Saturday, July 17, 2010

Third Time's a Charm!

All right, attention everyone:

That's a big ol' THUMBS UP!  Day 3 is DONE LIKE DINNER!  It only took three tries but I did it! *LOL*  Granted, I completed the run on the treadmill, but I kept it at an incline of one!  AND I went 21 minutes to make up for the fact that I wasn't outside!

Alarm was set at 7 am and I can't say that I was up and at 'em when it went off.  It was more like a slow, torturous rising.  My body felt pretty stiff and it took a while for me to get changed and stretch all the stiffness out.  Eventually I got myself to the gym and stalled some more by finding out that I left my lock the last time I was there and I rifled through a whole basket of forgotten locks.  Even trying to open all the ones that looked like mine couldn't stall long enough...eventually I made it on to a treadmill and finally got it started. 

It's funny how fast the timer goes when I'm walking but how SLOW 30 seconds can be while I'm "running."  I was looking at the timer when I started running and it just seemed that 25 minutes seemed like a LOOOOONG time from 5 minutes.  It still seemed like a looong time at 11 minutes, I got a little bit excited when I hit 16 minutes because that meant that I was going longer than I had the last time, and at 5 minutes left, I knew I was going to finish it!  I think I forgot that other people could see or hear me because once I hit 5 minutes left I started counting down each minute and I was laughing and giggling to myself because I couldn't believe I made it that far!

Sarah's puking, passing out and dying mantra REALLY got me through.  I swear that was the only thing I kept repeating to myself.  When I started feeling tired, I would ask myself, "are you going to puke? No?  Then keep going!"  When that got too hard, what really passed the most time was picturing myself getting to work and making Tara and Tammy take a picture of me while I checked off my Week 5, Day 3 box!  Then I pictured myself updating my Facebook status and finally being able to say that I was DONE!

Anywho, so that really made my day - and it was nice, so early in the morning too.  Definitely a good start to the day.  Makes me feel like a SUPA STAR!

Even Chewy's celebrating with me!  He's so proud of his mama!

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