Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Power of Retail Mentality

Awwwwww YEAH, guess who's getting a Polar F4! *Insert Carlton Banks dance HERE*

Well, we did it and it was WAAAAY better than what I feared!  When I think back to Monday, it was a big, ol' mess, but today I'd have to say that we really looked like runners!

Check it out!

Tara finally consented to taking a picture with me *LOL* For a second I considered cropping this picture because I wasn't feeling my belly bulge-i-ness, but it is what it is, right?  I wouldn't have weight-loss entries and weight-loss goals if I looked skinny, right?  So there we are in all our running glory!  Don't we just look like runners though?! Check out the armband that Tara gave me - MP3 player no longer hanging out in my sports bra! Bwahahaha! She'd been on a mission to find an armband for her iPod and from finding nothing, all of a sudden she had two and she gave the other one to me! w00t!

Anywho, there was a little bit of a dramatic moment prior to the start of our run...

No, I'm not trying to show cleavage, pervs, look farther down at my poor little knee!  We were getting into our brisk five minute warm-up walk - CORRECTION: Actually, I don't even think we'd even started that yet either!  I was fooling around with my MP3 player when my foot got caught in the gap between the sidewalk and grass (edging?) and I totally just keeled/crumpled over.  Tara was talking to me and she didn't even realize I was on the ground *LOL* It was a doozy, I completely rolled over my ankle as I fell and for a second there, I didn't think I was going to be going anywhere but the hospital to get my ankle check.

CONFESSION: After Tara hauled me up and my ankle was throbbing, I had a secret delighted thought that maybe I wasn't going to be running after all! BWHAHAHA, and then almost as if Tara could hear my thoughts, she was like, "Walk it off, you're running."

And walk it off I did.  Thankfully, the throbbing eased up the more that I walked and I was able to complete the run!  I was telling Tara that I thought we went up the hill a lot slower because it felt a LOT easier than it had on Monday, but nope...even with the added delay of my dramatic fall, I found that we were finishing our runs sooner than Monday and we still got back at exactly the same time (again, it would have been a few minutes earlier had I not wasted our time falling to the ground).

Since my MP3 player timing got messed up while I was busy falling, Tara was in charge of signaling the start and stop of the runs and when she signaled only one minute left of the last three minute run, I got all excited thinking that mama's comin' home with a new Polar! w00t!  She rounded the corner ahead of me (I did fall behind - or if you want to look at it another way, she just ran faster than me) so when I got around the corner, she was already signaling that our last three minute run was done and instead of stopping, I decided to sprint the last few seconds to catch up with her!  It was a funny feeling though, when I put on that last burst of speed, I couldn't really feel my legs. *LOL*

Anywho, we got back all triumphant and Nurse Tammy took care of my running injury.

That spray she used to clean it up was a mofo! It's not really as bad as it looks and Tara pretty much predicted that I'd milk it for all it was worth.  I was hoping that the blood would run down my leg a bit would have upped the dramatic factor walking in that way.  *LOL*

Ah well! I'm all patched up and even though it is stinging, it's nothing new to the life of Cat.

But after all that anxiety and fear about going, I'm feeling mighty proud of us for going out there and gettin' 'er done!  So I will just have to remind myself of the way I felt today when we start week four on Monday.  Monday's are just evil all on their own anyway.

Tara's off tomorrow and Friday, leaving me to run the last run of the week by myself (I'm not even counting the treadmill run as an actual run) so I'm meeting the girls tomorrow at the gym and I'll do my run there - yes, on an evil treadmill, but I will suck it up and actually put it on an incline.  That way, I can have my first Friday lunch off to actually have lunch!

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