Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For the nights I can't remember...

...what I ate.  Or most likely for the nights I don't WANT to remember what I ate! *LOL*

We already knew my weakness for weekends.  Long weekends are entirely other.  There's just something about long weekends that make you think you can do anything - eat anything!  Or maybe that's just me looking for an excuse to eat anything!

This past Civic long weekend was my last long weekend (I'll be working on Labor Day = YAY to double-time!) and I thought it would be a good time to let loose and boy, did I.  For some reason, we had no plans going in to the long weekend and it ended up being BUSY!

I kept forgetting that we had committed to attending a wedding a million years ago (or last year when we got the Save the Date card), but seeing as it was Bart's co-worker, for some reason, I kept conveniently forgetting about it and saying yes to other plans and then constantly having to cancel when Bart reminded me that we were already booked up for Saturday.  I was a big brat about it too.  I made a very big fuss about not wanting to attend so of course you know what happened: I ended up having a GREAT time! *LOL*

Pretty much three tables at the back (which wasn't a bad thing considering its close proximity to the open bar) were ALL Bart's company, so the guys hung around talking about work as usual and the ladies had a big dance party.  It wasn't even ten yet, and it was pretty much looking like the whole thing was turning into a big ol' mess of a party!  I was the designated driver for Bart as usual, and he knocked back a bit more than usual to make up for the fact that he couldn't get up and dance because of his knee still.  So he hung out with the boss and talked work and I tried very hard not to embarrass him in front of his work people.  Hahahaha!  Apparently, drunk people think I'm AWESOME!  I had more than one of Bart's work friends come up to me to let me know that they think their wives love me more than them.  Well...they weren't saying that when they were sober, but who knows.  I am pretty entertaining. *LOL*  Here are a couple snapshots from one of the more enjoyable wedding receptions I've been to in a while:

To be honest, I judged this cake a little bit.  This was actually the first thing we walked up to when we got to the reception.  I wanted to have a look at it, you know, out of professional interest.  I was like, OBVIOUSLY I could have done this.  For cheaper too...and less crooked! *LOL*

Awww, there's us bwhile waiting for dinner.  CONFESSION #1: There's two caesar's sitting there in front of me.  I drank 'em both! *LOL* Actually, to go with this confession, after the wedding ceremony, Bart and I went to the mall to find me a dress and we ate there.  At the food court! HORROR!



These were "face-shake" pictures. *LOL* Kelly, Wayne's wife (Wayne is the character up there!) told me to shake my face for the camera.  I didn't know what she meant, so I went ahead and shook my face.  Apparently, I'm not very good at it.  Wayne is OBVIOUSLY the king of face-shake pictures! *LOL*

And you know how I love my circle pictures!  We've got a few of these, but I thought one would suffice. *LOL*

Aaaand the shoes come off!


A little disco never hurt....except possibly my dignity... started getting really messy after this... *LOL*

Anywho, that was the wedding!  I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it - the two caesars probably helped a little bit, I'm sure.

Sunday, Bart and I brought Chewy along with my parents and Tiana Banana and we went to explore some waterfalls in a nearby city.  I wasn't expecting it to be SO CROWDED, but oh my lanta, there was hardly any breathing room.  The area had a picnic ground which was really nice and then you could hike down this really rocky trail to get down to the bottom so you could see the waterfall.  It was hot and humid that day, so trekking down to the waterfall was an adventure all on its own and when I finally got down to the bottom, I whipped out my camera to take pictures only to find the message "NO MEMORY CARD" flashing on the screen! AAAAAAARGH!  I forgot to put a memory card back in after I took out the card to look at the wedding pictures! The extra cards that I had were in my purse, which were, of course, in my purse at the TOP of the waterfall! BOOO!  I took pictures using my mom's camera, so I'll have to wait until she uploads those to be able to see how they turned out!

CONFESSION #3, 4, 5...#10: On our way to meet up with my mom and dad and Tiana, Bart and I stopped to get a snack so we wouldn't be hungry on the drive to the waterfall.  At McDonald's.  I know, EVIL!  Don't tell Tammy I went!  She's still protesting their treatment of chickens and I promised I would stand with her in solidarity.  Except that I got those little chicken wraps...and then shared Bart's McFlurry.

