Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks, Coach!

...of course, if motivational quotes exist, there's always the opposite of those quotes as well.

Here's one that applies to me: I'm not sure if it's a real quote, it probably is somewhere, but on the heels of success comes more failure!  *Big giant neon arrow sign pointed at ME*

Fresh off my C25K graduation success, I rewarded myself with shoes! (Yes, I already rewarded myself with a caesar and ice cream) but it was a celebratory WEEKEND!  Hey, if I had to suffer nine weeks, I don't think three days worth of celebrating and rewards is all that bad!  Is it me or am I justifying again? *LOL*

Anywho, feast your eyes on my new babies:

*swoon* Don't you just LOVE them?!  I've wanted to try out the Saucony brand since Tara got her really sweet looking pearly, mint green ones.  Sadly, the type of shoes she had were not right for my feet so I was unable to make us into running twins! (To her relief, I'm sure!)

Anywho, I learned a valuable lesson from the awesomely helpful guy at Sport Check (which I was pleasantly surprised, because from my experience with Sport Check before...*wince*)  Anywho, I was sure he wouldn't be able to help me out when he asked if he could assist, but I half-heartedly agreed and asked which shoes would be best for me stability and support since I'm an over-pronator and he totally knew which shoes to point out!  He pointed out that with Asics and Saucony, all the shoes that are geared for arch supports have a darker grey rubber on the inside of the shoe! Nice little nugget of info I just picked up!  Sadly, ALL of the pretty shoes I was looking at were NOT in my stability/support category (BOOOOO!!!) and I had to put down these really pretty white Asics with pink/yellow and orange designs *LOL*  I do remember reading somewhere that running is not a fashion show and that I should be choosing shoes that are best for my feet, not for what they look like, and I DO agree.  I just don't think that just because it's not a fashion show that the shoes I wear are HIDEOUS.  So my Saucony Progrid Hurricane 11's were a nice little compromise even though they didn't even have a splash of pink ANYWHERE on them.

I was eager to try them out so I laced up yesterday morning and got myself to the gym.

On a sidenote, I am finding it WAY more difficult to haul myself out of bed at 5:55 am knowing that I don't have a chart to fill with check marks!  It's hard to set up mini-goals for myself because once I attain something, I find it kind of easy to "rest on my laurels" and be like..."well...I already achieved that I really need to keep going!?"  But away I went and once I was more fully awake, it was easier to get going!

Hop up on the treadmill and less than twenty minutes later, I did something I haven't done in a LONG time.  At least three weeks worth.  I STOPPED. *faints* I know, I was SO mad at myself, it wasn't even funny.  While I was running, I was trying to tell myself that I didn't feel like I was going to throw up, pass out or die, but my legs were KILLING me.  New shoes = EVIL!  Whatever tendons or cartilage are attached to my shin bones felt like they were getting tugged off every time I took a step and my arches were on FIRE. So after I couldn't really trick my mind to go on, I stopped the treadmill and trotted - actually, it was more like plopped.  My legs and feet felt so heavy I plop-plopped back to the change room and got my old shoes on and back I went onto the treadmill.  Still no GOOD! I guess I must have just pushed my legs too much because even though the shoes felt MUCH better, it was still hurting my legs, so with disgust at myself, I threw in the towel.  UGH.  How is that possible, I'm a C25K graduate SUCCESS and on the very next run after that, I can't even finish twenty minutes! Boooooo!!!  I know there were circumstantial reasons why, but I still didn't want to make excuses for myself.

Aaanywho, later on yesterday evening I thought it would be a good idea to try out the yoga class that was being offered at the gym at 6:30 to stretch out my legs because they were still hurting.  I brought all my running shoes with me and my yoga mat (didn't forget this time!) and I went a bit earlier because I thought I would be able to get another little run in there again to make up for this morning.

I look into my gym bag and no socks. BOOOOO!  I looked at my new shoes, shrugged and put them on.  They're brand new and I wasn't planning on being in them too long, so off I went looking cute in the shoes without bunches of socks sticking out *LOL* And it was SUCH A DIFFERENCE!  I guess I went arch support overkill yesterday morning.  With the shoes that were already labelled for arch supports, I was also wearing brand new socks that I got from the Nike outlet which was also geared towards arch supports.  Without the socks and wearing just the shoes, I was able to do a longer run - even though I only did fifteen minutes - without it hurting my legs (although they did hurt a bit I'm guessing from that morning), but there was a definite difference.  So not going to give up on my new shoes just yet!  I went to yoga class and grunted and sweated and somewhat cheated my way through and after I got back, I went out for another run!

*LOL*  I'm such overkill!

