Monday, August 23, 2010

Ups and Downs

Ugh. 21 minutes and I quit today! Bah!

What can I say, the weekend was bad, I was was all pretty bad! *wince*

Today wasn't any better. Work was so busy, it was after before I realized I hadn't had a tryst with my secret lover in the bathroom aka the toilet! Biggest reason being I hadn't had time to eat breakfast or lunch. I had a few bites of my salad and forgot about it so that when I remembered it, it was all soggy and wilty. *SO* busy drowning in mountains of mail, my ears almost bleeding from the incessant ring of the phone and people still have the nerve to say *insert nasally, whiny, annoying accent here* "Wow, you don't look at all as busy as I thought you'd be!" *insert irritating high-pitched laugh* If it wasn't going to get in the way of my 5K training, I did entertain throwing staplers at these fools.

So anywho, we were down three people in the office and it was T and I with two of the most unhelpful back-ups. Meaning it was realistically T and me. Seriously, I took 8 people to my back-ups ONE person! WTF! Why even back me up if you're going to chit-chat and shoot the shit with the people you call up? We are not a frickin' country club; call them up, make them pay up, get the next in line!

...In a different context, if you don't know what I do, it kinda sounds like a really fast moving prostitution job! Meh...moving on!

So anywho, over the weekend, I had my first photography gig! My mom and I shot the 18th birthday party (ie. Debutante's ball) of a girl in my youth group. I pretty much had the girls from 12 and we were shooting until about 9 when we got off the clock and put away our cameras to enjoy the rest of the party. Too bad the rain chose to harass us all day! The photoschoot in the outdoor gardens would have been awesome! Instead we got stuck inside city hall and I had to try posing a group of the slowest moving (slowest thinking?) guys in the entourage! I guess saying that isn't really good for business, but since we offered up our services for free, I think I'll venture to say so. They could not get simple directions! They're standing in a line and I tell them to get together in a loose group/circle and the look at me, shuffle their feet and form a straighter line. O.M.G! I literally had to grab one guy's sleeve and drag him over to the rest of the group *LOL* but hopefully the photos turned out well, I haven't seen the ones I shot myself, actually! But anywho, wish I'd thought to bring my HRN, I must have burned a bajillion calories dancing it up! I *LOVE* dancing!

Sunday, we had a baptism and I had EVERY intention to go to frisbee right after...Bart and I even had our duffel bag packed up with our change of clothes, but as we were driving, it was raining pretty hard so we went home and I totally passed out for two and a half hours! *LOL* if I did get changed into the clothes and had every intention of going, does that count for ANY kind of calorie burn? Of course, it probably doesn't help that Bart brought home Pizza Hut pizzas and CONFESSUION: ate a bunch of slices! Ugh. Bart will be the end of skinny me, I swear! It's so odd, he's the first who cheers me on when I want to workout, he chooses to join me when I suggest to go to the gym so I won't change my mind, but then he'll reward me with a pizza! *LOL*

Aaanywho, I didn't get any running in since Thursday and it's been worrying me that I haven't actually run a half-hour since I graduated from C25K. I mean, I haven't blown it off and I've been doing the miCoach training, but I still think I should put in a couple half hours in a week, but today...UGH! 21 minutes?!?! I'm irritated I couldn't just suck it up and finish the last nine (I did walk it, though) but my legs were KILLING me! My shins are making themselves known like I've never felt them before, and when I stopped, my left foot was flopping all funny again :(

I think I need to replace my insoles or give my new shoes another try (I was using my older shoes because I didn't want my legs to hurt but now they're hurting too!).

I'm icing as I type, even!

Anywho, I was able to go a little over 4 km (including the walking still) and I think that I'm going to have to put the miCoach training on hold and work on actually getting 5K under my belt. It's obvious I'm going to need to run longer than half an hour so I want to really work on that before I start concentrating on speed. We'll see, I'm feeling pretty down about today, but it could be an off day...or the fact that I ate three bites of salad the whole day before I tried to run like an all-star! Ugh.

Try again tomorrow before yoga! Mel and I are going to try again! Hopefully I'll be able to take the class more seriously! So come on, crack pot yoga lady! Work it so we don't end up laughing and giggling behind our downward dog poses! Mel's only got a few more days for her free membership! Hmm...maybe I should go for a run after the class? Meh, either way, there WILL be a half hour run for me tomorrow!!!

Alrighty, just a quick update about my crap run! It can't all be about success stories I guess...*LOL*


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