Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unsent Letters

Dear Laughing Cow,
I *LOVE* you.  Where would I be without you?  Probably stuck eating undeserving, un-tasty cheese strings - for more calories than they're worth!  But you!  You're so creamy, soft and delicious.  You feel like I'm being bad or cheating, but alas, for TWO of you, it's only 70 calories!  How can it be?!  Who cares?! Your mere existence brings joy to my utterly drab and boring salad!  It brings happiness to my dull, undelicious snacks.  I promise NEVER to go vegan just so we can always be together because no substitute can ever really replace what you and I have.

Omnivorous Cheese Lover

Dear Mean, Evil Co-Worker,
I know what you're trying to do and I won't be playing your evil, evil game!  At first, I thought I was going to faint when you walked in here and wafted sweetly, delicious apple fritter aroma in my face.  Just holding up the box doesn't detract from the fact that I can picture each single, plumply delicious piece of apple all puffed up with fluffy batter and covered generously in cavity-inducing sugar, all of it still warm and slightly crispy from coming out from the devil's gift that is also know as the deep-fryer.  *inhale*

Well, think again because I have clued in to your evil plot!  For years now it's been you and I starting false diet after false diet, but you never really felt all that bad at cheating or quitting it because I was always right behind you.  But now I'm getting close to finally finishing something that I've started and seeing results and you don't like it!  All of a sudden the cheese (not you, wonderful Laughing Cow, I would never pair you with this monstrosity) stands alone and it's YOU!  Thanks but no thanks!  I will *NOT* be wanting any of those delicious slices from heaven to bring warmth and happiness to the otherwise empty dark hole that is my stomach.  I don't NEED it!  But thanks for testing me and letting me find out that I'm stronger than I thought!

Your No-Longer-Diet-Quitting Buddy

P.S. Dear Apple Fritters,
Please don't be upset, it's not you, it's me!  I'm the one who can't have you!  I'm not good enough for you anymore!  Each time you touched my lips I would just be filled with fear and regret.  That's not how you want our relationship to be based on, right?  It would just be wrong.  How can either of us be happy like that?  Oh, I'm sure we would be in the beginning, but eventually the guilt would tear us apart and eventually we'd end up resenting each other.  Believe me, it's better this way.  You deserve someone who will love you for everything that you are.  Unfortunately, it just can't be me anymore...


Dear Malcolm and Fellow Huck Buddies,
As a current part-time player/filler-inner, it is my position that I should be elevated to full-time, official Huck Buddy for many reasons.  I believe that I can bring more to the table and act as a possible asset rather than a liability to your team, I sincerely enjoy the game and the added physical activity (I burn anywhere from 300 - 400 calories in a game!) and comradarie are an absolute bonus.  I have gone ahead and looked up Ultimate (did you know it was only called Ultimate now without the word frisbee as the name Frisbee is a trademark from a Toy Company that of which the Ultimate Association does NOT use their products and therefore was unable to include the name Frisbee in its official title?) and I have read up on the history of the game and familiarized myself with all the rules and have also thus looked up possible offensive and defensive tactical maneuvers to better acquaint myself with the game.

I also believe that I have the right attitude that complements the entire team as well as meets with the entire Ultimate criteria regarding the spirit of the game (or TSPOG as it is often abbreviated).  I am a team player and can work in a multicultural team environment.  I believe that my positive attitude can only add to the team's overall morale and boost confidence or otherwise induce laughter should the feeling of losing over and over again become too much.  May I also add that I can burp with the best of them which doesn't really do anything for the team but I promise can be quite grotesquely impressive.

With all that I can bring to the field, I believe it would be a good move for yourself and the rest of the Huck Buddy members to officially induct me into the team so that I may feel more comfortable coming out to the Sunday games and enjoying myself without feeling particularly awkward.

Also, as a final point of persuasion, I also offered to pay half the registration fee to even up the playing field so to speak.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.  Ie. Malcolm, what's taking so long to answer your E-Mail? Can I play or not?!  Please be advised that I'm inclined to deduct personal spirit points the more days it takes to receive a reply.  Have a good day!

Hopefully Prospective Huck Buddy

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day by Day

Okay, it's official.  I'm going to say it:

I'm exhausted!

This new staying active thing is seriously wearing me out and the rush of endorphins or whatever is that's supposed to come after a workout and make you feel all energized and happy...there's just not enough of it!  Hmm...is this what it feels like to be an escalating drug addict?  When the hit just isn't enough...the effect doesn't last long enough?  Interesting...but I'm TIRED!

