Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Appetizing Run? I inhaled a bug on my run today.  First I told Tara I ate a bug when we met up after the run, but really, as I was noisily and excessively gasping for breath, it's more realistic to say that I inhaled it as it was flying around, minding it's own business.  Poor thing, I hope that it knocked itself out when it slammed into the back of my throat so that it didn't have to suffer too long.  Thank goodness that I did it right at the very end of the run because running and choking and the same time would have been more difficult for me to keep going and I was already having enough trouble as it was!

I knew I was bordering on the edge of pushing it as far as runs go.  Today was my fourth straight run in a row at the  CIBC RFTC site aka my home-away-from-home and I already knew this morning that it wasn't going to be pretty, but I'd already committed to going and darn sarnit I was going to follow through!

Before I get into it much more, I have to say that Bart will probably ban me from going out at lunch hours with Tara.  We're going to start walking at lunch hours to keep us busy and to further prevent us from going out and buying "running" stuff. *LOL*  Today, Tara and I went to the Running Room and got ourselves some energy gel packets!  I've read about them and Tara had mentioned once that her friend had some good stuff to say about them, so this morning when I was reading a running article working, energy gel packets were mentioned and we made a plan to walk over and pick a few out.  The plan to walk over failed as we also realized that Tara had forgotten her earphones for the run later and I've been wanting to pick up a new pair (I want the ones that wrap around my earlobe so that I don't have to spend half my "jogging" pace constantly reaching up and pushing the little nubbin back into my ear).  So we revised the plan to drive over to FutureShop and then to swing by the Running Room on the way back.  I'm realizing that the place that we went to wasn't even the Running Room, but the actual name of it is failing me at the moment.  So, here's a little bit of free publicity, Running Room - directed straight to my one and only reader! *LOL* RUNNER'S CHOICE!  There, I remembered!  Shout out to RUNNER'S CHOICE!

Anywho, when we got to FutureShop, for some reason I ended up with an iSkin for my BB which I really wish I'd picked up BEFORE I dropped my BB on the sidewalk *insert moment of silence here to commemorate the sad occasion*  Ever notice how when you have something new and fancy and wonderful, it totally loses all of that the moment it gets defaced?  My BB felt totally less classy and professional the second it hit the sidewalk and got all it's silver part scuffed up.  Also the same when I went and hit a pole in my sexy, new-to-me car (thank goodness Bart was able to pop the dent back out using suction cup thingies, but still knowing what I had done to it took away from the sexy new-ness feeling of it) - but I digress.   So moving on, good purchase, much needed (especially as I fall more and more in love with Anna, my miCoach) but not really what we went there for.  Finding the headphones section, I find the exact pair I'm wanting and have already pictured myself wearing and bonus that it features a runner on it's packaging and it's $30.  $30?!? can get ear phones at the dollar store.  I briefly wonder if I can kind of wrap the cords around my ears to keep the buds (I kinda liked calling them nubbins, though) in my ear, but the whole point of me conceding to running was that I at least not look like a moron so that maybe people could be distracted by the fact that I look like a runner instead of focusing on the fact that they can walk beside me.  So no go on the earphone "wrap" idea, but I wasn't plunking down $30 either, so I figured WalMart would be our next best bet for another lunch hour.  It was energy gel shopping time!

Is it bad to say that the real reason why I wanted to try out an energy gel was not for the added energy boosting benefits that it might provide for me, but because the last time I was at RUNNER'S CHOICE (holla!) I noticed that they had tons and tons of them all neatly lined up and they came in a bazillion flavors and cute little packaging?  I am *such* a sucker for cute little things lined up beside a cash register!  I am probably solely responsible for someone's upselling success rate.  If you feel that this is you, you can thank me by getting me some more gel packets.

So we get there and I make a beeline for the neat little rows that I'm seriously about to mess up.  I rifle through everything first before I actually start choosing.  I reigned myself in pretty well, if I do say so myself.  I tried to keep it a little quick in case the guy behind the cash register actually asked me what I was going to use it for and I didn't want to say a 5k since he looked like he could probably finish one in his sleep - hell, he probably did three 5k's before he even came in to stand behind the cash register and judge me.  Okay, I have no idea where all this defensiveness about a 5k is coming from.  OBVIOUSLY it's a good distance and not everyone can do it and it's a viable and admirable achievement.  You know what?  I think I've got some kind of issue with it because I've finally actually done it.

