Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Insanity Break = Kickboxing Class

I wasn't originally going to post but I figured that I should how I felt today as a reminder for the future when I'm feeling too lazy or want to quit.

I don't know if it's because Shaun T. has tried to kill me three times already or if it's the few weeks that I've been regularly going to the gym and getting active that is finally starting to show, but I had a really class today.

It didn't really feel like it was going to be the greatest of days since this this morning was kind of craptastic.  But instead of going out of my mind with anger, I was able to think: Me being this mad....? I'm going to do AWESOME in my kickboxing class! Let me AT. THAT. BAG!"  Then I burnt my lunch and had to scrape off the rest of the egg salad that didn't burn just to have bit of something to eat, then work got busy that I missed my snack time.  Blaaaaah.

Finally it's time to head over to the gym and get my work out on!  Nope.  Get to the gym and realize I grabbed Bart's keys.  Which means that my key tag to get into the gym isn't there. BAH!  Hand over my driver's license so that I can be manually checked in and she tells me that I haven't paid my membership.  Say what?  Blah blah blah later on and it hits me in class.  The cheque book that I tossed in my bag when I signed up for the gym....old account that I closed when I opened my new one.  #Facepalm.  Ugh.  Can this day PLEASE stop holding me back?  I'm trying to get my happy on.
But you know what my punching bag said to me?  Nothing, cuz it's a punching bag, are you serious?  But seriously.  It said nothing.  I jabbed it, I hooked it, I kicked it.  I told it ALL about the frustrations I was going through today without any words and it said nothing.  If it could talk, I imagine it would say: "Is that all you got?  It's okay, give it to me.  I can take it.  I'm here for you.  Give it up.  I won't let you down.  I'll bounce back and I'll be back for you. I won't leave.  I'm here 'til you push me away."

Just what I needed.

And you want to know what else I got out of it?  I didn't feel like I was dying.  I wasn't looking for refuge in my water bottle halfway through the warm up.  I was doing it.  I was running around that gymnasium and I was finding digging up a little more.  He said stop and do jumping jacks.  I stopped and did jumping jacks.  He said get down and do some push ups, I got down and did some push ups (creative liberty on how you define some, but still!).  He said run backwards, I ran backwards and when he said run back to your bag, I ran.  I didn't trudge.  I didn't limp. 

For a day that felt like everything was going wrong...this work out was feeling right.  I'd been having trouble with my shoes and painful arches.  I didn't feel them today.   Little update on that.  Turns out it might have been my socks.  My shoes have some really good arch support already and I was wearing pretty thick athletic socks, so I think it just creating too much support that it was hitting my arches every time.  I switched it over to a much thinner sock and aaaaah.  Arch bliss.  I was able to move!  I'm hoping this will carry over into tomorrow for Insanity.  It's Day 4, y'all!

Watching Day 4: Cardio Recovery as I type so I can get my mind in the game and mentally prepare for tomorrow.  This is officially the LONGEST I've ever stuck with a DVD workout program and I'm still LOVING it. 

Feeling proud to see puddles of sweat on the floor in front of me.  Who woulda thunk it?

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