Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet My New Coach!

Just got in from taking a "yogalates" class over at the gym. *LOL* It's not really called yogalates, but it's a class with a mix of yoga and pilates, and ever since I heard them use the word on The OC, I definitely want to call the class yogalates!  Anywho, I feel like it totally just kicked my butt.  I kind of enjoyed it, but part of me is thinking that I need to work harder on getting rid of my belly before I continue with it.  I can't do some of the moves because my tummy is in the way! *LOL*

Actually, I'm taking a hot yoga class with Melissa this Saturday and I'm pretty excited about it!  I'm a bit wary about the fact that I have to hang out in a small, stuffy room filled with hot stuffy, steamy air with a bunch of hot, sweaty (possibly stinky) people.  But I keep hearing good things about hot yoga, so I can't say anything until I've given it a shot, right?  Look at me being all active!

So anywho, as this is Monday, it's obvious that I've just been through another weekend.  How did I do?  Not as bad as other weekends I've had, but definitely not as good.  My first test was on Friday.  Our church group always has a potluck thing after meeting on the first Friday of the month and I always go nuts at it because it means that there is food there and it's always DELICIOUS!

Do you SEE?!?!!  Here's my plate:

Awesome! YAY me!  So first test down.  Usually I eat like bread's going out of fashion.  Or it was made with the last grains of wheat known to man.  I LOVE BREAD!  Bart and I used to buy the biggest, crustiest loaf from the bakery and toss it in the oven and we would get it until it's hot and toasty on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.  Then we'd eat it with butter or dip it in a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or some other kind of bread dipper.  Drooooooooool....*coughs* Okay, I think I got a little bit sidetracked!

Ummm...where was I?

Right, so anywho, on Saturday we had our church group picnic and I was kind of nervous about it.  As good as the food was on Test 1, there was SURE to be even BETTER food at this shindig.  It turned out that I got busy being in charge of the games and with bringing Chewy along and throwing water balloons at my youth group that I was too distracted to each much.  I ended up with just a plate of Filipino food (can't even begin to guess at calories) and just one dessert.  I was too busy getting everything together so this was pretty much brunch for me.  After that, we were having another couple friend of ours over for a BBQ/bonfire so we got ready for that and when they got here, we had a dinner of pork ribs and corn (the corn was *SO SO* good!) and at the bonfire, I ate TWO smores. *swoon*  Does that REALLY count as a confession.  Everyone knows that with a bonfire comes smores.  They go hand in hand for crying out loud!

We ditched the bonfire shortly after and ended up coming in and playing all the board games I own which was AWESOME! *LOL*  They left at 2:30 and we were pretty much dead on our feet.  Sunday was nice and lazy, I slept in and we went out for breakfast at 2 in the afternoon.  I was feeling all stuffy and groggy, but I really wanted to go all out.  I ordered goat cheese and tomato eggs benedict and WOOOOOW!  I mean, I love having goat cheese and tomato salad, but when you put it together with a poached egg, HOLLANDAISE sauce and the english muffin? It's flippin' MAGIC! Did you hear me? MAGIC!  It came with the BEST homefries known to's like eating chips - but fluffier.  Fluffy chips.  Think of it this way, at any other diner in this whole town, I always substitute my homefries for french fries, but at this diner, it's their homefries ALL THE WAY.  I could have a plate of them right now, actually.  I wish I had some. It's making me sad thinking of them. 

I'm losing my way again.  What was I talking about?  Oh okay, CONFESSION, I guess.  With the breakfast, I ordered a pancake on the side.  I was really feeling like I needed it.  It was probably more like I WANTED it.  Anywho, this will probably sound worse than the breakfast I ate, but I'm thinking that that was pretty much all I ate all day.  After we were finished, I was feeling FULL.  I trudged over to our frisbee game and was wondering how I was going to get through the whole game, but as soon as I got out there, the grogginess went away and it felt good to be out running around.  In fact, I even pushed my HRM to 188!

The only bad news about this was that I still hadn't done my Week 8, Day 3 run.  Thinking about running after the game was tiring enough and some peeps suggested that I just substitute my frisbee game for a run since my watch was showing that I played 32 minutes and already burned more calories playing this than I did when I actually run.  I figured it was pretty close enough, so I hesitantly conceded and figured I would start Week 9 on Monday.  Bart had to drop off some things to our cousin who was currently next door to my parents so I thought that while Bart was talking work, I would go visit my mom...and her treadmill!

