Tuesday, October 2, 2012

She who keeps quitting keeps restarting...

...unless she runs away and pretends there's no problem!

What's that sound you hear?  It's the sound of whatever is equivalent to me shuffling back here with my tail tucked between my legs.

You know what I tell myself every time I quit?  If I had just stuck around, stuck it out and sucked it up, I would be in a completely different place than I am right now.

I can't even say what really started me back.  A week before I got the notion that I wanted to join a gym, I started trying to eat a bit healthier.  It could have been because we just booked a trip to Vegas in February, it could have been because I need to fit into a bridesmaid dress but I don't remember those things being the "big thing" that I'm going to attribute to my fantastical weight loss in my memoir.  It could have been a mix of that and also the fact that I was kind of tired of the fast food joints around my area - the lady at the Wendy's drive-thru window and I are such good friends now she tells me happy news like when her daughter gives birth to her first grandchild and she asks me things like what's happened with my truck because I've been driving the car recently.  My co-worker, while applauding that I have now made a friend, also said where and how I made it (by going to Wendy's so often) is not exactly a good thing *wince*

So anywho, I got it into my head that I wanted to join a gym.  Not just any gym.  The Athletic Club that they just built by my house.  I happened to mention to my other co-worker that I was thinking of joining, and she said, "Catherine, no! You know you just get these ideas but never go.  Look at GoodLife.  You donated to them for over a year without ever going inside once!"  And I said, "You're right, Teresa.  I never actually go to the gym."  So two days later, I was signed up.  Whoops!  I mean, I hear what she says, but when I get an idea in my head...well...

Apparently, an unfortunate thing about this gym is that they won't let me work out until I go through a Personal Fitness Assessment.  Ugh.  Fine.

The lady was immediately annoyed with me because the first thing she asked for was my personal fitness journal that I was supposed to fill out before the assessment.  I LOVE filling out forms.  Give me anything with questions and blank spaces for me to write and I will fill. them. out.  So it was done.  However, it's been psychotic at work and I ended up staying so late that I had just enough time to blow into the house, change and run out.  I was parking the car when I realized I had forgotten it and I live about fifteen minutes away.  I would rather come empty handed than late, so I had to go in without it.  She was NOT impressed.  She must have referred to it over five times in snide asides (ie. Asks a question, then says, sorry I have to ask, if you'd brought your book, I could have just seen it there). 

So we sit and start to chat and I'm trying to be as honest as possible.  I know what kind of answers these gym folks would love to hear when they ask why I decided to join, but instead of saying 'because I know that The Athletic Club is JUST the solution to bring me to my health and fitness goals when no other weight loss plan ever did', I said "I don't really know, the pictures on the website were nice.  This place looks like a hotel!"  I get squinty eyes.

She asks if I eat out a lot and I said yes and she asks if I'd be interested in personal training (Surprise! I TOTES did NOT see that coming Sarcasm, my darlings. Sarcasm.) to which I said not really since it's not financially attainable at the moment.  She asked why I thought I had problems losing weight and I said that besides being lazy for the most part, I didn't have a lot of time.

And that was that.  We started with the assessments and clearly my results weren't all that stellar.  Once she typed it all into her super cool little software and printed out all my bad, bad numbers, she proceeded to tell me that The Athletic Club offers personal training sessions, the least amount of sessions being eight.  She said that since I mentioned that money was an issue, 24 sessions is my BARE minimum in sessions she would recommend, and in FACT, if money WEREN'T an issue, she would recommend a 100 personal training sessions for me and it wouldn't even get me to my goal weight - which incidentally, is still too high for my height.

All this condescension and attitude and she's known me for all of what, half an hour?!  If she'd bothered to get to know me at all, she'd know that whatever angle or tactic she was working on was NOT for me.  While she was talking I considered asking her to walk me through cancelling my membership and then after that, I also considered running straight to the Walmart McDonald's and covering some chicken nuggets in some tears.  I mean, I couldn't really say much, yes, I'm overweight, yes, I get lazy, but that's all it takes for her to treat me like that? 

Instead, I had some really good friends who told me to forget her and show people like her.  Show her that no, I do NOT need personal training (especially personal training that's $180 per session) and that I can do it on my own, with proper eating and with supportive friends.  Instead of quitting.

This was also exactly the time that I remembered where I got the BEST help and support and non-make-me-cry-into-chicken-nuggets feelings.  MFP!  So I'm back.  I'm scared to promise too much because we all know that I don't have the best follow through, but I'm going to try.  And then I'm going to try again and again.  And in November, for my follow-up session, I can smile and I say that she DID motivate me.  Just not in the way she intended and just not in the way that I would EVER recommend again.

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