Let's psychoanalyze for a minute, shall we?  It's only happened this week that I've gotten all weird and embarrassed about mentioning a 5k.  Earlier in the week, I was on the Niagara International Marathon discussion site and I really wanted to ask where the start of the 5k run would be so that the next time I'm down there, I could check it out and get a lay of the land kind of thing, but I couldn't bring myself to ask.  Here was people going on and on about how they were training to run the half and the full and I didn't want to sully the discussion board with my small potatoes question about a measly 5k.  I could already imagine the marathoners laughing at me and wondering why I am even worrying about 5k, when it's so easy peasy.  So I didn't say anything about it and then I got all defensive again when we got to the store and I didn't want the guy laughing at me for feeling like I need energy for running a 5k which for him is probably his regular walk in the park or something.  As I was typing this all up, I think it's hit me why I'm thinking this way.

Before, when I was just running, 5 km seemed like an AWESOME first step goal to get into running.  I thought it really meant you're a runner and that it could be the opening to other athletic things (ie. the triathlon that Tara is still hinting about).  It felt that way to me because even after the C25K program, I still had't actually reached a 5k distance.  Then all of a sudden I did (bwahahaha, I love how I say all of a sudden like it wasn't actually more than 10 weeks worth of work!) and my view of it changed.  Obviously 5k isn't anything to be proud of because, well, I can do it!  If I can do it, then it can't really have been all that hard right?  It shouldn't really be anything to brag about if I can do it!  All of a sudden, I'd conveniently forgotten that for pretty much all of FOUR months, I've been running at least three days a week and how HARD it was when I first started (hell, how hard it is NOW) and the mere realization that little me can do it just all of a sudden made it seem not so special.  How odd is that?  Anywho, just because I realized it doesn't mean that I'll still ask exactly where the run site is.  I'll just hope that it's not too hill-y. *LOL*

Alrighty, back to our regularly scheduled program!  Energy gel packets!  I rifled through each box and pored over flavors and decided that I would try out three different brands.  I got a Strawberry Banana flavored GU brand, a Razz (a way cooler way to say raspberry - awesome marketing strategy folks at Clif Bars!) Clif Shot and a Hammer blueberry pomegranate flavor.  I'm guessing on the last one, I don't remember if that actually is the flavor, but I know it's the Hammer brand.

This afternoon, I busted out the Razz Clif Shot a half hour before my run (the package said 15 minutes before my run, but I still think I showed good restraint, I wanted to eat it right after I bought it) and it was a standstill kind of moment.  The only way I can describe it is in a way that I probably really can't get into considering this is still kind of public and my parents might read it. *LOL* Or how about this, I'm also a really crappy pill-taker, so it was like me trying to swallow a pill.  I couldn't do it.  I had squeezed a huge glob of gel out and it sat there in a nasty, thickly consistent glob on my tongue and I couldn't make myself swallow.  So it sat there longer and I was about ready to gag on it and I still couldn't swallow.  Yeah, it wasn't that great.  Flavor...not all that razzy, but then again, how do I know, it was sitting on my tongue for so long.  Anywho, after the first big glob, I shoved the packet more into my mouth so that when I squeezed, it more or less slid down my throat quickly so I didn't have to register the yucky, thick consistency of it or the taste.  Another thing it reminds me of...I don't know if anyone will remember, but back in the day, stores used to sell this "candy" gel.  It was a huge tube of gel in green apple flavor and I used to LOVE it.  It was pretty much exactly like that, except I am no longer eight and it is no longer enjoyable to slurp syrupy suger from a package.

Well, it was my first time. Meh.  Did I feel any different?  I can't really say that I did.  I was pretty bouncy in the car, but can I attribute that to the gel or from the really fun, bouncy Glee song that was on?  Hard to say, I'm more inclined to go with the song, I can get REALLY into songs.  But like I said earlier, today was my fourth day in a row of running (outside!) and even when I was just walking, it was difficult, so for me to finish my miCoach training program for today and getting a 92% on it (YEAH, BABY!) could have something to do with the packet.  Once is not at all scientifically sound, so I'll just leave it at "meh, who knows" and get busy myself with choosing the next flavor for me next run - which will NOT be tomorrow!  Giving my poor, little, short-striding legs a rest!  I think I'll go with the Strawberry Banana yet.  I went and read some energy gel reviews and GU seems to keep coming out on top - especially considering that they were the first to come up with the energy gel concept.  I've already read that not all energy gels are as thick with the consistency as Clif Shot was which is a little bit of a relief, if I had to make myself swallow another glob of that stuff, I think I'd be turned off energy gel shots forever and might have to try a cocaine habit to keep me into running.

