Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boo Hoo, Gimpy Limpy!

...and I thought getting sick was the thing to worry about that would keep me from running! GAH!

There's my right foot the evening after my spectacular fall.

I thought I had 'walked it off' as they say since I was able to complete my run, but after the run and I was back at work, I noticed that my foot/ankle was starting to feel pretty stiff.  I thought moving it around would help more so when I got home, I took The Chooch for a long walk around a couple blocks.  I was feeling pretty much like a champ considering I usually always feel too tired (read: lazy) to go out for much more than up the street/down the street jaunt for Chewy to do his business.  Anywho, I noticed it was feeling a bit uncomfortable but not enough so that I had to shorten my walk.  I finished it and I sat down to finally get some ice on that baby and from then it was just getting to be more so that I couldn't move my foot and more painful.  Later on that evening at my parents' house, it was definitely on the sore side and looked like this when we got home:

Look, there's an apple growing on the side of my foot.  Or as Arnold would say, "a too-mah".  So there went my Canada Day.  I had plans to go to the gym with the girls and complete my "last" run for the week (I wasn't really counting my first treadmill run as an official Day One run, since it was so vastly different from Mondays) and then I was going to take Chewy to the market and walk around for a bit, but instead, I had to make like OBVIOUSLY I knew how to use the R.I.C.E. method!

I hauled myself out of the stinky mound of bed that was me and got myself to choir practice though, this evening, gimpy limp and all.  This is what it's looking like right now:

Thank goodness the doctor had already given me anti-inflammation pills from my plantar fasciitis, so I've still got a few more pills from that, so hopefully it's helping out with this boo-boo.  I don't really have any plans to see anybody about it since I read on the internet (because Google is obviously the number once choice to diagnose something instead of an actual medical practioner *LOL*) but according to the many links Google found for me, I may have torn my calcaneal...something...I already forgot.  Oh. Ligament.  There was an 'f' word in between there could be fibral a word?  Anywho, what was I saying? Oh right...out of the rolling-over-the-ankle injuries, it said that I may have either stretched or torn whatever it is down there, but it didn't really mention what to do about other than RICE, so basically, it looks like I'll be sitting out some runs this coming week. BAH!

And the cold that I was fearing has also reared it's snotty green self, so hopefully, I can get both of these obstacles outta my way at the same time so I can get back on the road! *three fist pumps*

You'll have to excuse me if I don't make sense or am incoherent, I spent the day icing and watching the Jersey Shores marathon.  I am lacking a few brain cells...

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