Thursday, October 25, 2012

Insanity Day 10: *BARF*

Ugh.  I'm shaking, so it's kind of hard to type at the moment.

I don't remember 6:00 am workouts feeling so hard. :S

Probably because MFP told me off again last night.  For the last little while, I've been having trouble hitting 1200 calories throughout the day - especially lately that it's gotten so busy at work that I don't remember to eat.  Or I'll start eating and then keep working and then forget all about it until the end of the day.

GAH. Same ol', same ol' from me.  Funny how before I couldn't get myself to STOP eating.  No matter what, if I'm bored, if I'm on the go, I was always looking for something to eat, and now I have to force myself to stop and eat.

Enough about my whining.  Whatever I'm feeling it's because I'm not listening to my body and that's on me.
You'd think Plyo would start to feel easier by now, but those Level 1 Drills are killing me.  And those basketball ones....and those in and outs.  Okay, so that's basically the entire work out that's killing me *LOL*

Still seeing improvements though, no matter how hard it feels.  Getting through the warmup longer without having to take a water break or those butt kicks down now where before my calves were NOT  having it.  Still having trouble with the high knees where they really looking more like jogging, but I'm hoping I'll get there soon.  Trying to keep the core in mind at all times, but it's a good thing we get constant reminders because everytime he says "remember your core", I realize I've already forgotten about it.

I think my mind is working over time on me.  The longer and more I sit here trying to figure out how I feel, the sicker and more light-headed I feel, so I'm going to keep moving around, grab some breakfast and get in the shower! 
I've got a cake to fondant and decorate tonight after choir practice!

Have a great day!

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