About the run itself - it definitely felt like a struggle from the get-go.  I got through the training program and it was hard for me to keep my legs going, but I also noticed that it hurt more when I walked as opposed to when I did the slowest jog known to mankind.  Tara was the smallest dot on the horizon at this point and I saw a glimpse of what it would be like at the Niagara run - cue Celine audio voiceover:

"When I was young, I never needed anyone
And making love was just for fun, those days are gone...
Don't wanna be...

*wince* Right.  I really need to work on upping my pace.

I leave you with today's run charts!

On account of my lead legs, today's run wasn't fully a 5 km distance which accounts for the faster time.  As I was making my way down, I looped earlier than I was supposed to to meet up with Tara who was already making her way back up.  But my chart looks pretty standard, all things considered.  I did the walk up the first steep uphill, accounting for the blue dip, but after that, everything looks pretty good - I didn't know I didn't hit the second blue zone at all so that probably accounts for the rest of the reason why I got a 92%.

I'll have to look at the free walk charts more closely, but I think I may have more spikes up to indicate that I ran a bit more on the loop back?  I'm not sure, but what I DO know is that I have no idea where that huge plummet is near the end.  The flatline indicates that I completely stopped which I didn't and in fact, my pace is always faster the closer I get to the top of the hill because I always run the rest of the way down.  It might be that the GPS cut out for a second, but that hug drop is irritating me.  I also didn't do the victory run at the end - not only because Rocky didn't come on again (stupid shuffle!) but I'm thinking that even if I did, I'm not sure if I really had it in me - it was at this point that I was seriously gasping for air and inhaling innocent bugs at the same time, so today's run is sans victory run.

I promised myself I would go to bed earlier tonight and it's already after eleven! *LOL*  So I shall bid you good night!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Givin' 'er!

... as I'm exerting actual effort to prevent my head from smashing into my laptop, I don't know why I won't just give in and go to sleep! I'm not really convinced I'm all that sleepy.  I'm just feeling EXHAUSTED! *LOL*

I went out to my new home for another run through and I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about it just yet.  I'm sure there's probably a name or syndrome for it, but I'm sure I suffer from something that makes me feel like a run went better than it actually did after the run is over.  This morning I was so pumped to get out to the run site and get going because yesterday's run felt so awesome and easy - which is weird because if I force myself to look at my chart and REALLY remember how I felt, it didn't feel awesome and easy, but for some reason, as soon as the run is over, my mind forgets how my body felt and I guess is just happy that it's over and it convinces the rest of me that the run was awesome!  So this morning, I'm waiting for 4:30 to come so I can get out there and once I'm out there and start running, I'm like...what the heck, NOW I remember, this isn't easy!  Maybe it could be called retarded recall syndrome.  I like that, it sounds like an actual syndrome, I'm not even being flippant when I use the word either because it actually fits.  I think it'll sound cooler if I added hysterical retarded recall syndrome.  Just like how ten years ago, ADD was just ADD and then now it's ADHD.  If they can randomly add an 'h' in there, then I can add an 'h' in my syndrome too.

So here it is:
Hysterical Retarded Recall Syndrome
Whereas prolonged physical and mental fatigue, coupled with the high from an adrenaline rush (otherwise known as "runner's high) or excess secretion of endorphins can lead an amateur individual to believe that they are indeed an "athlete" and can thus overlook the actual effort needed to complete a task once the task is over and recall the efforts as easy.  This results in a falsified feeling of success and/or achievement that can possibly lead to wreckless future goal-setting and thus make the individual appear to look like a complete shit show when they attempt a highly set goal that they're probably not trained/ready for.

Well, after generously borrowing from all the terms I can remember from my psychology textbooks, it kind of sounded smart and scientific.  Somehow including "shit-show" in there kind of undermines the whole scientific-y feel of it. Bah well!

So ANYWHO!  Yeah, I'm not sure if my mind is just too focused on the fact that my shins are on fire (and possibly on strike) but I can't properly gather enough enthusiasm in real life, but I'll try to make it look all uplifted in print:

GUESS WHAT?!  I finished the 5 km route and came in at 38:24! *SCREECH* w00t w00t!  Yup and THAT is timed and true.  I knew I had a 20 minute training plan to do today and I would have to switch over into a free workout after, so I wore my Polar equipment and kept strict time that way.  I stopped walking when I synced my workout and switched over to the free workout and when I did that, I paused the time on my HRM and only started it right before I was ready to start moving again.  My miCoach time for it will be a bit off because there's just too many damn buttons to remember to press at one time! Especially when you're trying to catch enough breath in order to not succumb to the little black dots dancing around in front of my eyes.  I forgot to stop the workout once I reached the car, but it was easier to reach over to my wrist and stop the watch, so 20:01 for the training program and 18:23 on my watch finishing up the free workout gives me a 38:24!  A nice new record for me as my 5 km personal best! Considering I've only reached 5 km two days ago, I guess there's not much to work with, but hey!  Sunday was 40 (give or take...), Monday was 41 and today is 38:24, so I'd say I'm making good progress!

