Friday, October 29, 2010

Finish at the Falls!

Well, I DID IT!  I have officially finished my first OFFICIAL 5K RACE!

I put those words in capital because while I've already done a run, it wasn't official (chip timing kinda makes it obviously official), I put 5K because it's the first time I did a 5K run (I'll still point out that CIBC run was only 4.86K) and RACE because the other runs I did wasn't a race!  That's three things all in one to make an even bigger goal that I have now accomplished!

I haven't been following through on a lot of things that I've undertaken, so me picking up running and not just continuing with it but actually running a race is feeling pretty darn good right now!

Anywho, let's get to some stats and pictures, shall we?!

WOOHOO! I was too busy trying not to throw up after I crossed the finish line and then getting my blanket and medal, so I didn't get around to turning off the program until a bit later.  I marked off my official chip time on the graph though.  So at 40:13:0, I had run 5.16K! :)

And do you SEE the elevation?!  Can you believe it that for the first part of the race, I had no idea I was running uphill.  It wasn't a very dramatic uphill, but it was definitely a prolonged rising slope, plus all the people kind of made me not notice, but yeah! I ran uphill and didn't even notice it until I turned around and Bart said I should keep going because it'll all be downhill from there, and I was like, what?!

Sadly, a runner can't hide from a miCoach graph, so there's a couple times there where I walked.  *wince* Four times to be exact, but the other few were more like....shuffling.  I was slowing my run down and getting ready to walk, but instead of coming to a full walk, I just kept my arms down and shuffled along so I was moving faster than a catch my breath.  But like it normally is for me, whenever I stop to walk for the first time, it's always hard to maintain and that's when I kept stopping every so often. *sigh* Ah well!

I love this picture.  You can totally see the crowd waaaay at the back.  I like to pretend I'm the first place person and everyone back there is just riffraff behind me! *LOL*  Bart did an awesome job running back and forth taking pictures of me and my red, sweaty face!  I made the mistake of thinking it will stay cold for the run, so I went wearing my sports bra and a regular running shirt and then I put on my pink Nike sweater and then my running jacket on top of that.  It was TORTURE!  I had pinned my bib to my jacket so I couldn't even unzip it or take it off without taking up even MORE time so I just left it and sweated it out.  I must have lost like, 10 pounds just from that! *LOL* (Which I gained back by going out to celebrate at IHOP!* giggles*)

Wanna see something funny?

HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!  This cracks me up EVERY single time!  I totally beat that hand-holding couple behind me though! *LOL*

This is my trying to NOT fall flat on my face at the finish line after Bart PUSHED me!

Background story for that.  When Bart signed up, I allowed him to do so under the condition that he can NOT get a faster time than me! *LOL* He could stay with me, but coming to the finish line, he has to get behind me *LOL* (I know, I'm an awful wife!)  But as we were running and I saw that couple hold hands before crossing the finish line, I thought, hmm, that seems like a good idea, let's do that.  So I start reaching back for Bart's hand trying to take it and he kept batting my hand away!  Next thing I know, he places his hand squarely on my back and pushes me ahead over the finish line! *LOL*

After, when I told him I was trying to hold his hand so we could cross together, he was like, you said you wanted to go first!!! Hahahaa...ah well, here's our finish times!

I think you can click on it to make it bigger.  But, there it is!  He came in one millisecond after me! :)

So official results:  I came in 326th out of 396 5K runners, 21st out of 24 runners in my age group and 173 out of 226 women in the 5K!  Look at me, I have official stats!

Awww, we're so proud of our medals!  Well, at least I am! I don't think I've ever gotten a medal for anything, so YAY ME!!!

But there it is, that was the Niagara International Marathon and we DID IT!  Overall, I had an AWESOME weekend!  After that, we went to stuff our faces with pancake at IHOP and then we went over to the spa to reward our hard work!

*swoons* The pedicure leg massage was sooo good after the run!  We were definitely spoiled!

Post-race pampering can't get any better than that, my friends!  Now I feel like I should get that kind of reward after every run that I participate in! *LOL*

Goal for next run: run the whole thing!!! (And hopefully beat my time!)

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