lunge squats and holds, but I was able to do all the pulses and I kicked butt at that plank with the knees off the ground and pulses.  My arms were shaking so bad after the last set of those and while I finished the oblique planks...I'm not entirely sure they looked exactly like they were supposed to :S

Nevertheless, cardio recovery is DONE! Another day, another day closer to day 60!  I can't wait to meet Day 60 Catherine!f

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