Still not completing the entire route without having to stop, but I was able to keep running little intervals on the prolonged uphill climb!

Anywho, I'm all about instant gratification and statistical results, so here's my charts:

I *love* the elevation overlay!  I'm still having a hard time with the blue zones.  For some reason, I can't find a nice running pace in it.  When I jog really slow, I feel like I'm tripping over myself to go as slow as she wants me to go, but it's still too fast.  So I'm thinking, my jogging is as slow as walking so I might as well walk, but for some reason, my walk isn't fast enough so you can see in the second blue zone of the first chart where I start playing around with what I should be doing for my zones.  The first dip in the chart is my walking up the first hill - one of these days I'll start trying to conquer it while running, but even just walking up the hill, I'm still out of breath when I get to the top, it was hard to just start up into the green zone right away!

Don't you LOVE my second chart? I know I do! *LOL* I especially love that giant spike at the end of my run!  I'm really happy that I'm still able to find it in me somewhere to put on one last burst of speed to at least toe my time a little bit closer to my fastest time.

Today was a lot harder for sure than it was yesterday, though.  I felt like the stitch in my side started earlier and then maybe it's because I've run the route twice before today in a row, my legs just weren't feeling happy.  My left shin started hurting a lot sooner than I normally feel it - well, I don't normally feel my shins anymore since I've broken into my new shoes so I'd say sooner since I felt it today and not yesterday.  I think the worst thing I did for myself was concede to start walking after I made the loop around.  Although it was bothering me while I was running, it started hurting a lot more when I started walking.  I was actually limping while I walked and noticed that it didn't hurt so much - or was evident in a limp - when I was jogging, so I jogged roughly about the pace of a crippled snail - which should tell you something since snails use their slime or whatever it is and another scientific term I can't remember to pull themselves along, so I don't think crippleness really factors in - the point is, it was not a good jog! *LOL* Ah well...

Then Pink came on and I was able to muster up a little anger to run a bit but it was just a little sputter of rage and after that I was too tired to try to do my angry run so I started walking again.  But I did run intermittently in between then and the top of the hill where I started running for the finish.  I tried to pick up some more speed when we were going downhill (oh right, Bart and Chewy came with me today!) but it was harder than it was on Sunday because pounding down the hill made me REALLY feel my shin bones shuddering, but I kept at it and was able to use the downhill momentum to keep me going around the bend. 

I had to resort to a lot of pep/trash talk to get myself around the bend - I wanted to stop the minute I saw the car, but with Bart being there too (and also cheering and shouting for me behind me), it was good to try to convince myself to keep going. 

"This moment right here is the difference between getting a made-for-TV-movie about you, or being the person who stopped running and quit and didn't get picked up for a show - meaning, no inspirational running/training montage about you!"

"This is where the trainer yells at the person to keep going and the person is crying and saying they can't do it, but they dig down deep and find it in themselves to finish their goal.  DIG DEEP!"

"C'mooooooon BEBE!"

"C'mon Cat, you can DO IT!! GO GO GO PUSH PUSH PUSH!!!!"


I started picking up the pace for the victory sprint (even though I accidentally turned on the shuffle mode on miCoach and Rocky didn't come on) when I looked at my watch and saw that I was at 17 minutes.  It was at that moment that I knew that I was going to come in at under 40 minutes today and you can't just let that go!  I had to tell myself, YES, under 40 minutes! But Oh yeah? How MUCH under 40 minutes!  It was such an awesome feeling though because at the top of the sidewalk and entering into the grounds, I was at 11 minutes and I couldn't see myself finishing in 8 minutes, it felt like the finish was so far away, but YAY!!! 

I wonder who's going to play me in my movie.  I don't want anyone to play me, I wonder if the producers would just cast me instead!

