Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Me...

I can see that you're really nervous right now.  How's your relationship with the toilet?  Only getting stronger?  Good, keep up the water intake, you're doing awesome!  And guess what?  You've lasted longer on your new fitness/healthy eating regime than you did last year when you crash dieted to fit into your maid of honour dress for your best friend's wedding.  You've definitely come a long way, kiddo!

I know it's really easy to look at a new goal and think how hard it unattainable it seems, but look at it this way:

On Day 1 of C25K, you were alternating 60 second jogs with 90 second walks and you couldn't finish the last interval.  You felt bad and you resolved to do it better the next run and you did.  You finished it - going uphill no less.  And then by the third day, you couldn't believe that you even had a problem finishing day one.  And then Week 2 came around and you had a hard time again and you got scared and you told yourself you definitely couldn't see yourself running 90 seconds!  But you DID!!!

Every single time you set a goal in front of yourself, however daunting it was, you met that goal.  Set them up and shot them down!  Look at all the check marks beside your running chart!  You're more than halfway there!

So listen.  No matter what happens on your run today.  You're awesome and you can only get better and better.  If you feel the need to walk, then walk!  But get your feet moving again.  You're not doing this for anybody but yourself.  Nobody's keeping track but you and nobody's going to benefit from this but YOU!  It's all for you, and why NOT?  You deserve to feel AWESOME after you knock this goal out of the ballpark.  Remember how good it feels after accomplishing a running day?  Especially when it felt especially hard to keep going? But you found a way to do it anyway?

Enough thinking.  Enough worrying.  Just go out there and do it.  And you know what?  I'll be the most proud of you.


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