Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do Your Ears Hang Low

...Do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?

Nope to all of the above, but my ears can SWEAT!

OMG, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Melissa and I tried out our very first hot yoga class this past weekend! I don't even know what to say about the experience *LOL*

First we were excited, I mean, it's always cool talking to Mel, but it's not very often we get to hang out. I mean, a lot better than before where I would only see her twice a year for our birthdays! But lately, we've been doing awesome!  So anywho, we were excited about hot yoga and game night and I guess I was so excited that I packed up my gym bag and jetted to the new gym. I get there, grab my hot yoga ticket and get on the treadmill to do a quick warm up. I'm running and about three minutes in, I stop dead and realize that I came to a yoga class without my yoga mat!

I briefly considered just taking the class using the gym mat, but the thought of a hot sweaty room filled with people already turns my stomach, the thought of using a communal mat...*turns green* Yeah, I wasn't having it. I called Bart and had him bring my mat for me! (My hubby is the BESTEST! THANKS, Bart!)

Alrighty, so getting into the class. The hot yoga room has its own "lounge" and that's where you hang out to wait and "meditate" before going into the room. When I first walked's like a psychiatric room. It's all gray and the floors are all padded and it was warm, although not as hot as I thought it would be. The peeps are already down with their eyes closed and "meditating" and Melissa's there sitting up looking like she wants to giggle at the "meditating." We set up shop and lie down and give the "meditating" a try and we end up overdoing it and laughing without sound instead.

So instructor gets in and here we gooo! Stretch, raise your arms, at one with the eeeearth, listen to your breeeath, be awaaaare of your breaaaath, be at one with your breeeeath! *giggle* Crap, I mean *puts on serious face* I'm meditaaaating! I am one with my breath...oooohm...she's wanting us to focus ONLY on our breathing and our own "practice" - she must have said practice like eighty times during the class, but anywho, of course as soon as she tells me to focus on something like my breath my mind goes a-wandering. I was suddenly very aware of how cute my toenail colour was and how the mirror kind of made me look fatter than the mirror at home and that guy over there has crap form. Oh right. Focus on my, I'm kind of hungry. I shouldn't have listened and not eaten anything before coming. What can I eat after class?

Oh, we're doing something else now. Right. Downward dog. This isn't so bad, I TOTALLY feel at one with my body already! I bet the instructor will point out the perfection of my form to the rest of the class. I better practice my modest face. Alright, it's getting kind of hot now. It's harder to do downward dog when my hands keep sliding all over the mat - and why do we keep having to do downward dog anyway?! I've already done it a bunch of times! How about the warrior pose, I'm AWESOME at warrior pose!

We finally get to warrior pose and mine kind of looks like crap now. She's worn the crap out of me, I'd like nothing more than to flop over and just pass out, warrior pose be damned! And still, we're NOT done. Downward dog again?!? WTF! Oh thank goodness, drink break!

So would you figure that we totally got told off during drink break?! We weren't even talking! Melissa pointed out that her leg was sweating and I pointed out that sweat was dripping off my wrists and all of a sudden Miss Downward Dog comes over and tells us to respect the silence of the room. Meh! Anyway, drink break is over and it's back to work...guess what? No shit, downward dog! BAH! I think by then, I was kind of over the class and I was too busy wiping off my face and my mat to really coooncentrate on breeeeathing and being at oooone with my breeeath!

Fiiiinally it's cool down time. We lie down to relax and big surprise, coooncentrate and be at one with our breeeathing and she turns off the lights like they normally do at the end of class and it was almost at that moment where I pretty much freaked out mentally. I had pretty much reached my limit. The room was hot, I felt like I couldn't breathe, there wasn't a spot on my body that wasn't sweaty, my head hurt and the dark room was making me feel claustrophobic! I just. Wanted. OUT.

I tried to relaaaax and concentrate on my "practice" but the little fibre clusters from my towel (I guess it was new and not washed yet, so little bits were stuck ALL over my sweaty face!) were tickling my face and sweat was burning my eye, yeah you tell me to relax! *LOL*

I guess that little bit of stress kind of took the forefront of my perception of the class and I was feeling like I never wanted to do that again and what do you know, as soon as we walked out of the room, they gave us a free pass to another class to make up for the fact that the room wasn't hot enough at first. WHAT?!? It was plenty hot to me, thanks! My ears were sweating! Since when do ears sweat? At hot yoga they do!

Aaanywho, I guess I'll give it another shot since it'll be free! Hopefully next time we'll get the slower instructor! In the meantime, I have to keep up with the running! I need 5K under my belt!

Alrighty, gotta get going! Chit chat more later! Toodles!

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