I can't believe how far I've come...from wishing a car would come onto the sidewalk and hit me so I wouldn't have to keep running (and possibly lie down on the pavement) to pushing and trying to shave seconds/minutes off my time.  I'm still considering throwing my timing chip across the finish line ahead of me at Niagara though.  So just think, you don't have to run REALLY fast, you just have to run faster than I can throw farther. *LOL*

Alrighty, I better get some sleep!  Tara asked me if I was sure I wanted to go again tomorrow, but I figure I could just do an easy walk/jog and take it easy as long as I'm still familiarizing myself with the route and the terrain.  It'll be okay...or at least...we'll see!

BED TIME! It's lights out, folks!

P.S. I used a widget to put together my actual playlist that miCoach plays for me while I run (left sidebar).  I need more perky, poppy, ANGRY songs to keep me going! *LOL* Know any? In the meantime, feel free to eavesdrop on what I listen to if you need some new tunes for your playlist!

Round it UP!


I've got another 5 km under my belt!

...Actually, in terms of my title, the entire route was actually 4.94 km but Melissa's GPS was stating we went over 5 km, so if we meet in the middle and we apply the principals I learned in grade five math...the number after the decimal is over 5, therefore we must round up.  So 5 km it is! w00t!

Tara was convinced that Sunday's run was more than 40 minutes since I had to start a new program after I finished my regularly scheduled run, but HA!  My free run says we finished it in 41 minutes - and that was with walking a LOT slower than Sunday and chit-chatting.  The bonus is that I ran a LOT farther and more today!

Let's have a look-see at my chart:

The first marker (little blue dot under the chart) indicates the first uphill, where Tara and I agreed that it would be more beneficial for us to save our energy and muscles and just walk up the hill (which DEFINITELY helped run the rest of the route after much easier!) 

It's so awesome how you can totally see how my running pattern follows the elevation.  My lowest dips are at the highest peaks of elevation!  It totally makes sense and all, but it's just so awesome how you can visually see it!  The second marker in the chart marks where we reached the end of the route and had to loop around at the start of the trail.  According to my other chart, I pretty much ran about 2.5 km straight (minus that stupid hill) and afer we looped it, the stitch in my side and the evil voice in my mind said I should probably stop now, so we stopped for a bit and I felt a little bit guilty and started up again and then obviously gave up for a bit and walked and chit-chatted instead! *LOL*  Now another awesome reason why I'm learning how much more I can *LOOOOVE* miCoach - I can take the analysis boundaries and move them around and it shows me that the walk and chit-chat was for 1.28 km and the rest of the route was running!  So out of 5 km, I walked 1.28 km and ran the rest of it - which is about 3.72 km!  Which I think for me is the LONGEST distance I've run straight! YAY! I love you miCoach!

Another cool reason to love it:

My achievement chart!  miCoach knows me so well!  Results, percentages and awards are TOTALLY what keeps me from pushing myself (although probably not today! *LOL*) and coming back! I LOVE getting grades and seeing HIGH grades! Hehehe...

Anywho!  The first one marks my farthest distance - which is AWESOME because it took place outside - take THAT stupid treadmill! and the second "medal" marks the most calories burned (I didn't wear my chest strap since I get tired trying to remember to press all the buttons on the gadgets I'm attached to) and the next two mark the fact that since I started with miCoach (not the C25K program, which was longer!) I have run over 50 km!!! Can I get a w00t w00t?!  Can you imagine?! ME!!!

So I have some new goals to achieve I learned today.  No longer should I really try to increase the distance that I'm running, apparently, I have to try running FASTER.  My super cool, AWESOMELY AWESOME running buddy today could actually WALK beside me as I ran.  Ugh.  I mean, I don't really feel all that bad about it because it's a comfortable pace/stride for me...but still.  Someone WALKED beside me as I "ran."  So maybe the new goal will be to lengthen my stride and speed up a bit.  Now that I know I can walk and jog in about 40 minutes, I think I can get my time better - even with walking - by running faster.  I can do more walks if I intermix bursts of speed in my runs. 

Once we got up the prolonged uphill and we started running, Melissa suggested that we run the whole rest of the way and I said that probably wasn't possible since I had a raging stitch in my side, but it turns out, we ended up finishing the route at a run and I was still able to speed up a bit at the end - although it wasn't as fast a sprint as I got up to on Sunday.  Sunday I dipped into the red zone whereas today, my sprint was only in the yellow.  Meh!  41 minutes!  My original goal was to finish in at least less than 45 minutes, but now I think I can try to reach for 35 minutes instead!  I don't really care if I walk some, but maybe I can still get 35 - although I'm not going to go too easy on myself by falling back on walking.  I still would like to finish the Niagara 5 km without walking  AT ALL.

