Friday, October 29, 2010

Finish at the Falls!

Well, I DID IT!  I have officially finished my first OFFICIAL 5K RACE!

I put those words in capital because while I've already done a run, it wasn't official (chip timing kinda makes it obviously official), I put 5K because it's the first time I did a 5K run (I'll still point out that CIBC run was only 4.86K) and RACE because the other runs I did wasn't a race!  That's three things all in one to make an even bigger goal that I have now accomplished!

I haven't been following through on a lot of things that I've undertaken, so me picking up running and not just continuing with it but actually running a race is feeling pretty darn good right now!

Anywho, let's get to some stats and pictures, shall we?!

WOOHOO! I was too busy trying not to throw up after I crossed the finish line and then getting my blanket and medal, so I didn't get around to turning off the program until a bit later.  I marked off my official chip time on the graph though.  So at 40:13:0, I had run 5.16K! :)

And do you SEE the elevation?!  Can you believe it that for the first part of the race, I had no idea I was running uphill.  It wasn't a very dramatic uphill, but it was definitely a prolonged rising slope, plus all the people kind of made me not notice, but yeah! I ran uphill and didn't even notice it until I turned around and Bart said I should keep going because it'll all be downhill from there, and I was like, what?!

Sadly, a runner can't hide from a miCoach graph, so there's a couple times there where I walked.  *wince* Four times to be exact, but the other few were more like....shuffling.  I was slowing my run down and getting ready to walk, but instead of coming to a full walk, I just kept my arms down and shuffled along so I was moving faster than a catch my breath.  But like it normally is for me, whenever I stop to walk for the first time, it's always hard to maintain and that's when I kept stopping every so often. *sigh* Ah well!

I love this picture.  You can totally see the crowd waaaay at the back.  I like to pretend I'm the first place person and everyone back there is just riffraff behind me! *LOL*  Bart did an awesome job running back and forth taking pictures of me and my red, sweaty face!  I made the mistake of thinking it will stay cold for the run, so I went wearing my sports bra and a regular running shirt and then I put on my pink Nike sweater and then my running jacket on top of that.  It was TORTURE!  I had pinned my bib to my jacket so I couldn't even unzip it or take it off without taking up even MORE time so I just left it and sweated it out.  I must have lost like, 10 pounds just from that! *LOL* (Which I gained back by going out to celebrate at IHOP!* giggles*)

Wanna see something funny?

HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!  This cracks me up EVERY single time!  I totally beat that hand-holding couple behind me though! *LOL*

This is my trying to NOT fall flat on my face at the finish line after Bart PUSHED me!

Background story for that.  When Bart signed up, I allowed him to do so under the condition that he can NOT get a faster time than me! *LOL* He could stay with me, but coming to the finish line, he has to get behind me *LOL* (I know, I'm an awful wife!)  But as we were running and I saw that couple hold hands before crossing the finish line, I thought, hmm, that seems like a good idea, let's do that.  So I start reaching back for Bart's hand trying to take it and he kept batting my hand away!  Next thing I know, he places his hand squarely on my back and pushes me ahead over the finish line! *LOL*

After, when I told him I was trying to hold his hand so we could cross together, he was like, you said you wanted to go first!!! Hahahaa...ah well, here's our finish times!

I think you can click on it to make it bigger.  But, there it is!  He came in one millisecond after me! :)

So official results:  I came in 326th out of 396 5K runners, 21st out of 24 runners in my age group and 173 out of 226 women in the 5K!  Look at me, I have official stats!

Awww, we're so proud of our medals!  Well, at least I am! I don't think I've ever gotten a medal for anything, so YAY ME!!!

But there it is, that was the Niagara International Marathon and we DID IT!  Overall, I had an AWESOME weekend!  After that, we went to stuff our faces with pancake at IHOP and then we went over to the spa to reward our hard work!

*swoons* The pedicure leg massage was sooo good after the run!  We were definitely spoiled!

Post-race pampering can't get any better than that, my friends!  Now I feel like I should get that kind of reward after every run that I participate in! *LOL*

Goal for next run: run the whole thing!!! (And hopefully beat my time!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Falllin' For the Falls!

...actually, that title isn't really true.  We've been in Canada for a while, while we were in Niagara this weekend, we didn't even bother to really look at the falls! *LOL* But still...the whole play on alliteration makes for an aethestically pleasing title, no?