...and stiff...and geriatric-feeling! *LOL*

How can this be?  Why does it feel like I'm just starting out for the first time?  I've been running for about five weeks now and I continue to feel like yesterday was the first day out!  I guess I'm in a whiny mood right now.  I know that I've come a LONG way from where I used to be...but it just seems like I should feel better or something.  Meh...I think it's just me being tired.

I finished Week 6, Day 1 today!  I was feeling mighty confident today considering that I managed to conquer the beast that was Week 5, Day 3.  I figured that Day 1 of Week 6 would be a breeze compared to how hard it was to get through the twenty minute run.  Who knows, maybe the over-confidence and the give 'er that I gave yesterday at frisbee tired a girl out...it was a struggle to get through the run.

Also I guess I should add this....

CONFESSION: I ate two quarter pieces of my delicious cake and then I went to Turtle Jack's and ate a chicken parmesan dinner.  OMG, it was *SO* good.  I'm drooling a little just thinking about it.  It had fettucine noodles and I had a choice of having alfredo or marinara sauce.  At first I chose alfredo because I was feeling especially bad-ass, but then I changed it to half and half (or rose as the waitress was kind enough to tell me) and woooooow.  I've been eating salads for lunch and dinner, give me a break, yo!

So, confessions.  I start clean again tomorrow!

Oh!  But here's the highlight of my Monday morning!

Now *THIS* was what got me through my run! 

You know what I've noticed lately?  I'm burning less calories with each run.  I mean, I burn more calories when I run outside, but even then, I'm burning less calories.  So I guess that's a good thing and direct proof against my earlier whiny mc-whinies.  Today, when I finished my run, I wasn't even at 300 calories!  I think I was at 287, so I decided to run another five minutes after the five minute cool down.  So really today, instead of running 5 min (and when I say running, we all know I really mean JOGGING, right? Or just slightly faster than a brisk walk? *LOL*), walking 3, running 8, walking 3 and then running 5, I did all that, then walked 5 and then ran another 5.  After I checked to make sure I had broken 300, I saw that I was pretty close to 400 so I decided to just keep going until the timer hit 45 minutes and saw where that led.  So, 407 calories in a 45 minute span!  Wednesday is 10 minutes, walk 3 and run 10 minutes!  Hopefully my body will feel much more up to the task than it did today.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Third Time's a Charm!

All right, attention everyone:

That's a big ol' THUMBS UP!  Day 3 is DONE LIKE DINNER!  It only took three tries but I did it! *LOL*  Granted, I completed the run on the treadmill, but I kept it at an incline of one!  AND I went 21 minutes to make up for the fact that I wasn't outside!

Alarm was set at 7 am and I can't say that I was up and at 'em when it went off.  It was more like a slow, torturous rising.  My body felt pretty stiff and it took a while for me to get changed and stretch all the stiffness out.  Eventually I got myself to the gym and stalled some more by finding out that I left my lock the last time I was there and I rifled through a whole basket of forgotten locks.  Even trying to open all the ones that looked like mine couldn't stall long enough...eventually I made it on to a treadmill and finally got it started. 

It's funny how fast the timer goes when I'm walking but how SLOW 30 seconds can be while I'm "running."  I was looking at the timer when I started running and it just seemed that 25 minutes seemed like a LOOOOONG time from 5 minutes.  It still seemed like a looong time at 11 minutes, I got a little bit excited when I hit 16 minutes because that meant that I was going longer than I had the last time, and at 5 minutes left, I knew I was going to finish it!  I think I forgot that other people could see or hear me because once I hit 5 minutes left I started counting down each minute and I was laughing and giggling to myself because I couldn't believe I made it that far!

Sarah's puking, passing out and dying mantra REALLY got me through.  I swear that was the only thing I kept repeating to myself.  When I started feeling tired, I would ask myself, "are you going to puke? No?  Then keep going!"  When that got too hard, what really passed the most time was picturing myself getting to work and making Tara and Tammy take a picture of me while I checked off my Week 5, Day 3 box!  Then I pictured myself updating my Facebook status and finally being able to say that I was DONE!

Anywho, so that really made my day - and it was nice, so early in the morning too.  Definitely a good start to the day.  Makes me feel like a SUPA STAR!

Even Chewy's celebrating with me!  He's so proud of his mama!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pep Talk...

