Thursday, September 2, 2010

Refreshing Run

"Push the door, I'm home at last
And I'm soaking through and through
Then you handed me a towel
And all I see is you..."
- Thank You - Dido

I didn't really see any meaning to these lyrics until today!  Right now, it totally relates to me!

Looking out the window at work today, the skies were really creepy looking.  The clouds were dark but the sun was still shining through a bit, so you had this bright, eerie looking sky.  When we left the building it was just starting to pour.  I ran out of the car into the house and I have to admit, the cool rain felt pretty good after the last few days of hot, Hot, HOT!  I went in to let Chewy out and the little diva came out to the top of the stairs, saw the rain and tried to scurry back into the house! *LOL*

Anywho, I toyed with the idea of going to the gym for a run.  I know I said that I would try my best to make sure all my runs were outside from now on, but considering the rain coming down hard, I was thinking any run at all was better than no run.  I got dressed and as Bart came in the door he said that it had stopped raining and that it was nice and sunny out so I figured that I could do my miCoach program run real quick and be back in time for dinner, so out I set!  As I was running, the sun kind of disappeared and a little mist of rain started.  I considered turning around, but the mist felt so good and it wasn't so bad so I kept going, checking to make sure that my BB was underneath my t-shirt sleeve.

Confession: I can no concede that I definitely didn't do myself any favors by conceding to run on the treadmill for the remaining C25K program.  The green zone was only ten minutes today and I was finding it difficult.  Although trying to keep at the pace that Anna (I've decided to name my miCoach voice) was setting may have helped make it so difficult - I feel like either I'm running too fast or too slow so I'm working harder at trying to moderate my pace, but I don't really think that's all, either.  Running outside is just plain HARD!  But I managed to keep up witht he green zone without stopping and then the rain came down. HARD! 

One second there was nothing and all of a sudden, the rain was beating down on me in big, fat, blobby rain drops! *LOL*  My t-shirt was soaked through in just a few seconds and I veered off my usual course to find a neighborhood heavy with tree-lined roads for me to hide under!  I managed to find a spot that wasn't COMPLETELY pelting me with rain, but Anna yelled at me for not staying within the blue zone and I started off again since I wasn't going to be getting any drier and there was no way I could possibly get any more wet.  My feet were squish-squishing already in my brand new hurricanes!

Anywho, I managed to finish the program and turned it off so I could hide the BB under my sleeve again.  Walking a little ways more, I felt something creeping along up to me and I looked over and saw my wonderful husband!  He came to find me! *LOL* Which I was pretty impressed with since he knew my normal run route and I wasn't on it - but I guess it's not too hard to guess where I would have turned off to if he couldn't see me on my usual route.  Of course, the rain has stopped by now, but I climbed into the truck and Bart has a pile of towels waiting for me on the seat! I *love* that man!

I've gotta say, that was a super soaker of a run!  After I got over the realization that my pretty new shoes were soaked and squishy, I was actually enjoying the run in the rain.  I knew my BB was okay and I was hoping that my ears didn't get electrocuted *LOL* but otherwise, the rain cooled me off and I was feeling pretty good.  The only downside was that my clothes being soaked made them feel more heavy so I was definitely struggling while I jogged away before Bart found me!

Ah well! Now that I was safely in a dry area, this is what I found:

Woohoo! YAY me with my 98%!  I'm thinking if I didn't need to hide under trees, I would have gotten 100% *LOL* Ah well, I'm happy that I was able to finish the run, but I'm DEFINITELY still worried about my actually completing a 5km run without stopping!  But for the most part, I was running most of the program so there's 2.7 km for me.  I just need to do a little bit more!  I can DO it, bebe!  I just gotta keep practicing and running outside!  It'll get easier, I just have to keep going!  Hopefully I'll be able to fit another run in tomorrow.  I believe there's yellow sprints tomorrow though *wince*  I'm gonna love running 5k's if it kills me!!! *LOL*

Alrighty, that's it for me for now!  Work was surprisingly busy with behind the scenes stuff and I've got a staff meeting tomorrow that I hopefully won't forget about! 

On the food front...I'm still trying and failing to be good, but with all the behind the scenes technical stuff going on, I wasn't able to eat my breakfast and I totally caved and got a brownie at lunch which was the ONLY thing I ate for lunch (my salad was still in the fridge).  Is it bad if I mention that it was REALLY good? *sigh*  I'm so weak! *LOL*

Alrighty!  I better get going!  Choir practice tonight!

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