(CONFESSION: I had to Google alliteration because I couldn't remember the word I wanted to use to describe what I was trying to say.  So I Googled words in a sentence that start with the same letter. *LOL*)

ANYWHO, to the most important part about this post!  Can you believe I didn't even blog about it before it got here?  It's been a hectic time at work and true to the saying, "those who complain about being busy aren't really busy," I had no time to complain about how busy I was because I was too damn busy!  I'm getting all over the place again like I normally do...but I guess it was a good thing I was too busy to really psych myself out too much about this past weekend.

Niagara Falls International Marathon!  It's over!  I ran my first ever OFFICIAL 5K race! w00t!  Aw yeah, baby!  Check. It. OUT:

...actually, don't check it out.  Since we were down for the weekend, I've got two days of blog posting so I think that I'll break them up into parts since I'm also feeling kind of sleepy|!

Saturday, we had planned to drive down so we got there around one-ish or so, but you know me, I can't really operate on a tightly scheduled timeline (even though I had an actually itinerary for the whole weekend - that's how I roll!) and of course we were about an hour late!  But traffic was nice and we still got to Niagara in plenty of time to begin our awesome running weekend with a little bit of SHOPPING!!!  Want to see who came along with us?

Rory! *LOL* I've been told this is bordering on slightly creepy, but obviously these people are upset that a.) they didn't think to do it and/or b.) it's not their face I chose to bring along to Niagara.  OBVI.  Now, now y'all, don't let the bitter lemons sour your faces!  Maybe one of you can come with me to Mexico, I'm taking essay applications.  It's also occurring to me that I might now have mentioned Mexico....dang homie, you'd think I'd keep up with my OWN blog!

So, Rory couldn't make it down to the falls for the race because of his back, so we thought it would be fun if he came along anyway.  Which is half the reason why I was late to begin with.  Totally forgot I wanted to do this and had to scramble around for Rory's face.  But ta-daaaa!  I think it turned out pretty well! Rory had an AWESOME time at Niagara!  Stick-face Rory was a very easygoing travel companion.  Quite agreeable to do fun things.  Like try on hats:

Aw, that's a nice hat on your Rory.  Looks so Degrassi-like!

So moving on!  We did a bit of shopping - I had to exercise a LOT of restraint here because I really like to shop, but I knew there was a lot of stuff going on this weekend!  Around four, we figured it was time to check in and get down to the running business for the Saturday (ie. picking up bibs, etc.) so we hop in the car and I punch in the hotel address in my GPS (pronounced jips *LOL*) and literally, she told us to turn right onto the street and then two seconds later she said "You have arrived."

BWAHAHAHA, I swear I didn't even know that the hotel we picked to stay at was RIGHT NEXT to the outlet! Convenient!  And the best part?  I LOVED our hotel!!!

It was just so nice and so NOT what we expected since we only paid $63 for the room!  But this was the BEST part:

Oh-la-la!  Before we turned in for the night, we stopped at a Shopper's and picked up some bubbles and it was the BEST way to end the evening!  But I'm getting ahead of myself, here!  What did we do before that? Right, we checked in, and we met Tara (who sadly didn't book with us at this hotel and got a crap Howard Johnson down the street! *wince*) and we headed over to the Skylon Tower for the expo to pick up our bibs and GOODY bags!!!  (Sidenote: how the heck is goody bag spelled? Goody? Goodie?)

I was expecting it to be pretty tedious and lengthy since there's supposed to be a LOT of people at this event, but it was a pretty painfree process.  We walked in and we split up into our race categories (I announced really loudly to Bart that I would come with him to get his 5K stuff and get my marathon stuff later *LOL*) and they handed us these huge bags full of STUFF and an envelope with our timing chip in it and then we had to file out and while we did, they scanned our timing chip into the system.  So cool!  It was officially OFFICIAL!  I was time chipped and ready to go!

After that, we were told that they changed the venue of the pasta party and since they had also run out of tickets for me to buy, we headed over there next so I could pick up tickets for Mom and Carlo who were meeting us for dinner.  Turned out the new venue was a little far of a walk so we drove and in the span of like, half an hour, we had paid $30 in parking!  Dang homie!

Anywho, we get to the pasta party and the girl wouldn't let us in because there was no tables left!  In my head I'm thinking, WOW, there's a LOT of people - until I peek into the room and realize that they only have HALF of the room and obviously that's why there's no tables!  We would have had to wait FOREVER and this group of people totally butted in front of Tara who was like, HEY, I HAVE KIDS TO FEED, but they were already in.  Spaghetti monger buttmunches!

