Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Round it UP!


I've got another 5 km under my belt!

...Actually, in terms of my title, the entire route was actually 4.94 km but Melissa's GPS was stating we went over 5 km, so if we meet in the middle and we apply the principals I learned in grade five math...the number after the decimal is over 5, therefore we must round up.  So 5 km it is! w00t!

Tara was convinced that Sunday's run was more than 40 minutes since I had to start a new program after I finished my regularly scheduled run, but HA!  My free run says we finished it in 41 minutes - and that was with walking a LOT slower than Sunday and chit-chatting.  The bonus is that I ran a LOT farther and more today!

Let's have a look-see at my chart:

The first marker (little blue dot under the chart) indicates the first uphill, where Tara and I agreed that it would be more beneficial for us to save our energy and muscles and just walk up the hill (which DEFINITELY helped run the rest of the route after much easier!) 

It's so awesome how you can totally see how my running pattern follows the elevation.  My lowest dips are at the highest peaks of elevation!  It totally makes sense and all, but it's just so awesome how you can visually see it!  The second marker in the chart marks where we reached the end of the route and had to loop around at the start of the trail.  According to my other chart, I pretty much ran about 2.5 km straight (minus that stupid hill) and afer we looped it, the stitch in my side and the evil voice in my mind said I should probably stop now, so we stopped for a bit and I felt a little bit guilty and started up again and then obviously gave up for a bit and walked and chit-chatted instead! *LOL*  Now another awesome reason why I'm learning how much more I can *LOOOOVE* miCoach - I can take the analysis boundaries and move them around and it shows me that the walk and chit-chat was for 1.28 km and the rest of the route was running!  So out of 5 km, I walked 1.28 km and ran the rest of it - which is about 3.72 km!  Which I think for me is the LONGEST distance I've run straight! YAY! I love you miCoach!

Another cool reason to love it:

My achievement chart!  miCoach knows me so well!  Results, percentages and awards are TOTALLY what keeps me from pushing myself (although probably not today! *LOL*) and coming back! I LOVE getting grades and seeing HIGH grades! Hehehe...

Anywho!  The first one marks my farthest distance - which is AWESOME because it took place outside - take THAT stupid treadmill! and the second "medal" marks the most calories burned (I didn't wear my chest strap since I get tired trying to remember to press all the buttons on the gadgets I'm attached to) and the next two mark the fact that since I started with miCoach (not the C25K program, which was longer!) I have run over 50 km!!! Can I get a w00t w00t?!  Can you imagine?! ME!!!

So I have some new goals to achieve I learned today.  No longer should I really try to increase the distance that I'm running, apparently, I have to try running FASTER.  My super cool, AWESOMELY AWESOME running buddy today could actually WALK beside me as I ran.  Ugh.  I mean, I don't really feel all that bad about it because it's a comfortable pace/stride for me...but still.  Someone WALKED beside me as I "ran."  So maybe the new goal will be to lengthen my stride and speed up a bit.  Now that I know I can walk and jog in about 40 minutes, I think I can get my time better - even with walking - by running faster.  I can do more walks if I intermix bursts of speed in my runs. 

Once we got up the prolonged uphill and we started running, Melissa suggested that we run the whole rest of the way and I said that probably wasn't possible since I had a raging stitch in my side, but it turns out, we ended up finishing the route at a run and I was still able to speed up a bit at the end - although it wasn't as fast a sprint as I got up to on Sunday.  Sunday I dipped into the red zone whereas today, my sprint was only in the yellow.  Meh!  41 minutes!  My original goal was to finish in at least less than 45 minutes, but now I think I can try to reach for 35 minutes instead!  I don't really care if I walk some, but maybe I can still get 35 - although I'm not going to go too easy on myself by falling back on walking.  I still would like to finish the Niagara 5 km without walking  AT ALL.

But I'm definitely feeling so awesome right now.  I warned Melissa before we started that I had a certain way of running a route.  I like to use the first 10 - 15 minutes whining and complaining as I believe it kind of passes the time quite nicely and the middle of the run getting into the angry songs on my playlist and galloping, punching, jabbing, uppercutting, dancing, shimmying and singing and yelling as I run.  Seriously.  The angrier the song, the more energy and get-up-and-go I can find!  It's awesome!  May I give a shout out to Pink and her song U + Ur Hand and of course a nod and a "yo Adrian" to Rocky and the Eye of the Tiger.  I played around with my playlist the other day and rearranged it so that the Rocky songs are playing around the 35-40 minute mark and it was totally on time!  We rounded the bend and we could see our cars in the distance and the song came on and it was VICTORY RUN from then on out!  Raise your boxing gloves (or hands if you're not wearing the gloves) and sprint it while shouting "YO ADRIAAAAAN" as you cross the finish line!  Now THAT'S a frickin' finish.  I swear, someone needs to make a running/training montage of me.  It would be awesome.  It would inspire a flippin' rock to get into running, I kid you not!

Arighty tighty!  I've pretty much spent the rest of the time since I got home from the run editing photos of that 18th birthday party I went to.  Some of the finished results have finally been posted on FB and the birthday girl LOOOOOVES them and ME, so mission accomplished! Booya!  It's midnight already and I still have so much things to do on my to-do list: taking a shower and paying attention to my wonderful husband being on the top of that list, so I'm outta here!  Find me at the route tomorrow!  I'm going to conquer the beast that is the big, abrupt hill and the beast that is the prolonged uphill before the run gets here! Hollaaaaa!!!

P.S. I heart you, Melissa! Thanks for at least not laughing at my awesome running pace.  You are AWESOME!  I'll wave to your dust when we're at Niagara though!  Just make sure you can run faster than I can throw my timing chip! *LOL*

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