Friday, August 6, 2010

Crickety Cracks...

I felt like I almost couldn't get out of bed this morning.

It's funny how when you are close to achieving something, you get this idea in your head that you can do anything. *LOL*  Last night, I was feeling especially lazy and ESPECIALLY guilty (CONFESSION: I forgot to eat my snack at work and got home and was so hungry I ate two cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli before choir practice *wince*).  My guilt was enough that it pushed me to suggest to Bart that we work out bit.  Just at home since he still can't get around much on his legs.  He could do arm stuff while I did some work.  He opted out of it as he was pretty tired from work, but he said by all means I should go ahead and use the TV if I needed to, so I thought I would challenge myself a bit and put in a Turbo Jam disc that I bought last year but didn't really get around to actually doing before I quit.

OMG, Chalene pretty much kicked my butt.  It's weird how I seem to have endurance to run, but I sure didn't feel like I had any doing the kick, punch, jabs she was wanting me to execute.  I was reading on the MFP chat forum how some people were suggesting that people who work out and run should really have two different pairs of shoes.  One for cross-training and one for actual running and, not just to find any excuse to buy something, I think I kind of believe it now.  Remember last week when I had a really hard time doing Zumba because my legs and my feet were hurting, but I was able to go out and do my 25 minute run?  Same thing last night.  I've been running in my Asics for 8 weeks now, but just jumping around and squating and turning and kicking, the soles of my feet were really feeling it.  I was "jump roping" with the group and it felt like my foot was even cramping up.  So instead, I switched it up and followed the lower-intensity gal who was doing modified movements and that seemed to help a bit.  But I finished the whole 45 minute workout and I am feeling it ALL in my upper body today!

Did you know I had deltoids?  Yeah, I just found out today that I do! I can FEEL them!

Last night, I was feeling so good about the workout, I popped in Just Dance on the Wii and did half an hour of that as well.  It was hard to do the Cotton Eye Joe dance because my pants kept falling down - YAY!!!  Dare I say I may need to buy a smaller size pair of work out pants?! *GIGGLE*

Speaking of sizes and clothing.  I have bought myself a test vest.

I have been wanting one of these vests for work for some time.  I get most of my work clothes at Smart Set and I always find sizes there to fit me, but for some reason, none of the vests they carried ever fit.  Even the XL which I find fits me in any other type of top.  So I was at a Smart Set outlet and lo and behold, the vests are on clearance (because nobody wears them anymore, but whatever, when I'm skinny, I'll wear whatever I want!) and I bought it.  Even though it looks like this:

This is NOT a gratuitous booby shot! I swear!

*LOL*  That button looks like it's ready to pop off and take someone's eye out or something.  I'd be a walking lawsuit waiting to happen!  So I've decided this is going to be my visual cue for weight loss.  I mean, I know I can see the numbers on the scale changing and going down, but I'm not really entirely convinced that my scale isn't a big, fat, dirty liar.  Or has alzheimers and just forgets things and makes stuff up to look like they haven't forgotten and using a tape measure, while that seems more accurate, I'm not so sure about my measuring skills.  I never know if I'm measuring in the right place.  For the longest time, I didn't know where my bust really was, let alone measure it!

So as I go...I will be donning this vest and the day that I can button it without snipering someone with the button will be the day that I know my work is paying off! I'm really hoping that I'll be able to fit into it by fall because I have already pictured myself in an outfit I'd like to wear, and the picture of the girl in my head is definitely skinnier.  Which means I just need to stay away from Chef Boyardee (CONFESSION: For choir practice, I also ate two pieces of Pizza Hut pizza :S).


On a non-confessional note, when I woke up this morning, I kind of stumbled out of bed and I swear I could hear my bones and joints creaking.  It's an off day for running today but I wanted to get moving so that I could loosen up so I plugged in my Wii Fit and I was greeted with the fact that I haven't been on it in 389 days! *LOL* So it had me get on the board and it said that I weighed much differently than what they had recorded, so it measured me again and BAM! Stupid evil computer generated voice says to me: "You are OBESE!" all cheeful and chipper. *LOL*  I mean, I'm not all that offended or anything since it's not news to me, but STILL! Way to hand me a knife and point to my wrists, Wii Fit!

I stuck mostly to the yoga poses just so I could stretch out, but the computer also said that I was shaky and that I should work on my balance, so I did a couple of balance games, of course I couldn't NOT be on Wii Fit without doing the Hula Hoop game and just some other cardio before ending with a few more yoga poses.

It was a nice way to start the day.  I was up at 6:15 and for some reason I was still ten minutes late for work.  Go figure.

As I sit here, I'm feeling pretty stiff, so I think I'll go home and do a bit more yoga poses and stuff.  I printed off my gym's schedule and highlighted all the yoga classes and other classes I wanted to take.  I almost considered trying out a hot yoga class, but the thought of being in a hot, stuffy room, sweating and breathing in another hot, sweaty people...weight-loss just doesn't seem worth it.

Anywho, it's Friday and you and I know what that means, right?  It's the WEEKEND. Duh, duh, DUUUUH!  I fear the weekend! The weekend is NOT my friend. Ugh.

Tomorrow we're going to my church group picnic.  I usually don't eat much at these things, but then again, I'm usually so hungry after, that who knows what I'll be bound to eat after.  After the picnic, Bart's work friends are coming over for a BBQ and bonfire, so there'll be drinking to be done.  I need to BE GOOD! Eek!  I also have to fit in my last Week 8 run Saturday morning so I can get Week 8 outta my face!!! I can't believe we're nearing the finish line!  It felt SO FAR away when I was starting Week 1.  WOW!  No wonder I feel like I can do anything, this feeling of accomplishment is AWESOME!

Anywho, ultimate frisbee on Sunday!  Hope y'all have a good weekend!  Wish me luck - or at least a little self-control! *LOL*

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