I thought if I put on my really nice, polite voice and asked the lady if it were possible to just get our money back, if she would consider, and when I did, even before I was finished talking she was like, "YES" *LOL* I guess she just wanted to get rid of as many people as she could, so we got our money back no problem and we spent that and MORE on mediocre food at the Hard Rock.  Ah well, we were seated right away so I guess it kind of made up for it and I guess I really shouldn't say mediocre because the twisted macaroni and cheese that I got was A-MAAAAZING!  First time EVER that I was a little bit resentful of Tiana.  She saw my food and was like, I don't want my hot dog anymore and asked for some of my food, which of COURSE I gave her, but she didn't even FINISH IT!!! Barely!  I was like, I could have eaten that and now you let it get all cold! *LOL*  I'd say I was joking, but I'm really not.

After dinner, we walked around for a bit and checked out the Hershey factory where Bart lusted after the biggest Reese peanut butter cup we have ever seen (for $10 it was just worth looking at).  Then we checked out a wax museum (I was too lazy and it was raining too much for us to go to the top of Clifton Hill to the better wax museum) so it ended up being kind of boring.  Good thing we had Rory to make things funny!

We didn't last that long anyway, after that, we were ready to call it a day and pack it in!

Now it's time for the bubble bath!  That jacuzzi tub is everything I ever want in a tub!  I have already demanded to Bart that our next house have one or we're not getting it! *LOL*  It was so nice and roomy! I  wouldn't even let Bart get in it.  I was splashing around in the bubbles and doing my leg stretches in the tub, it was that roomy! Anywho, I'm a more is more kind of girl, so when I was filling up the tub, I squeezed some of the bubble bath stuff in and a few minutes later I was like...well, that's not NEARLY enough, so I squeezed in a bunch more and got in.  After Bart turned on the jets for the jacuzzi, I realized maybe there was enough bubble stuff the FIRST time around.  *LOL* I was practically hidden in a cloud full of bubbles! I had to screech at him to turn the jets off before all the bubbles rallied together and took over the world one unsuspecting jacuzzi lover at a time!

I'm not sure how it got in to our heads or where our logic was, but we thought it would be nice to have a cold drink in the tub, so we cracked open a can of Rockstar and had it over ice.  *LOL* So twenty minutes later, I'm still wide-eyed staring at the ceiling while lying down in bed  Hahahaha, I fell asleep eventually (after watching Criminal Minds - BONUS!)

So that was our first day of our Niagara weekend!!!  It was definitely a good idea to go a day ahead and enjoy some of Niagara and way more fun that Melissa came with us!!! (Even though she was sick - or sounded sick *sad face*)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...

...put down the chicken wing and step AWAY from the bowl of mashed potatoes.

*sad face*

I think it's safe to say that when I'm not blogging, I'm not running.  When I'm not running, I'm most likely sitting.  When I'm sitting, I'm most likely eating.  When I'm eating, I'm most likely not being good.  And finally...when I'm not being good...I'm gaining.

*deep breath* Okay.  Here it is.  I stepped onto the scale a few days ago (prior to the Thanksgiving orgy that I am ashamed to say I heartily took part in) and I've pretty much gained back all the weight I lost.  Everything that I've been running for since's all back and with a vengeance. :(

I know I shouldn't be all *insert sad face here* since I did it to myself...but still can't help feeling down anyway.  I thought this time around would be different.  I was doing so good!  But I guess I got too confident and thought I could do good all by myself.  Not so much....

So Thanksgiving...I guess I was thankful for the creation of carbs and the fact that I could eat them.  Mashed potatoes? I put gravy on it.  Deep fried turkey? I put gravy on it.  Seconds? I put gravy on it!

I feel like I'm all over the place.  Kind of feeling down about the state that I've let myself get to - again and I have this huge urge to get back on the bandwagon but then this overwhelming sense of 'giving-up' vibes.  I guess also not the best state of mind a week and a half before the race in Niagara.

I don't know where I am.  Feeling kind of scattered about stuff.  I mean, I get these moments when I'm like, YES.  I'm going for a run.  I want to get back on track.  But then as soon as I get home, it's like, oh look, there's the couch so nice and warm and comfy and next thing you know, I've hibernated the night away.   I mean, I know that I could probably go out if Tara came with me or Bart pushed me, but I'm finding it disappointing that I can't count on myself to push me.  I'm so content at being okay.  I did the Run for the Cure and found out that I was okay at it and I was okay with that.  I don't feel the need to be better than what I was.  I have no idea where my drive went.

