Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Givin' 'er!

... as I'm exerting actual effort to prevent my head from smashing into my laptop, I don't know why I won't just give in and go to sleep! I'm not really convinced I'm all that sleepy.  I'm just feeling EXHAUSTED! *LOL*

I went out to my new home for another run through and I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about it just yet.  I'm sure there's probably a name or syndrome for it, but I'm sure I suffer from something that makes me feel like a run went better than it actually did after the run is over.  This morning I was so pumped to get out to the run site and get going because yesterday's run felt so awesome and easy - which is weird because if I force myself to look at my chart and REALLY remember how I felt, it didn't feel awesome and easy, but for some reason, as soon as the run is over, my mind forgets how my body felt and I guess is just happy that it's over and it convinces the rest of me that the run was awesome!  So this morning, I'm waiting for 4:30 to come so I can get out there and once I'm out there and start running, I'm like...what the heck, NOW I remember, this isn't easy!  Maybe it could be called retarded recall syndrome.  I like that, it sounds like an actual syndrome, I'm not even being flippant when I use the word either because it actually fits.  I think it'll sound cooler if I added hysterical retarded recall syndrome.  Just like how ten years ago, ADD was just ADD and then now it's ADHD.  If they can randomly add an 'h' in there, then I can add an 'h' in my syndrome too.

So here it is:
Hysterical Retarded Recall Syndrome
Whereas prolonged physical and mental fatigue, coupled with the high from an adrenaline rush (otherwise known as "runner's high) or excess secretion of endorphins can lead an amateur individual to believe that they are indeed an "athlete" and can thus overlook the actual effort needed to complete a task once the task is over and recall the efforts as easy.  This results in a falsified feeling of success and/or achievement that can possibly lead to wreckless future goal-setting and thus make the individual appear to look like a complete shit show when they attempt a highly set goal that they're probably not trained/ready for.

Well, after generously borrowing from all the terms I can remember from my psychology textbooks, it kind of sounded smart and scientific.  Somehow including "shit-show" in there kind of undermines the whole scientific-y feel of it. Bah well!

So ANYWHO!  Yeah, I'm not sure if my mind is just too focused on the fact that my shins are on fire (and possibly on strike) but I can't properly gather enough enthusiasm in real life, but I'll try to make it look all uplifted in print:

GUESS WHAT?!  I finished the 5 km route and came in at 38:24! *SCREECH* w00t w00t!  Yup and THAT is timed and true.  I knew I had a 20 minute training plan to do today and I would have to switch over into a free workout after, so I wore my Polar equipment and kept strict time that way.  I stopped walking when I synced my workout and switched over to the free workout and when I did that, I paused the time on my HRM and only started it right before I was ready to start moving again.  My miCoach time for it will be a bit off because there's just too many damn buttons to remember to press at one time! Especially when you're trying to catch enough breath in order to not succumb to the little black dots dancing around in front of my eyes.  I forgot to stop the workout once I reached the car, but it was easier to reach over to my wrist and stop the watch, so 20:01 for the training program and 18:23 on my watch finishing up the free workout gives me a 38:24!  A nice new record for me as my 5 km personal best! Considering I've only reached 5 km two days ago, I guess there's not much to work with, but hey!  Sunday was 40 (give or take...), Monday was 41 and today is 38:24, so I'd say I'm making good progress!

Still not completing the entire route without having to stop, but I was able to keep running little intervals on the prolonged uphill climb!

Anywho, I'm all about instant gratification and statistical results, so here's my charts:

I *love* the elevation overlay!  I'm still having a hard time with the blue zones.  For some reason, I can't find a nice running pace in it.  When I jog really slow, I feel like I'm tripping over myself to go as slow as she wants me to go, but it's still too fast.  So I'm thinking, my jogging is as slow as walking so I might as well walk, but for some reason, my walk isn't fast enough so you can see in the second blue zone of the first chart where I start playing around with what I should be doing for my zones.  The first dip in the chart is my walking up the first hill - one of these days I'll start trying to conquer it while running, but even just walking up the hill, I'm still out of breath when I get to the top, it was hard to just start up into the green zone right away!