"Puking, passing out or dying are the only three reasons to stop."
- Sarah F. (Facebook)

Ugh.  I kind of wish I had that quote on replay over and over again on my MP3 instead of that jackass of a guy that's on my C25K MP3 tracks.  His, "you're about halfway there, keep going!" isn't really all that inspiring when you're wishing you could throw yourself into the middle of traffic just to make it all stop.  Maybe I could E-Mail him and suggest he throw in those nuggets.  If I heard, "you're about halfway there, keep going! And remember, puking, passing out or dying are the only three reasons to stop!" that might be more helpful and realistic.

So, I'm sure it's almost needless to say that I didn't complete Week 5, Day 3 today.  Tara and I took our rest day yesterday in which I used up exercise time to clean the house like a madwoman to prepare for choir practice that we were hosting that evening, and then I went ahead and pigged the eff out of nahos.  Like, really.  They were *SO* good!  But I digress...

Anywho, by that insane hour reflected on my BB, I was dressed and getting ready to stretch before heading out the door.

I didn't have matching socks today. Maybe that's what brought me down.  Riiiiight...that's what I'll keep telling myself. *LOL*

Anywho, out the door I go and it's just nasty out there!  It rained last night and unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of rain that cools down the temperature.  It was the kind of rain that pretty much just floats up in the heat in humid, sticky air that pretty much envelopes you in mist.  I was already sticky even before I was halfway finished my five minute warm up walk.

To give myself a tiny bit of credit, I can REALLY feel a difference when I start out running.  I'm not completely dying after the first few minutes and I guess that's pretty good.  I have to keep reminding myself where I was coming from...but I also don't want to get stuck.  I was able to run eleven minutes straight before I had to give up and slow to a walk.  I was pretty much down to negotiating with myself to even get that last minute.  Once I hit the ten minute mark I was looking for things to run up.  I was like, "okay, just run up to that fire hydrant," and once I hit the fire hydrant, I'd tell myself, "oh wait, I meant that pole up there.  Run to that pole up there and then you can stop."  Once I got to the pole, I said, "Well, there's a guy coming towards you, you have to keep running by him because if you don't, he could grab you!" and then once I was past him I told myself that I had to keep going because he could still turn around and tackle me!  Once I had ascertained he was far enough behind, I lost all motivation to find something else to run to and I pretty much just went into my walk.

After that, I was kicking myself for stopping becuase it was SO much harder to get going again.  I walked for two minutes, picked up a five minute jog and walked for another two before I finished the last four minutes to make a twenty minute run.  *sighs*  Good news and bad news is that I got home and found out that Tara did her full twenty! Ugh.  I almost want to mutter "bitch" except for the fact that I'm really proud of her for getting it done!  Now that's drive, right there!  I need some of that!

...and a big ol' thumbs down for me.  Even though I can acknowledge that I wasn't like this five weeks ago...I still wish I had pushed myself a bit more.  Especially after Tara's got the run under her belt and ESPECIALLY after facing THIS:

NO check mark! *insert sad face here*  I need that check mark!  See how Day 2 has two check marks?  And Day 3 has NONE?  I will get my check mark and I WANT it before this week is up!  I was okay to repeat Day 3 until I got it, but I'd REALLY rather start Week 6 on my sixth week. I can do it, I just have to push through!

You know, if I were in Glee this would be the time where my fellow show choir peeps would sit me down in a chair and serenade me with their version of Cyndi Lauper's True Colours.

"You with the sad eyes, don't be discouraged, oh I realize
It's hard to take courage (run) in a world full of people (runners)
You can lose sight of it all
and the darkness inside you (Week 5, Day 3) can make you feel so small (like a failure)."

There'd be coloured lights and pleading, encouraging looks from my serenaders and by the end of the song, I'll feel all inspired and go out and run the 20 minutes straight in which they will feature it as a montage in slow motion with the choir still singing in the background and hitting the last dramatic lines of the song as I reach my goal.  Now that's good television!

In any case, it won't be today.  I was thinking I would head straight to the gym after work and try to make it through on a treadmill (I know, pretty much a cop-out, but twenty minutes is twenty minutes right now no matter what) but everyone here said that wasn't a good idea since my legs will probably still be tired and I still didn't reach my goal, I'd feel more sad.  So tomorrow morning it is!  I was thinking of doing it Sunday morning, but Bart and I are going out to play ultimate frisbee again with Melissa's team and it's a double-header!  I don't think my legs will hold up for both games if I went prancing around that same morning!

I can do this.  I've come so far, I can go farther!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Me...

