Thursday, October 28, 2010

Falllin' For the Falls!

...actually, that title isn't really true.  We've been in Canada for a while, while we were in Niagara this weekend, we didn't even bother to really look at the falls! *LOL* But still...the whole play on alliteration makes for an aethestically pleasing title, no?

(CONFESSION: I had to Google alliteration because I couldn't remember the word I wanted to use to describe what I was trying to say.  So I Googled words in a sentence that start with the same letter. *LOL*)

ANYWHO, to the most important part about this post!  Can you believe I didn't even blog about it before it got here?  It's been a hectic time at work and true to the saying, "those who complain about being busy aren't really busy," I had no time to complain about how busy I was because I was too damn busy!  I'm getting all over the place again like I normally do...but I guess it was a good thing I was too busy to really psych myself out too much about this past weekend.

Niagara Falls International Marathon!  It's over!  I ran my first ever OFFICIAL 5K race! w00t!  Aw yeah, baby!  Check. It. OUT:

...actually, don't check it out.  Since we were down for the weekend, I've got two days of blog posting so I think that I'll break them up into parts since I'm also feeling kind of sleepy|!

Saturday, we had planned to drive down so we got there around one-ish or so, but you know me, I can't really operate on a tightly scheduled timeline (even though I had an actually itinerary for the whole weekend - that's how I roll!) and of course we were about an hour late!  But traffic was nice and we still got to Niagara in plenty of time to begin our awesome running weekend with a little bit of SHOPPING!!!  Want to see who came along with us?

Rory! *LOL* I've been told this is bordering on slightly creepy, but obviously these people are upset that a.) they didn't think to do it and/or b.) it's not their face I chose to bring along to Niagara.  OBVI.  Now, now y'all, don't let the bitter lemons sour your faces!  Maybe one of you can come with me to Mexico, I'm taking essay applications.  It's also occurring to me that I might now have mentioned Mexico....dang homie, you'd think I'd keep up with my OWN blog!

So, Rory couldn't make it down to the falls for the race because of his back, so we thought it would be fun if he came along anyway.  Which is half the reason why I was late to begin with.  Totally forgot I wanted to do this and had to scramble around for Rory's face.  But ta-daaaa!  I think it turned out pretty well! Rory had an AWESOME time at Niagara!  Stick-face Rory was a very easygoing travel companion.  Quite agreeable to do fun things.  Like try on hats:

Aw, that's a nice hat on your Rory.  Looks so Degrassi-like!

So moving on!  We did a bit of shopping - I had to exercise a LOT of restraint here because I really like to shop, but I knew there was a lot of stuff going on this weekend!  Around four, we figured it was time to check in and get down to the running business for the Saturday (ie. picking up bibs, etc.) so we hop in the car and I punch in the hotel address in my GPS (pronounced jips *LOL*) and literally, she told us to turn right onto the street and then two seconds later she said "You have arrived."

BWAHAHAHA, I swear I didn't even know that the hotel we picked to stay at was RIGHT NEXT to the outlet! Convenient!  And the best part?  I LOVED our hotel!!!

It was just so nice and so NOT what we expected since we only paid $63 for the room!  But this was the BEST part:

Oh-la-la!  Before we turned in for the night, we stopped at a Shopper's and picked up some bubbles and it was the BEST way to end the evening!  But I'm getting ahead of myself, here!  What did we do before that? Right, we checked in, and we met Tara (who sadly didn't book with us at this hotel and got a crap Howard Johnson down the street! *wince*) and we headed over to the Skylon Tower for the expo to pick up our bibs and GOODY bags!!!  (Sidenote: how the heck is goody bag spelled? Goody? Goodie?)

I was expecting it to be pretty tedious and lengthy since there's supposed to be a LOT of people at this event, but it was a pretty painfree process.  We walked in and we split up into our race categories (I announced really loudly to Bart that I would come with him to get his 5K stuff and get my marathon stuff later *LOL*) and they handed us these huge bags full of STUFF and an envelope with our timing chip in it and then we had to file out and while we did, they scanned our timing chip into the system.  So cool!  It was officially OFFICIAL!  I was time chipped and ready to go!

After that, we were told that they changed the venue of the pasta party and since they had also run out of tickets for me to buy, we headed over there next so I could pick up tickets for Mom and Carlo who were meeting us for dinner.  Turned out the new venue was a little far of a walk so we drove and in the span of like, half an hour, we had paid $30 in parking!  Dang homie!

Anywho, we get to the pasta party and the girl wouldn't let us in because there was no tables left!  In my head I'm thinking, WOW, there's a LOT of people - until I peek into the room and realize that they only have HALF of the room and obviously that's why there's no tables!  We would have had to wait FOREVER and this group of people totally butted in front of Tara who was like, HEY, I HAVE KIDS TO FEED, but they were already in.  Spaghetti monger buttmunches!

I thought if I put on my really nice, polite voice and asked the lady if it were possible to just get our money back, if she would consider, and when I did, even before I was finished talking she was like, "YES" *LOL* I guess she just wanted to get rid of as many people as she could, so we got our money back no problem and we spent that and MORE on mediocre food at the Hard Rock.  Ah well, we were seated right away so I guess it kind of made up for it and I guess I really shouldn't say mediocre because the twisted macaroni and cheese that I got was A-MAAAAZING!  First time EVER that I was a little bit resentful of Tiana.  She saw my food and was like, I don't want my hot dog anymore and asked for some of my food, which of COURSE I gave her, but she didn't even FINISH IT!!! Barely!  I was like, I could have eaten that and now you let it get all cold! *LOL*  I'd say I was joking, but I'm really not.

After dinner, we walked around for a bit and checked out the Hershey factory where Bart lusted after the biggest Reese peanut butter cup we have ever seen (for $10 it was just worth looking at).  Then we checked out a wax museum (I was too lazy and it was raining too much for us to go to the top of Clifton Hill to the better wax museum) so it ended up being kind of boring.  Good thing we had Rory to make things funny!

We didn't last that long anyway, after that, we were ready to call it a day and pack it in!

Now it's time for the bubble bath!  That jacuzzi tub is everything I ever want in a tub!  I have already demanded to Bart that our next house have one or we're not getting it! *LOL*  It was so nice and roomy! I  wouldn't even let Bart get in it.  I was splashing around in the bubbles and doing my leg stretches in the tub, it was that roomy! Anywho, I'm a more is more kind of girl, so when I was filling up the tub, I squeezed some of the bubble bath stuff in and a few minutes later I was like...well, that's not NEARLY enough, so I squeezed in a bunch more and got in.  After Bart turned on the jets for the jacuzzi, I realized maybe there was enough bubble stuff the FIRST time around.  *LOL* I was practically hidden in a cloud full of bubbles! I had to screech at him to turn the jets off before all the bubbles rallied together and took over the world one unsuspecting jacuzzi lover at a time!

I'm not sure how it got in to our heads or where our logic was, but we thought it would be nice to have a cold drink in the tub, so we cracked open a can of Rockstar and had it over ice.  *LOL* So twenty minutes later, I'm still wide-eyed staring at the ceiling while lying down in bed  Hahahaha, I fell asleep eventually (after watching Criminal Minds - BONUS!)

So that was our first day of our Niagara weekend!!!  It was definitely a good idea to go a day ahead and enjoy some of Niagara and way more fun that Melissa came with us!!! (Even though she was sick - or sounded sick *sad face*)

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