But I'm definitely feeling so awesome right now.  I warned Melissa before we started that I had a certain way of running a route.  I like to use the first 10 - 15 minutes whining and complaining as I believe it kind of passes the time quite nicely and the middle of the run getting into the angry songs on my playlist and galloping, punching, jabbing, uppercutting, dancing, shimmying and singing and yelling as I run.  Seriously.  The angrier the song, the more energy and get-up-and-go I can find!  It's awesome!  May I give a shout out to Pink and her song U + Ur Hand and of course a nod and a "yo Adrian" to Rocky and the Eye of the Tiger.  I played around with my playlist the other day and rearranged it so that the Rocky songs are playing around the 35-40 minute mark and it was totally on time!  We rounded the bend and we could see our cars in the distance and the song came on and it was VICTORY RUN from then on out!  Raise your boxing gloves (or hands if you're not wearing the gloves) and sprint it while shouting "YO ADRIAAAAAN" as you cross the finish line!  Now THAT'S a frickin' finish.  I swear, someone needs to make a running/training montage of me.  It would be awesome.  It would inspire a flippin' rock to get into running, I kid you not!

Arighty tighty!  I've pretty much spent the rest of the time since I got home from the run editing photos of that 18th birthday party I went to.  Some of the finished results have finally been posted on FB and the birthday girl LOOOOOVES them and ME, so mission accomplished! Booya!  It's midnight already and I still have so much things to do on my to-do list: taking a shower and paying attention to my wonderful husband being on the top of that list, so I'm outta here!  Find me at the route tomorrow!  I'm going to conquer the beast that is the big, abrupt hill and the beast that is the prolonged uphill before the run gets here! Hollaaaaa!!!

P.S. I heart you, Melissa! Thanks for at least not laughing at my awesome running pace.  You are AWESOME!  I'll wave to your dust when we're at Niagara though!  Just make sure you can run faster than I can throw my timing chip! *LOL*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Refreshing Run

"Push the door, I'm home at last
And I'm soaking through and through
Then you handed me a towel
And all I see is you..."
- Thank You - Dido

I didn't really see any meaning to these lyrics until today!  Right now, it totally relates to me!

Looking out the window at work today, the skies were really creepy looking.  The clouds were dark but the sun was still shining through a bit, so you had this bright, eerie looking sky.  When we left the building it was just starting to pour.  I ran out of the car into the house and I have to admit, the cool rain felt pretty good after the last few days of hot, Hot, HOT!  I went in to let Chewy out and the little diva came out to the top of the stairs, saw the rain and tried to scurry back into the house! *LOL*

Anywho, I toyed with the idea of going to the gym for a run.  I know I said that I would try my best to make sure all my runs were outside from now on, but considering the rain coming down hard, I was thinking any run at all was better than no run.  I got dressed and as Bart came in the door he said that it had stopped raining and that it was nice and sunny out so I figured that I could do my miCoach program run real quick and be back in time for dinner, so out I set!  As I was running, the sun kind of disappeared and a little mist of rain started.  I considered turning around, but the mist felt so good and it wasn't so bad so I kept going, checking to make sure that my BB was underneath my t-shirt sleeve.

Confession: I can no concede that I definitely didn't do myself any favors by conceding to run on the treadmill for the remaining C25K program.  The green zone was only ten minutes today and I was finding it difficult.  Although trying to keep at the pace that Anna (I've decided to name my miCoach voice) was setting may have helped make it so difficult - I feel like either I'm running too fast or too slow so I'm working harder at trying to moderate my pace, but I don't really think that's all, either.  Running outside is just plain HARD!  But I managed to keep up witht he green zone without stopping and then the rain came down. HARD! 

One second there was nothing and all of a sudden, the rain was beating down on me in big, fat, blobby rain drops! *LOL*  My t-shirt was soaked through in just a few seconds and I veered off my usual course to find a neighborhood heavy with tree-lined roads for me to hide under!  I managed to find a spot that wasn't COMPLETELY pelting me with rain, but Anna yelled at me for not staying within the blue zone and I started off again since I wasn't going to be getting any drier and there was no way I could possibly get any more wet.  My feet were squish-squishing already in my brand new hurricanes!

Anywho, I managed to finish the program and turned it off so I could hide the BB under my sleeve again.  Walking a little ways more, I felt something creeping along up to me and I looked over and saw my wonderful husband!  He came to find me! *LOL* Which I was pretty impressed with since he knew my normal run route and I wasn't on it - but I guess it's not too hard to guess where I would have turned off to if he couldn't see me on my usual route.  Of course, the rain has stopped by now, but I climbed into the truck and Bart has a pile of towels waiting for me on the seat! I *love* that man!

