Saturday, July 3, 2010

Want vs. Need's totally started.  From not needing to buy anything, to...well, I just got the RS100 today and now I want THIS:

Video No Longer Available

I shall have it by tomorrow (or should I say today since it's after midnight!) *wince* Well, maybe next pay.  I had to show Bart the RS since it was peeking out of my purse *LOL* Not that I needed to hide it from him.  If he asks, it was $85, okay?!

Anywho, can't stay on much longer, going to wake up early to take Chewy out for a walk.  My ankle still looks super swollen but I've been trying to walk like normal on it all day today and I think I'm managing pretty well and it doesn't seem to hurt.  I'm not sure if it's because of the anti-inflammatories or whatnot, but do you think I'm pushing it too early if I say I think I can go out for a run tomorrow?  I need to test out my RS100!  The chest strap thing is so cool and super easy, I'm mad at myself for not doing more research last year and trying to get by with my crap Mio.  Anybody want to buy a Mio HRM? 

Either way, hopefully I'll be able to go for a walk at the very least, poor Chewy is starting to get all antsy and not satisfied with just hanging out in the backyard, and today he smelled another puppy on me and was NOT pleased.  Well, I'm not really sure if he was or not, but I'm imagining he wasn't, because it gives me a feeling of self-worth and importance that someone (some thing?) would feel jealous of me showering someone (some thing?) else with affection.  I couldn't help it!  This guy brought the most ADORABLE PUPPY into the office.  Even though I like Chewy, it doesn't mean I know the type of every single dog I come across, so I have no idea what it was (nor did I really even care) it was a PUPPY.  PUPPY is its own kind of dog.  Anywho, it was pure black and fluffy and it's paws were so stubby and fluffy, it was just the most DARLING thing, and - what was I talking about?  Oh right, taking The Chooch out for a walk.  Tomorrow morning.

It'll have to be early because after that, I'm going to get my freak on with some vampires and werewolves! *screech* YES! I'm going to see Eclipse and that will be the ONLY kind of *screech* you will ever get out of me about a movie.  I don't do screeching out loud in public with a bunch of other little and not so little, big and not so big girls.  When I'm in line tomorrow, I'll be playing it cool (although how cool can I possibly be when I'll be in line an hour and a half prior to when the movie starts - plus I used the word prior in this sentence so I've obviously shown the factor of my cool).  I'm losing track of myself again...

Short form so I don't get confused.

Just dance. Want and need.
New puppy.  Want but Chewy definitely disagrees
Eclipse. Cool, but not screechy.

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