Monday, July 19, 2010

Day by Day

Okay, it's official.  I'm going to say it:

I'm exhausted!

This new staying active thing is seriously wearing me out and the rush of endorphins or whatever is that's supposed to come after a workout and make you feel all energized and happy...there's just not enough of it! this what it feels like to be an escalating drug addict?  When the hit just isn't enough...the effect doesn't last long enough?  Interesting...but I'm TIRED!

...and stiff...and geriatric-feeling! *LOL*

How can this be?  Why does it feel like I'm just starting out for the first time?  I've been running for about five weeks now and I continue to feel like yesterday was the first day out!  I guess I'm in a whiny mood right now.  I know that I've come a LONG way from where I used to be...but it just seems like I should feel better or something.  Meh...I think it's just me being tired.

I finished Week 6, Day 1 today!  I was feeling mighty confident today considering that I managed to conquer the beast that was Week 5, Day 3.  I figured that Day 1 of Week 6 would be a breeze compared to how hard it was to get through the twenty minute run.  Who knows, maybe the over-confidence and the give 'er that I gave yesterday at frisbee tired a girl was a struggle to get through the run.

Also I guess I should add this....

CONFESSION: I ate two quarter pieces of my delicious cake and then I went to Turtle Jack's and ate a chicken parmesan dinner.  OMG, it was *SO* good.  I'm drooling a little just thinking about it.  It had fettucine noodles and I had a choice of having alfredo or marinara sauce.  At first I chose alfredo because I was feeling especially bad-ass, but then I changed it to half and half (or rose as the waitress was kind enough to tell me) and woooooow.  I've been eating salads for lunch and dinner, give me a break, yo!

So, confessions.  I start clean again tomorrow!

Oh!  But here's the highlight of my Monday morning!

Now *THIS* was what got me through my run! 

You know what I've noticed lately?  I'm burning less calories with each run.  I mean, I burn more calories when I run outside, but even then, I'm burning less calories.  So I guess that's a good thing and direct proof against my earlier whiny mc-whinies.  Today, when I finished my run, I wasn't even at 300 calories!  I think I was at 287, so I decided to run another five minutes after the five minute cool down.  So really today, instead of running 5 min (and when I say running, we all know I really mean JOGGING, right? Or just slightly faster than a brisk walk? *LOL*), walking 3, running 8, walking 3 and then running 5, I did all that, then walked 5 and then ran another 5.  After I checked to make sure I had broken 300, I saw that I was pretty close to 400 so I decided to just keep going until the timer hit 45 minutes and saw where that led.  So, 407 calories in a 45 minute span!  Wednesday is 10 minutes, walk 3 and run 10 minutes!  Hopefully my body will feel much more up to the task than it did today.

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