Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slippin' and a Slidin'...

Ugh.  So I'm somewhat still existing on the face of the earth, I swear.

I definitely feel the pull of the quitting/lazy vibes!  It all started last week with fall term tuition due date.  My arch nemesis.  It means that I pretty much got my ass kicked by tuition paying/tuition withholding sometimes moronic students/parents.  The day before tuition payment is due, you'd think that I'd have lineups of people eagerly waiting to get their payments in, right? Nope!  The day before due date is when EVERYONE calls in to conveniently realize that they haven't received their bill yet and of COURSE since they haven't gotten it, then the due date doesn't apply to them, right? NO!  It was like being dead on my feet, the day of actual due date, I literally felt like I got hit by a car and when I mentioned it to Mr. Boss man, he was like, "oh, from running?" and I'm like, HELLO are you in the same frickin' office as I am?! We're getting our asses handed to us on silver platters on which these spoiled brats were served their dinners with golden spoons! *breathes hard*

Anywho, it goes without saying that talking about work on a blog should be kept at an extreme minimum.  So while I have mucho thoughts in my head about that, let's talk about RUNNING!

Actually, being dead tired should have ensured that I didn't eat very badly, but OH I DID.  It was so, So, SO bad!  I didn't have time for breakfast or lunch (not to mention snacks) but when I got home, I *NEEDED* carby, warm, creamy, fatty foods STAT.  Anything drizzled, drowning or drenched in butter, cream or creamy butter was a-okay with me!  How many times did I run? Twice.  The Monday I couldn't even get a half hour in and the Tuesday that I forced myself to get to thirty minutes due to peer pressure and the need to not embarrass myself.  After that...nothing!  But I did make it to frisbee this past Sunday - did it help, I doubt it, we got an achievement in losing at record speed! *LOL* Meh...

So needless to say, once I start getting all lazy and post-pone-y, it's so hard to get back into things.  The food thing, I'm trying to do better on, which meant that Bart and I had to FINALLY go grocery shopping.  So back to good ol' salads for me!

So anywho, after a busy day at work yesterday, I got home and pretty much passed out.  I woke up and Bart had dinner ready - Juicy Jumbo hot dogs *LOL* I pigged out on those and fell asleep again and when I woke up, all of a sudden it seemed like a good time to go for a run.  I loaded up Day Three training of miCoach and got myself out the door.

O. M. G.

I was a complete shit-show, I kid you not.  It was only eighteen minutes with two green zones and it was SO hard! I couldn't even finish it without taking walking breaks, it was SO embarrassing!  I was huffing and puffing like I was trying to blow down a house in front of me and then I had to suck it up and pretend it was so easy whenever I passed anyone and then get myself far enough away in case I passed out on my face! AAARGH!  Four weeks to go until the first run and I couldn't get through 2.45 km without stopping! Booo!

Anywho, slightly good news.  I get to work and I'm telling Tara how awful it was this morning and we compared our zones and mine is significantly HIGHER! OMG!  My blue zone is her green/yellow zone sprints!! HAHAHAHA, no WONDER I was dying! OMG! But YAY!  So I changed my zones and this evening, I went with Bart and Chewy to the dog park with the full intention of walking briskly in my blue zone until I realized I was still working in the OLD zones.  I forgot to sync my phone before I started the workout! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

So behold my crap results:

*shudders* How AWFUL is that?  I look like SUCH a failure.  But if you think about it, my blue zone NOW is 9:56-7:56 so if you move my blue zone down, it's obvious I was in it had my zones been synced. *sigh* If it wasn't already dark when we got back, I would have gone out again.  Blue zone is the easiest easy zone and it looks like I couldn't even handle it.  If miCoach was capable of conscious thought, it would probably think I didn't stand a chance on October 3rd.

But I did get something done that helped boost my excitement and my eagerness to get out the door for a run:

Lookie what I got in my E-Mail today! YUP, I am OFFICIALLY registered as of today!  Woohoo!  I went to visit the official website and started reading up on the events and the fun stuff going on and looking up last year's times and I was getting SO excited to get out there and RUN!

I was checking out my age group results and my goal is to just get better than the last place person's time, which I think is 45 minutes.  So my goal is to complete this 5K in 45 minutes or less!  And even though she was last in our age group, she definitely wasn't last overall so I think I can defnitely live with 45 minutes under my belt for my first race EVER!

I'm such a sucker, I read that a company offers personalized videos/DVDs and they would feature yourself crossing the finish line and you know I'm going to HAVE to have one of those! I mean, it'll be my FIRST 5K race!  Me!  I can't turn down a souvenir like that!  And we also get Championship Timing Chips and Melissa explained to me what it was and basically it's a chiop that you clip to yourself and it'll track the second you cross the start line and the time when you cross the finish line and I was like, YES!!!  I'm going to throw my chip across the finish line ahead of me!!! *LOL*  The company can videotape me crossing 5 minutes after my chip.  I don't need to make sure I run fast anymore, I just have to make sure I can throw hard! BWAHAHAHA...interesting idea....

So there's me OFFICIALLY registered and I've got two runs coming up!

This Saturday I'll be stopping by the CIBC run site to get a nice heads up on the trail we'll be running.  I know that I walked it last year but I wasn't paying attention and I'm nervous that the changing terrain will throw me off, so I just want a refresher.  Hopefully Tara and I have a few chances to do a couple runs on it before the big day.  She is now working to convince me to sign up for a New Year's Day 5K run.  Which sounds like a nice way to start the new year and also because she wants the jackets that are given to the particpants with the registration fee! *LOL* Can you tell we're more in it for the perks?  Meh, you gotta have SOME reason pushing you to cross that finish line, right?

I'm also excited about the Niagara run because Melissa will be coming with us! w00t!  Even though we're definitely NOT going to be running together - I have given Melissa and Tara STRICT instructions not to wait for me, I want them to finish with the best times as possible that they can get - but it'll be nice to know we're all there together.  Yesterday, Tara and I bought matching pink Nike jackets/sweatshirts for us to wear on the 3rd and in Niagara! *LOL*  No one can ever say that we didn't look AWESOME as we ran (or in my case, stumbled along)!

So the run is on a Sunday and we're all planning to go the day before and spend Saturday hanging out in Niagara and just having a good time and Saturday evening, we'll be attending the Pasta Party that is being hosted for the runners! w00t! I'm wondering if I'm not really going to these races specifically for the pasta party and goodie bags and MEDAL! Meh!  Whatever gets me there and through the finish line!!! 

I'm hoping that Tara can get us a good deal on a hotel to stay over and we can relax after the pasta party and then after the run, we're going for massages at the spa in the hotel we're hoping to stay at! It's looking to be an AWESOME weekend!  I'm really excited for all of it - the race too! that's what I've been up to since I disappeared!  I'm trying to clean my act up again starting this week, but it's proving to be much harder than I thought (could it be that my TOTM is coming, too?) and I'm definitely getting more focused on the running.  I've promised myself that ALL my runs will have to be outside from now on if I can help it to make sure I'll be okay to run the two races outside, so I need to really get on myself to get out there!

Thanks for checking in with me and I have also OFFICIALLY begun to collect donations for my CIBC run, so if you want to donate, check out my link on the sidebar and THANK YOU in advance!

More updates soon!

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