Don't you LOVE my second chart? I know I do! *LOL* I especially love that giant spike at the end of my run!  I'm really happy that I'm still able to find it in me somewhere to put on one last burst of speed to at least toe my time a little bit closer to my fastest time.

Today was a lot harder for sure than it was yesterday, though.  I felt like the stitch in my side started earlier and then maybe it's because I've run the route twice before today in a row, my legs just weren't feeling happy.  My left shin started hurting a lot sooner than I normally feel it - well, I don't normally feel my shins anymore since I've broken into my new shoes so I'd say sooner since I felt it today and not yesterday.  I think the worst thing I did for myself was concede to start walking after I made the loop around.  Although it was bothering me while I was running, it started hurting a lot more when I started walking.  I was actually limping while I walked and noticed that it didn't hurt so much - or was evident in a limp - when I was jogging, so I jogged roughly about the pace of a crippled snail - which should tell you something since snails use their slime or whatever it is and another scientific term I can't remember to pull themselves along, so I don't think crippleness really factors in - the point is, it was not a good jog! *LOL* Ah well...

Then Pink came on and I was able to muster up a little anger to run a bit but it was just a little sputter of rage and after that I was too tired to try to do my angry run so I started walking again.  But I did run intermittently in between then and the top of the hill where I started running for the finish.  I tried to pick up some more speed when we were going downhill (oh right, Bart and Chewy came with me today!) but it was harder than it was on Sunday because pounding down the hill made me REALLY feel my shin bones shuddering, but I kept at it and was able to use the downhill momentum to keep me going around the bend. 

I had to resort to a lot of pep/trash talk to get myself around the bend - I wanted to stop the minute I saw the car, but with Bart being there too (and also cheering and shouting for me behind me), it was good to try to convince myself to keep going. 

"This moment right here is the difference between getting a made-for-TV-movie about you, or being the person who stopped running and quit and didn't get picked up for a show - meaning, no inspirational running/training montage about you!"

"This is where the trainer yells at the person to keep going and the person is crying and saying they can't do it, but they dig down deep and find it in themselves to finish their goal.  DIG DEEP!"

"C'mooooooon BEBE!"

"C'mon Cat, you can DO IT!! GO GO GO PUSH PUSH PUSH!!!!"


I started picking up the pace for the victory sprint (even though I accidentally turned on the shuffle mode on miCoach and Rocky didn't come on) when I looked at my watch and saw that I was at 17 minutes.  It was at that moment that I knew that I was going to come in at under 40 minutes today and you can't just let that go!  I had to tell myself, YES, under 40 minutes! But Oh yeah? How MUCH under 40 minutes!  It was such an awesome feeling though because at the top of the sidewalk and entering into the grounds, I was at 11 minutes and I couldn't see myself finishing in 8 minutes, it felt like the finish was so far away, but YAY!!! 

I wonder who's going to play me in my movie.  I don't want anyone to play me, I wonder if the producers would just cast me instead!

I can't believe how far I've come...from wishing a car would come onto the sidewalk and hit me so I wouldn't have to keep running (and possibly lie down on the pavement) to pushing and trying to shave seconds/minutes off my time.  I'm still considering throwing my timing chip across the finish line ahead of me at Niagara though.  So just think, you don't have to run REALLY fast, you just have to run faster than I can throw farther. *LOL*

Alrighty, I better get some sleep!  Tara asked me if I was sure I wanted to go again tomorrow, but I figure I could just do an easy walk/jog and take it easy as long as I'm still familiarizing myself with the route and the terrain.  It'll be okay...or at least...we'll see!

BED TIME! It's lights out, folks!

P.S. I used a widget to put together my actual playlist that miCoach plays for me while I run (left sidebar).  I need more perky, poppy, ANGRY songs to keep me going! *LOL* Know any? In the meantime, feel free to eavesdrop on what I listen to if you need some new tunes for your playlist!

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