Anywho, I feel like this is a sad post.  I feel sad.  Then again, I don't think I can even attribute this sadness to my laziness...I cried at the end of Criminal Minds today and at another show that has completely escaped my mind right now! and then I cried when I watched the 31st out of 33 miners get pulled out of the mine.  I'm hoping this is residual weirdo hormones as I'm also just coming off my TMO.

Tara's decided to intercede on my lackadaisical take on running now and she's coming down on Saturday AND Sunday to run with me.  She hasn't run over the Thanksgiving weekend either so she wants to give herself a swift kick in the behind too, but I think it's benefiting myself more than for her.  But she's got that drive that I don't seem to have anymore.  She knows what she did on the CIBC Run and she WANTS to do better.  *sigh*

I think I need to pull myself together...and I can't count or expect other people to pull me together for myself.  I have to do it on my own.  I have to.  So if I say I promise myself that I'm going out for a run tomorrow...I wonder if I really will.

It probably doesn't help that I'm feeling hungry right now.  I would like to eat a bowl of cereal.  Maybe I can get a glass of water and see how I feel either.  I read in a book somewhere that a lot of times that people feel hungry it's usually that they're thirsty because people are usually dehydrated.

So off to find a glass of water and possibly get some cuddles from the hubby.  I need cuddles.

I think this will be my depressing post for the week.  You can hang out today sad face, but tomorrow you're running.  A crying face, a grimacing face or any kind of face can be in existence tomorrow but no more sorry for me face. 

What was it that I read once?  On the heels of failure comes my next success?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

CIBC Run for the Cure

Today was the DAY!

...and YES! I'm back - I haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth...up until today, just the face of the running earth! *cringes* Yeah...I think in the last two weeks, I only ran ONCE! Laziness, thou art mine enemy!

Anywho! Onwards!  Today was the RUN and I had the BEST time!

To prepare for the run, Bart and I had our own little pasta party because I always remember my elementary school track coach telling us to eat pasta the night before a meet.  So by eating pasta, I chose to interpret that as garlic shrimp pasta...from Red Lobster. w00t!  And she didn't say we weren't allowed to drink alcohol before a meet, so I may have put away a strawberry daquiri - although, I guess she wouldn't have told us not to considering we were only 12 - 14...hmmm...details. 

I guess my interpretation of a pasta party didn't play out entirely successfully.  Around three in the morning, I woke up and was pretty much in and out of consciousness until my alarm went off.  My back was KILLING me and I was a little bit worried and then I realized just one little action kind of made the back pain go away...I sat there again for a bit hoping to go one more time so I wouldn't feel the urge later on when it would be more unwelcome...if you know what I mean.  Well, whatever, it still beats that runner on Runner's World who ate BEAN BURRITOS the night before her half-marathon. *LOL*

As I had all my run paraphernalia all ready to go, getting dressed was easy peasy and I was ready to go in no time.  My breakfast of choice: ROCKSTAR.  Got Bart and the pooch ready to go and we were off to Timmies to meet with my running buddies!

So pretty in pink, no!?  We totally LOOK like runners!  The pupsters (there's Chewy's buddy Kudo there hiding behind Melissa) were rarin' to get going so off we go to the run site!

Since we did this last year, everything was as expected - lots of people.  The only thing that was different from last year was that it was much, MUCH colder!  Holy moly, even without the rain it was FREEZING!  And I wasn't about to put on a coat or my run T-Shirt, it kind of didn't go with the outfit, you know? *LOL*

I'm feeling my Rockstar right about now (which Melissa did frown intensely upon) and I'm getting into the warmup and I Like It comes on and I'm jumping around and fist-pumping like the cast from Jersey Shore were judging it.  I felt like I had a ton of energy and at that point, it kinda felt like I could run the 5k loop about ten times!  Too bad jumping around and running doesn't feel the same.  We line up behind the massive crowd and the second I start running, I'm already feeling it.  I asked the dogs if they needed to go yet.  Unfortunately, they didn't... *LOL*

Just a little idea of what our run site looked like - and this is just the runners!  The walkers started ten minutes after us so there were still TONS of people behind us!

I'm not all that concerned about the run since we'd already practiced the route a bunch of times and I liked how crowded it was because for a while, at least everyone was going MY pace! *LOL*  We got up to the hill and we fell back on our walking plan and got through that.  Apparently, because of all the people obstructing my view, I was running a bit of the uphill, so I was definitely feeling winded by the time we got to the top.  I asked one of the police officers if I could borrow his bike.  No? So serious!  Alright, it's flat surface from here on out so I got my butt motoring again.  Thank goodness my memory was still just as good and right there at the top of the hill was the puppy station!  We stopped to see if the pooches needed any water or treats and both Kudo and Chewy turned their noses up at the treats they were offered - spoiled little furballs! 

