Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reaching or Biting?

Hmmm...right now I'm wondering whether I'm bordering on reaching for the stars or biting off more than I can chew.  Although it's not really official (not for another week at least), I believe I have committed to register and run for:

*LOL* Don't get too excited, there's several races with this marathon and we're only going to go for the 5K!  I mean, we're figuring that next week is already Week 5 and by the end of Week 5, if all goes according to plan and I can find away to avoid my negative thoughts while running, we should be running 20 minutes non-stop.  So we're also thinking that if we can do that, it's not that much more of a leap to say that we'll be able to work our way up to running the full 30 minutes non-stop which would constitute 5K.  Although right now, I'm seriously doubting my ability to be able to make it through a full 20 minutes, the good news is that we've got some time on our hands.  So if we finish the CIBC Run for the Cure...well then why can't we do the 5K in Niagara!

Actually, before lunch started and again, before I was left alone with my evil, evil thoughts during the lunch hour, I was pretty darn excited.  I was thinking of making a whole weeked out of it.  The run is on a Sunday and we could go up Saturday and spend the time doing the Niagara Falls attractions, etc. and then there's also going to be a Pasta Party that the runners can participate in that evening (which makes sense, right? The night before the run, load up on PASTA!) then Sunday we RUN!  And all runners get a goody bag and a finisher's medal!  It'll be my first official race and hopefully if when I finish, my first (of many?) medal(s?)!

It's EXCITING!  Just have to keep up with my C25K.  Imagine that...me! In training! For a race! *LOL*  Tara looked up the times from last year and there was one person who finished within an hour, so I made that my goal.  To make sure I at least make it in less than an hour! *LOL*

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