I can see that you're really nervous right now.  How's your relationship with the toilet?  Only getting stronger?  Good, keep up the water intake, you're doing awesome!  And guess what?  You've lasted longer on your new fitness/healthy eating regime than you did last year when you crash dieted to fit into your maid of honour dress for your best friend's wedding.  You've definitely come a long way, kiddo!

I know it's really easy to look at a new goal and think how hard it is...how unattainable it seems, but look at it this way:

On Day 1 of C25K, you were alternating 60 second jogs with 90 second walks and you couldn't finish the last interval.  You felt bad and you resolved to do it better the next run and you did.  You finished it - going uphill no less.  And then by the third day, you couldn't believe that you even had a problem finishing day one.  And then Week 2 came around and you had a hard time again and you got scared and you told yourself you definitely couldn't see yourself running 90 seconds!  But you DID!!!

Every single time you set a goal in front of yourself, however daunting it was, you met that goal.  Set them up and shot them down!  Look at all the check marks beside your running chart!  You're more than halfway there!

So listen.  No matter what happens on your run today.  You're awesome and you can only get better and better.  If you feel the need to walk, then walk!  But get your feet moving again.  You're not doing this for anybody but yourself.  Nobody's keeping track but you and nobody's going to benefit from this but YOU!  It's all for you, and why NOT?  You deserve to feel AWESOME after you knock this goal out of the ballpark.  Remember how good it feels after accomplishing a running day?  Especially when it felt especially hard to keep going? But you found a way to do it anyway?

Enough thinking.  Enough worrying.  Just go out there and do it.  And you know what?  I'll be the most proud of you.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm getting nervous again.  We are on Week 4 and I've only run it once so far - on a treadmill so obviously we know how unprepared I still am and today we're running it on a track.  Which I'm still grateful for since a track is a FLAT, incline-less surface, but I'm scared because Week 4 was hard for me on a treadmill.  And running on a treadmill is supposed to be the easiest thing ever.  Yeah, well Week 4 still wasn't so I'm super scared that I'm going to fail.  *cries*  I hate running!  Why did I want to sign up for a race again?! Stupid lure of goody bags and pasta!  I curse you, goody bags and delicious pasta!  *hyperventillating*  Meanwhile, Tara's already run Week 4 THREE TIMES already! Ugh.  I still have to run another one this week while she's off attending open bar weddings.  I'm toying with the idea of trying to run our usual course, but it's almost hotter than hell here right now (hence running indoors) so I doubt that idea is really going to pan out.  Plus, I'm lazy by nature...

For a little bit of encouragement and reminder that I CAN do it:

Woohoo! C'mon Cat!!! We can do it!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reaching or Biting?

Hmmm...right now I'm wondering whether I'm bordering on reaching for the stars or biting off more than I can chew.  Although it's not really official (not for another week at least), I believe I have committed to register and run for:

*LOL* Don't get too excited, there's several races with this marathon and we're only going to go for the 5K!  I mean, we're figuring that next week is already Week 5 and by the end of Week 5, if all goes according to plan and I can find away to avoid my negative thoughts while running, we should be running 20 minutes non-stop.  So we're also thinking that if we can do that, it's not that much more of a leap to say that we'll be able to work our way up to running the full 30 minutes non-stop which would constitute 5K.  Although right now, I'm seriously doubting my ability to be able to make it through a full 20 minutes, the good news is that we've got some time on our hands.  So if we finish the CIBC Run for the Cure...well then why can't we do the 5K in Niagara!

Actually, before lunch started and again, before I was left alone with my evil, evil thoughts during the lunch hour, I was pretty darn excited.  I was thinking of making a whole weeked out of it.  The run is on a Sunday and we could go up Saturday and spend the time doing the Niagara Falls attractions, etc. and then there's also going to be a Pasta Party that the runners can participate in that evening (which makes sense, right? The night before the run, load up on PASTA!) then Sunday we RUN!  And all runners get a goody bag and a finisher's medal!  It'll be my first official race and hopefully if when I finish, my first (of many?) medal(s?)!

It's EXCITING!  Just have to keep up with my C25K.  Imagine that...me! In training! For a race! *LOL*  Tara looked up the times from last year and there was one person who finished within an hour, so I made that my goal.  To make sure I at least make it in less than an hour! *LOL*

Monday, July 5, 2010

Learning Curves

If there's anything to do while running, it's definitely thinking.  Lots and lots of thinking and on this subject of learning curves, I'm learning that sometimes, inside my head is a dangerous place to be. 

I guess that sounds more dramatic than it really is, but dangerous for me as in my mind seems to be the most unhealthiest place for me when I run - especially when I'm alone. 

