Friday, July 2, 2010


Bwahahaha!  Just because I can't run today doesn't mean I can't do something conducive to running!

I know I said I was going to get myself the FT4 if I finished my Week 3 run that day, but I picked up this baby instead!  On the Polar website, this one is listed under Running and Multifitness and since I used Polar as a means to finish my run, I figured that I should get one that's specific to running.  I can still use it for other exercise as well, but hey, it counts lap times and all those other things I can't even mention because I'd have no idea what I'm talking about AND it tells you the calories burned too.

At first I was interested in looking at one that also calculated distance, but the guy was getting me to look at a Garmin one and for the amount that it was, I just wasn't having it.  Especially since I've discovered how to work the "Walk" option on Google Maps, I can figure out how far we go.

I figure this will help me get back on the bandwagon after too.  I was so scared of getting sick because I thought that anything getting in the way of me keeping steady going with the program would just deter me from ever starting it up again, but between Tara and having this brand new toy to play with, hopefully I'll be excited to get back on the sidewalk (just not the edge of it again, this time around!)

And I managed to find another thing to do to keep me in the running spirit while I can't actually run literally:



October 3rd, baby!  I'll be running this thing from start to finish and Tara's going to run with me.  From fundraising to triathlons?! *LOL* We'll see, for right now, I just have to take it easy and get back on this ankle!  If you feel like sponsoring me, look for my link on the sidebar and thanks in advance!

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