But I had good reason!  Yesterday when I got home there was a special package waiting for me in the mail!  It was our Blackberry armbands so that we can use miCoach without sticking our phones down our bras. *LOL*  Had to give it a try right!?  I did the first day of the training plan, which is supposed to be an easy run in the blue zone and even though I said it before, I wasn't 100% sure, but miCoach is So. Freaking. COOL!

Check out how my run went yesterday:

That's the dashboard right when I log in after syncing my workout with my BB.  It gives you a quick overview of how it went and it has a little flag for to notify me that I have accomplished NEW ACHIEVEMENTS!  How awesome is that.  Makes me feel like a pro-star every time I log in!

Here's a closer look at the analysis:

How neat is that!  It's GRAPHED!

So anywho, here's how miCoach works: When I first signed up, I chose a specific training plan, and I'm sure I've mentioned this already.  It has an assessment workout that figures out how you normally run and how you run going at a sprint etc., from there, it takes your pace and your km's and sets up targeted zones.

According to miCoach, these are my target zones based on my assessment.  I am always free to adjust them once I've actually given them a try.  If I feel like it's too hard, I can adjust the zones to go a bit slower, but from my run last night and based on my chart, I seemed like I was doing okay - the only problem was that my coach kept telling me slow down as I was faster than the blue zone! *LOL*

I love how the graph shows the gigantic drop in the scale when I started walking *LOL* BUSTED!  I was running and when I got tired, I figured since I ran that morning, before yoga, took yoga and then ran after, I was allowed to take a break, but it's so funny how it all reflects on there.  Even the little bits where I was skipping to try and fool my coach!

I swear I'll take it more seriously when we get into the sprint intervals - which will be tomorrow! Woohoo!  I love how it's got me excited, challenged and outside!  It's keeping me on my toes and moving!  If you've got an iPhone or a Blackberry, I DEFINITELY recommend trying out miCoach, you will LOVE IT! (And now, this is not a paid advertisement for them - I'm not getting anything from them other than getting my butt kicked in the blue zone and getting busted for walking *LOL*)

So this is just jokes for right now, but who knows...I did say once that I couldn't see myself running half-hour...if I say I can't see myself completing a triathlon....???

If I do, this is the bike that I want! *giggles*  Tara keeps bringing triathlons up, so now I've got them in my head, and well...if I'm going to try one out, shouldn't I do it with the BEST equipment to get the best results possible!?  BWAHAHAHA, I don't really think that, I just want a cool looking bike!  Half of success is looking and acting the part, isn't it?!  *whispers* Juuuuustifying!!!

I was also talking to my mom last night and she mentioned that her and my dad are thinking of getting a pool put in sometime and I said it would be cool if they did so I could start training for a triathlon and Bart heard it and about killed himself snickering. *LOL* Whatever, wouldn't he be all eating his words if I ever did finish a triathlon!  It could happen.....


Anywho, I've kind of lost focus on what exactly I'm blogging about.  I got the epic failure out of the way....hmmm...

Oh right! YOGA!  So apparently, I like the less sweaty, less heated, less obnoxious instructor yoga way better! *LOL*

I gave it a try last night at the gym - this time it was just plain yoga, not BodyFlow aka yogalates and I foolishly assumed it would be easier than BodyFlow was.  Nope!

The instructor was still all wonky about the earth and the breath and the mind and body laaaaaaa-di-da, but she did it in an endearing way and with that she was also very clear in her instructions and she gave lots of other options for those whose bellies get in the way and they can't bend all the way down! *coughs* And I am generally speaking about that one....not anybody in particular...*LOL*

I guess the whole basis of yoga is downward dog or something because all poses seem to begin and/or end with that, but I found it a lot easier to accomplish with her instructions.  Apparently, you can't just bend over on your hands and feet and call it a downward dog.  There's specific things you need to keep in mind, like making sure your bum isn't all droopy and that you're pushing your tailbone up towards the ceiling, not necessarily to the back of the room where it's facing.  This will help elongate your back/spine and really stretch the backs of your legs.  I noticed that I was able to almost get my heel down all the way with each time we ended up in downward dog.

So yeah...I was still pretty sweaty, but not in a sweaty, I'm GOING CRAZY AND I'M GOING TO FREAK OUT IN PUBLIC kind of way.  Therefore, without those feelings, I was able to focus more on the relaxation part of the class and I actually walked out feeling pretty mellow (and I have to admit a little bit smug because I'm starting to feel all athletic and stuff).  So *two thumbs up* for yoga and before I forget, I was in the MFP forums and saw this awesome link, Yoga for Runners.

I guess I should get back to work (or work on my running playlist for my BB, but OBVIOUSLY work comes first, right?!)


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