I've gotta say, that was a super soaker of a run!  After I got over the realization that my pretty new shoes were soaked and squishy, I was actually enjoying the run in the rain.  I knew my BB was okay and I was hoping that my ears didn't get electrocuted *LOL* but otherwise, the rain cooled me off and I was feeling pretty good.  The only downside was that my clothes being soaked made them feel more heavy so I was definitely struggling while I jogged away before Bart found me!

Ah well! Now that I was safely in a dry area, this is what I found:

Woohoo! YAY me with my 98%!  I'm thinking if I didn't need to hide under trees, I would have gotten 100% *LOL* Ah well, I'm happy that I was able to finish the run, but I'm DEFINITELY still worried about my actually completing a 5km run without stopping!  But for the most part, I was running most of the program so there's 2.7 km for me.  I just need to do a little bit more!  I can DO it, bebe!  I just gotta keep practicing and running outside!  It'll get easier, I just have to keep going!  Hopefully I'll be able to fit another run in tomorrow.  I believe there's yellow sprints tomorrow though *wince*  I'm gonna love running 5k's if it kills me!!! *LOL*

Alrighty, that's it for me for now!  Work was surprisingly busy with behind the scenes stuff and I've got a staff meeting tomorrow that I hopefully won't forget about! 

On the food front...I'm still trying and failing to be good, but with all the behind the scenes technical stuff going on, I wasn't able to eat my breakfast and I totally caved and got a brownie at lunch which was the ONLY thing I ate for lunch (my salad was still in the fridge).  Is it bad if I mention that it was REALLY good? *sigh*  I'm so weak! *LOL*

Alrighty!  I better get going!  Choir practice tonight!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slippin' and a Slidin'...

Ugh.  So I'm somewhat still existing on the face of the earth, I swear.

I definitely feel the pull of the quitting/lazy vibes!  It all started last week with fall term tuition due date.  My arch nemesis.  It means that I pretty much got my ass kicked by tuition paying/tuition withholding sometimes moronic students/parents.  The day before tuition payment is due, you'd think that I'd have lineups of people eagerly waiting to get their payments in, right? Nope!  The day before due date is when EVERYONE calls in to conveniently realize that they haven't received their bill yet and of COURSE since they haven't gotten it, then the due date doesn't apply to them, right? NO!  It was like being dead on my feet, the day of actual due date, I literally felt like I got hit by a car and when I mentioned it to Mr. Boss man, he was like, "oh, from running?" and I'm like, HELLO are you in the same frickin' office as I am?! We're getting our asses handed to us on silver platters on which these spoiled brats were served their dinners with golden spoons! *breathes hard*

Anywho, it goes without saying that talking about work on a blog should be kept at an extreme minimum.  So while I have mucho thoughts in my head about that, let's talk about RUNNING!

Actually, being dead tired should have ensured that I didn't eat very badly, but OH I DID.  It was so, So, SO bad!  I didn't have time for breakfast or lunch (not to mention snacks) but when I got home, I *NEEDED* carby, warm, creamy, fatty foods STAT.  Anything drizzled, drowning or drenched in butter, cream or creamy butter was a-okay with me!  How many times did I run? Twice.  The Monday I couldn't even get a half hour in and the Tuesday that I forced myself to get to thirty minutes due to peer pressure and the need to not embarrass myself.  After that...nothing!  But I did make it to frisbee this past Sunday - did it help, I doubt it, we got an achievement in losing at record speed! *LOL* Meh...

So needless to say, once I start getting all lazy and post-pone-y, it's so hard to get back into things.  The food thing, I'm trying to do better on, which meant that Bart and I had to FINALLY go grocery shopping.  So back to good ol' salads for me!

So anywho, after a busy day at work yesterday, I got home and pretty much passed out.  I woke up and Bart had dinner ready - Juicy Jumbo hot dogs *LOL* I pigged out on those and fell asleep again and when I woke up, all of a sudden it seemed like a good time to go for a run.  I loaded up Day Three training of miCoach and got myself out the door.

O. M. G.

I was a complete shit-show, I kid you not.  It was only eighteen minutes with two green zones and it was SO hard! I couldn't even finish it without taking walking breaks, it was SO embarrassing!  I was huffing and puffing like I was trying to blow down a house in front of me and then I had to suck it up and pretend it was so easy whenever I passed anyone and then get myself far enough away in case I passed out on my face! AAARGH!  Four weeks to go until the first run and I couldn't get through 2.45 km without stopping! Booo!