I finished Week 8 fully, completely and on time!  I was really pushing it and by the end of the 28-minute run, I was up to 5.5 mph, which is the fastest I've ever gone on a run (it was only for the last 10 minutes, I was increasing the pace every few minutes or so starting at 15-minutes in) but it still didn't get me to 3.1 m! GRRRR!  Anywho, upping the speed also got my HR up to 181 and I really felt like I was pushing it.  BUT I DID IT!  I was able to check off my Week 8, Day 3 box with a clear conscience and I was TOTALLY feeling like a rockstar!  It was an added bonus that I ran it at my mom's, the way I was feeling like I wanted to quit barely even registered.  There was no way I was quitting my run early in front of my mom!!!  Good motivation right there!

Aaaanywho, I made an awesome discovery yesterday via Melissa and Rory.  Melissa was telling me about a miCoach app for my BB and I was like, noooo, miCoach is for Adidas gear.  You had to have the gear for it in order to work and she was like, nooo, I'm pretty sure it just uses your Blackberry and GPS.  So this definitely caught my attention already as I have always been interested in tracking my jogging speed, pace, etc.  So I got home and downloaded the app and although I haven't had a chance to give it a try, it. Looks. AWESOME!

You make an account online and the app syncs with the website after your workout.  It can update your workout and information and stats and keep track of everything.  The first thing I did after making an account was to choose a training plan.  It had a few pre-made training plans and one was for Running.  I chose that and it had further options within that and I chose Training for a 5K as opposed to Running a Fast 5K (since I haven't actually gotten to a 5K just yet).

This is what my dashboard looks like right now.  Sadly it's all blank since I haven't gotten my first workout in using my BB and the app.  But look at the things it can keep track of just right on the main dashboard!

This is the specific training plan it's made up for me based on the level of running I said that I had.  I was able to insert three custom workouts to include my three runs for Week 9 and I have my training plan starting the week after that.  Not only does this program promise that I will be able to run a 5K, it promises that I will be able to finish strong.  So I'm really excited about that.

Here's a closer look at one of the days in the training plan.  I believe this one is Day 10.  It's got me running not JUST intervals, but SPRINT intervals.  So C25K has taken care of making sure that I can keep running straight through without having to walk, this will ensure that I can put on bursts of speed so that I can speed up my runs and increase my endurance.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I know I'm not the spokesperson for miCoach or anything and without even having used it, I can't really talk too highly of it, but just from those three screen shots, how can you NOT have downloaded it or wanted it RIGHT AWAY?

The website and the app syn each other and you can even store things such as your SHOES.  Like what I've just learned and apparently what all runners know is that your shoes can only go so many kilometers until they need to be replaced.  Once you log your shoes, it'll also keep track of the shoes' mileage and let you know when you should start thinking of getting a new pair.  HOW COOL IS THAT?! *LOL*

To be able to use the GPS to track other things such as distance, etc., I'll need to be running outside (I know, isn't that PERFECT timing?).  So I'm going to get outside once I smash a homerun with C25K.  So win-win situation.  I've been meaning to get over my fear of the sidewalk (miCoach will help) and I've been meaning to start working on increasing speed and miCoach will help with that too!  So it's already got high ratings with me already!  Hope it lives up to what I think it can do for me.  Like get me to actually complete a 5K run! I don't care how fast I go, I just want to actually be running not JUST for half an hour, but 5K!

Alrighty, that was the main thing I wanted to rave about today anyway.  So, so-so on the weekend of stuffing my face, awesome with the calorie burn (although who knows how it balanced out with the food I ate) and YAY for finding a new training coach!

We'll see how it turns out!  Quality time with hubby, puppy and Transformers before I hit the hay.  Yogalates really took it out of me!  I'm feeling MORE muscles I didn't know I had and I'm all relaxed and mellow too.  I could just let my head fall back and I'd probably fall asleep in a few seconds!

Which reminds me, Bart said I was TOTALLY running in my sleep last night.  He said I was so restless, he woke up and looked over at me and thought that I MUST be dreaming about running because he said my legs were totally making running motions! *LOL*  I don't kid when I say that lately, running has been taking over my life.  I eat running, I sleep running and I talk running!

I am a runner!

*big goofy grin*

Who woulda thunk it?!

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