So off we go again, I'm focusing on this dude dressed up like a GIANT bunny in front of me.  I imagined I was a racehorse following one of those bunny things, but alas, it wasn't meant to be, the bunny was out of sight in no time.  Next I focused on this little kid in front of me, but have endless energy don't they?  I got all irritated and wanted to push the kid because she didn't look tired or winded AT ALL, but it was only just a thought, I'd actually have to CATCH UP to the kid to be able to push her and that wasn't likely to happen. Ugh...we're still running.  I have a stitch in my side.  Oh, the lampposts...that means we're almost at the downhill part! Yes!  I rode the gift of downhill gratefully and beside me there was this girl complaining about how downhills are obviously harder for you than uphills and I wanted to turn around and push her, but you the spirit of the moment, I just let that go.  As we were hitting the 2 km mark, we started seeing the runners who were at the front of the pack making their way back from the halfway loop!  I started cheering for them because that is AWESOME and I told this one lady we passed by that when I grow up, I want to be just like her. *stare* No? So SERIOUS!

Feelin' the wind in my hair! *LOL* Well, as slow as we all know I go, it was still nice to see that we were passing people who were "running" and not just the walkers!  I heard this girl beside me say she was just going to stop at the water station not because she was thirsty, but just so she can have an excuse to stop.  I gave her the thumbs up.  Four months ago, I wanted to get hit by a car just for an excuse to stop!  Okay, keep going.  Definitely huffing and puffing now and the downhill has sloped to a flat surface again straight ahead but there was no way I was stopping before the halfway point, so push, push, push.  Here we go!  I see Tara looping up ahead of me and maneuver into position to get a picture of her and she HID behind the girl who was right beside her! *LOL* Tricky, but at a finish time of 35 and something seconds, I don't know why she hid, that's an AWESOME time!  Alright, by this time, I think it's time for my first walk - and picture taking time! *LOL*

Heading back uphill now, I know I did a lot more walking than I did running - but the walkers were all cheering for us and we started back up again once we got to the top of the hill - which was really good timing because who was right in front of me headed in our direction?  My dad! *LOL*  A little ways away my mom was waiting to take our picture!  It was nice to see them there and there was no way I was stopping to walk now! *LOL*  So down I went down the big hill - I took it pretty easy on this because I definitely didn't want to take a tumble and roll down the hill in front of all these people and in front of my mom's zoom lens, but I don't know if that was beneficial to my legs or not.  Trying to slow yourself down a downhill is a bit hard on the legs, but at this point, we can hear the music and we know we're getting close to the finish line so we speed up a bit and dodge a few walkers here and there and CROSS!  Thirty-nine minutes and fifty-six seconds!

Woohoo!!! Our first official run after Tara and I started the C25K!  Can't believe we made it all the way to this point!  From almost passing out from running SIXTY SECONDS to running 5K!!!  Do you LOVE our matching sweaters?!  Here's a few more pictures:

Chewy doesn't look impressed just right now.  Bart picked him up while Kudo was on the ground so they couldn't play together.  Plus he's all blase about it because he did it last year already. *LOL*

*CHEERS* Woohoo!!!  And that's that! One down of two runs for this year!  Tara and I are contemplating signing up for the New Year's run since after Niagara we'll be left to our own devices, and considering my extreme laziness factor, I probably will let my running lapse into nothing and that will be BAD, so we're thinking that keeping up with a constant schedule of runs might keep us more motivated!  But in the meantime, Niagara, here we COME!

Now that I've experienced the thrill and motivation of the crowd and other runners (this time it'll be COMPETITION!) I'm definitely pretty psyched for Niagara!  It will be EPIC and for sure there'll be LOTS more pictures!  Two more weeks and I've gotta get back up on the training horse!  As you can tell, when I'm not blogging, I'm not really running, so I've gotta keep with the program.  My goal is to beat my 39:56 time!  I'm not sure if it will be easy since there'll be no uphills for the Niagara route, but I'm also not sure because no uphills means there also won't be downhills for me to coast on as well, so we'll see.  I just need to keep RUNNING!

Alright, time to cuddle with a very tired looking Chewy and hubby!!!

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