Anywho, slightly good news.  I get to work and I'm telling Tara how awful it was this morning and we compared our zones and mine is significantly HIGHER! OMG!  My blue zone is her green/yellow zone sprints!! HAHAHAHA, no WONDER I was dying! OMG! But YAY!  So I changed my zones and this evening, I went with Bart and Chewy to the dog park with the full intention of walking briskly in my blue zone until I realized I was still working in the OLD zones.  I forgot to sync my phone before I started the workout! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

So behold my crap results:

*shudders* How AWFUL is that?  I look like SUCH a failure.  But if you think about it, my blue zone NOW is 9:56-7:56 so if you move my blue zone down, it's obvious I was in it had my zones been synced. *sigh* If it wasn't already dark when we got back, I would have gone out again.  Blue zone is the easiest easy zone and it looks like I couldn't even handle it.  If miCoach was capable of conscious thought, it would probably think I didn't stand a chance on October 3rd.

But I did get something done that helped boost my excitement and my eagerness to get out the door for a run:

Lookie what I got in my E-Mail today! YUP, I am OFFICIALLY registered as of today!  Woohoo!  I went to visit the official website and started reading up on the events and the fun stuff going on and looking up last year's times and I was getting SO excited to get out there and RUN!

I was checking out my age group results and my goal is to just get better than the last place person's time, which I think is 45 minutes.  So my goal is to complete this 5K in 45 minutes or less!  And even though she was last in our age group, she definitely wasn't last overall so I think I can defnitely live with 45 minutes under my belt for my first race EVER!

I'm such a sucker, I read that a company offers personalized videos/DVDs and they would feature yourself crossing the finish line and you know I'm going to HAVE to have one of those! I mean, it'll be my FIRST 5K race!  Me!  I can't turn down a souvenir like that!  And we also get Championship Timing Chips and Melissa explained to me what it was and basically it's a chiop that you clip to yourself and it'll track the second you cross the start line and the time when you cross the finish line and I was like, YES!!!  I'm going to throw my chip across the finish line ahead of me!!! *LOL*  The company can videotape me crossing 5 minutes after my chip.  I don't need to make sure I run fast anymore, I just have to make sure I can throw hard! BWAHAHAHA...interesting idea....

So there's me OFFICIALLY registered and I've got two runs coming up!

This Saturday I'll be stopping by the CIBC run site to get a nice heads up on the trail we'll be running.  I know that I walked it last year but I wasn't paying attention and I'm nervous that the changing terrain will throw me off, so I just want a refresher.  Hopefully Tara and I have a few chances to do a couple runs on it before the big day.  She is now working to convince me to sign up for a New Year's Day 5K run.  Which sounds like a nice way to start the new year and also because she wants the jackets that are given to the particpants with the registration fee! *LOL* Can you tell we're more in it for the perks?  Meh, you gotta have SOME reason pushing you to cross that finish line, right?

I'm also excited about the Niagara run because Melissa will be coming with us! w00t!  Even though we're definitely NOT going to be running together - I have given Melissa and Tara STRICT instructions not to wait for me, I want them to finish with the best times as possible that they can get - but it'll be nice to know we're all there together.  Yesterday, Tara and I bought matching pink Nike jackets/sweatshirts for us to wear on the 3rd and in Niagara! *LOL*  No one can ever say that we didn't look AWESOME as we ran (or in my case, stumbled along)!

So the run is on a Sunday and we're all planning to go the day before and spend Saturday hanging out in Niagara and just having a good time and Saturday evening, we'll be attending the Pasta Party that is being hosted for the runners! w00t! I'm wondering if I'm not really going to these races specifically for the pasta party and goodie bags and MEDAL! Meh!  Whatever gets me there and through the finish line!!! 

I'm hoping that Tara can get us a good deal on a hotel to stay over and we can relax after the pasta party and then after the run, we're going for massages at the spa in the hotel we're hoping to stay at! It's looking to be an AWESOME weekend!  I'm really excited for all of it - the race too! that's what I've been up to since I disappeared!  I'm trying to clean my act up again starting this week, but it's proving to be much harder than I thought (could it be that my TOTM is coming, too?) and I'm definitely getting more focused on the running.  I've promised myself that ALL my runs will have to be outside from now on if I can help it to make sure I'll be okay to run the two races outside, so I need to really get on myself to get out there!

Thanks for checking in with me and I have also OFFICIALLY begun to collect donations for my CIBC run, so if you want to donate, check out my link on the sidebar and THANK YOU in advance!

More updates soon!
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