After the waterfall trek, we went to eat at Eastside Mario's.  I KNOW! Another evil place, but at least I now know for sure without a shadow of a doubt that I can't eat there anymore.  Something in their food, maybe the oil? definitely doesn't agree with me and I ALWAYS regret eating there about halfway through before I'm even done my meal.  Know what I'm sayin'?  Anywho, I always get spaghetti and meatballs and I was hoping that eating pasta would help with my run when I started WEEK 8 on Monday!

So, I SWEAR I went into Monday with all intentions to run my Day 1 run.  We went to the beach with the rest of my mom's side of the family (again, not very many pictures which is weird for me, right?!) and I told Bart that I would hit up the gym when we got back, completely forgetting that they closed early on holidays.  Boo!  

CONFESSIONS #11+:  I know I'm conveniently forgetting a lot of other things I ate, but at the beach, I ate a chili dog, chips and drank POP! I KNOOOW!  When we got home from the beach, since there was no chance of getting to the gym (even though I could have run outside - but why would I, it was SWELTERING!), we ordered pizza hut pizza instead.  I think I ALMOST finished off an entire medium pepperoni lovers pizza to myself.  *wince*  But I loooooove Pizza Hut pizza! *cries*

Ugh.  This morning, the scale DEFINITELY reflected the naughtiness of my long weekend and my WEAKNESS for all things, salty, fatty, cheesy and DELICIOUS!  I can't help it, I'm only human :(

But anywho...Tuesday morning, guess who was at the gym by five after 6. AM! ME!  I did my run Week 8, Day 1 run and guess what?!  I added another two minutes at the end and actually completed my VERY FIRST HALF HOUR RUN! w00t!  Even with all the evil food debauchery, I'm thinking maybe the pasta and carbs helped with my run because I was feeling AWESOME!  Not once during my run did I even think that I wanted to stop.  I was feeling good!  No leg pains, no shortness of breath.  I started easy with a 4.1 m/h and from there I increased it until I was running at 5 m/h.  Of course, all that leads me to believe that I'll be a complete mess when I do Day 2's run, but we'll see.

The funny thing is right now, I have a new problem.  I guess running for longer periods of time helps loosen things up.  And by loosening things up, I'm finding that I feel like I have to go to the bathroom more often.  *LOL* I know it probably sounds TMI, but it's becoming a serious problem for me!  I can't feel like I have to go while I'm running!  Especially during the actual run day!  I don't want to lose any time by making a detour to go! I'm wondering how marathoners deal with this?!?!

I'm also finding that I can run a lot easier without the hassle of an MP3 player.  I've been completing all my runs sans music (except for whatever's on at the gym) and it helps me to think things through more and to focus on my breathing and my form.  I'm finding that the longer I run, the more erratic my movements are when I start to tire.  When I don't watch myself, my arms get all flail-y and my legs are more trudging then jogging.  So being able to catch myelf when I do that allows me to correct it.  The other time, I usually just focus on whoever I can see around me.

Apparently, I have a LOT of pet peeves with some people at the gym.  I don't know if I've already ranted about this, but I really HATE watching people on the treadmill with their incline pumped up to like 10 or something!  Actually, no, it's not that I don't like people trying to challenge themselves.  I hate watching the people with a high incline holding on to the top of the treadmill.  I want to stop my running to tap them on the shoulder to tell them that they're doing it wrong.  Whe you're at an incline of 10, and you're holding on at the top of the treadmill and leaning back, if you rotate the treadmill, it pretty much just means you're still walking in a STRAIGHT FRICKIN' LINE.  When you set an incline, you're supposed to walk UP it.  Not, lean back far enough, which just leads you to walking straight in a more retarded looking way.  It totally PEEVES me.  I usually just spend 10 minutes of jogging time wondering to myself why people do that!?  When you walk up a hill, you don't lean back and walk up it, people!  STOP IT!  If you're one of these people, don't get offended, either stop doing it and just walk at a regular incline and I'll be less likely to judge you, or walk UP the incline!  Or better yet, get outside and climb a frickin' hill!  *breathes*

Anywho, my hands are supposed to be busy prepping for invoice stuffing and not really typing, so I guess I better and give it a rest for a bit.  I'm hoping to get my Day 2 run in tonight, or tomorrow we'll see how that goes!  

In terms of the bad, BAD eating!  I can only let it go since it's over and done with and thank goodness there are no more long weekends for me.  I am back on track now for this week.  Bart and I went grocery shopping and I have all my salad stuff and good snacks to last me throughout the week and then I've got FRISBEE on Sunday! w00t!

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