I guess this may be taken for my melancholy post.  It's long overdue, but then again, that's what running gets you. Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts.

I know we all read and see instances where the mind can overcome many things.  Monks and meditation and more recent or closer to home, the placebo effect.  Two groups of people, two groups of drugs, nobody knows which they take but they're all told that the pill will do a certain thing.  Armed with this knowledge, more people than not claim that whatever they were told the pill would do did exactly that, but the funny thing, only half the people were given the actual drug and the rest were sugar pills.  So how is it that more than half the people said they felt what the drug was supposed to do?  There goes that whole power of the mind thing again...

Anywho, I believe I do have a point...sort of.  There's all these instances where the mind can be a positive force and the whole point of my diatribe here is that while I was running today, I realized that maybe my mind is not there yet.  It's so easy for me to convince myself that I feel tired, or my legs hurt or I don't really have to keep going, if I stop, nobody's really going to know.  I'm proud to say that I haven't actually said, "Okay, voices in my head, you're SO right!" But I'm not proud to say that I've gotten close - again, it's only my mind convincing me otherwise that I'm able to finish the run, but I'm left wondering what if some day - Week 4, Day 2, Week 5, Day 3 or whenever, I finally decide to listen to what my mind is saying to me?  What if I stop?  Give up?  Aaaargh, wha, wha, wha, would I like some cheese with my whine? *LOL*

I guess it all started when during the first five minute run, I started thinking thoughts.  First my mind zeroed in on my heels.  I was like, "man do they hurt."  Just a random thought.  So I kept running.  But then my mind wouldn't leave it alone:

Mind: Ouch, ouch, ouchy heels!

Me: Shut up, they don't hurt.

Mind: Ooow, they really hurt now.  It's starting to feel way worse! Must be those heel spurs!  Yeah, heel spurs!

Me: No it's not. They didn't hurt on the first three minutes.

Mind: But they hurt now! We forgot to take our anti-inflammatory pills!  We could be doing way more damage!  And so soon after your fall.  What about your ankle?!

Me: Hmm...my ankle does seem to hurt a little now...

Mind: Ooooow, my ankle!  It hurts so bad! My ankle AND my heels!  We should totally stop!

Me: You're probably right.  It definitely hurts now, I totally feel it.  It will probably get worse the more I keep going.  Then maybe I won't even be able to run at all after!

And so on and so on...bah.

I don't really know what I"m really getting at. Just thoughts.  Random thoughts. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts...these ones just stayed with me long after the run was over.

But I finished Week 4, Day 1.  Yay me! *three fist pumps!*

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Want vs. Need

...it's totally started.  From not needing to buy anything, to...well, I just got the RS100 today and now I want THIS:

Video No Longer Available

I shall have it by tomorrow (or should I say today since it's after midnight!) *wince* Well, maybe next pay.  I had to show Bart the RS since it was peeking out of my purse *LOL* Not that I needed to hide it from him.  If he asks, it was $85, okay?!

Anywho, can't stay on much longer, going to wake up early to take Chewy out for a walk.  My ankle still looks super swollen but I've been trying to walk like normal on it all day today and I think I'm managing pretty well and it doesn't seem to hurt.  I'm not sure if it's because of the anti-inflammatories or whatnot, but do you think I'm pushing it too early if I say I think I can go out for a run tomorrow?  I need to test out my RS100!  The chest strap thing is so cool and super easy, I'm mad at myself for not doing more research last year and trying to get by with my crap Mio.  Anybody want to buy a Mio HRM? 

Either way, hopefully I'll be able to go for a walk at the very least, poor Chewy is starting to get all antsy and not satisfied with just hanging out in the backyard, and today he smelled another puppy on me and was NOT pleased.  Well, I'm not really sure if he was or not, but I'm imagining he wasn't, because it gives me a feeling of self-worth and importance that someone (some thing?) would feel jealous of me showering someone (some thing?) else with affection.  I couldn't help it!  This guy brought the most ADORABLE PUPPY into the office.  Even though I like Chewy, it doesn't mean I know the type of every single dog I come across, so I have no idea what it was (nor did I really even care) it was a PUPPY.  PUPPY is its own kind of dog.  Anywho, it was pure black and fluffy and it's paws were so stubby and fluffy, it was just the most DARLING thing, and - what was I talking about?  Oh right, taking The Chooch out for a walk.  Tomorrow morning.

It'll have to be early because after that, I'm going to get my freak on with some vampires and werewolves! *screech* YES! I'm going to see Eclipse and that will be the ONLY kind of *screech* you will ever get out of me about a movie.  I don't do screeching out loud in public with a bunch of other little and not so little, big and not so big girls.  When I'm in line tomorrow, I'll be playing it cool (although how cool can I possibly be when I'll be in line an hour and a half prior to when the movie starts - plus I used the word prior in this sentence so I've obviously shown the factor of my cool).  I'm losing track of myself again...

Short form so I don't get confused.

Just dance. Want and need.
New puppy.  Want but Chewy definitely disagrees
Eclipse. Cool, but not screechy.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Bwahahaha!  Just because I can't run today doesn't mean I can't do something conducive to running!

I know I said I was going to get myself the FT4 if I finished my Week 3 run that day, but I picked up this baby instead!  On the Polar website, this one is listed under Running and Multifitness and since I used Polar as a means to finish my run, I figured that I should get one that's specific to running.  I can still use it for other exercise as well, but hey, it counts lap times and all those other things I can't even mention because I'd have no idea what I'm talking about AND it tells you the calories burned too.

At first I was interested in looking at one that also calculated distance, but the guy was getting me to look at a Garmin one and for the amount that it was, I just wasn't having it.  Especially since I've discovered how to work the "Walk" option on Google Maps, I can figure out how far we go.

I figure this will help me get back on the bandwagon after too.  I was so scared of getting sick because I thought that anything getting in the way of me keeping steady going with the program would just deter me from ever starting it up again, but between Tara and having this brand new toy to play with, hopefully I'll be excited to get back on the sidewalk (just not the edge of it again, this time around!)

And I managed to find another thing to do to keep me in the running spirit while I can't actually run literally:



October 3rd, baby!  I'll be running this thing from start to finish and Tara's going to run with me.  From fundraising to triathlons?! *LOL* We'll see, for right now, I just have to take it easy and get back on this ankle!  If you feel like sponsoring me, look for my link on the sidebar and thanks in advance!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boo Hoo, Gimpy Limpy!

...and I thought getting sick was the thing to worry about that would keep me from running! GAH!

There's my right foot the evening after my spectacular fall.

I thought I had 'walked it off' as they say since I was able to complete my run, but after the run and I was back at work, I noticed that my foot/ankle was starting to feel pretty stiff.  I thought moving it around would help more so when I got home, I took The Chooch for a long walk around a couple blocks.  I was feeling pretty much like a champ considering I usually always feel too tired (read: lazy) to go out for much more than up the street/down the street jaunt for Chewy to do his business.  Anywho, I noticed it was feeling a bit uncomfortable but not enough so that I had to shorten my walk.  I finished it and I sat down to finally get some ice on that baby and from then it was just getting to be more so that I couldn't move my foot and more painful.  Later on that evening at my parents' house, it was definitely on the sore side and looked like this when we got home:

Look, there's an apple growing on the side of my foot.  Or as Arnold would say, "a too-mah".  So there went my Canada Day.  I had plans to go to the gym with the girls and complete my "last" run for the week (I wasn't really counting my first treadmill run as an official Day One run, since it was so vastly different from Mondays) and then I was going to take Chewy to the market and walk around for a bit, but instead, I had to make like OBVIOUSLY I knew how to use the R.I.C.E. method!

I hauled myself out of the stinky mound of bed that was me and got myself to choir practice though, this evening, gimpy limp and all.  This is what it's looking like right now:

Thank goodness the doctor had already given me anti-inflammation pills from my plantar fasciitis, so I've still got a few more pills from that, so hopefully it's helping out with this boo-boo.  I don't really have any plans to see anybody about it since I read on the internet (because Google is obviously the number once choice to diagnose something instead of an actual medical practioner *LOL*) but according to the many links Google found for me, I may have torn my calcaneal...something...I already forgot.  Oh. Ligament.  There was an 'f' word in between there too...it could be fibral...is fibral a word?  Anywho, what was I saying? Oh right...out of the rolling-over-the-ankle injuries, it said that I may have either stretched or torn whatever it is down there, but it didn't really mention what to do about other than RICE, so basically, it looks like I'll be sitting out some runs this coming week. BAH!

And the cold that I was fearing has also reared it's snotty green self, so hopefully, I can get both of these obstacles outta my way at the same time so I can get back on the road! *three fist pumps*

You'll have to excuse me if I don't make sense or am incoherent, I spent the day icing and watching the Jersey Shores marathon.  I am lacking a few brain cells...
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