Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bargaining Unit

Okay, here's the deal.

As you can tell from the previous/earlier post, I'm pretty damn nervous about this run.  I know that going into it with misgivings and negative thoughts that I'm already entertaining is not going to help my performance or mindset at all.  I couldn't find anyone to pick a fight with since no one is actually around (yeah, seriously, but that's another matter unto its own and I don't really care anyway, hopefully I don't get robbed or anything...but then again, if I did, I would probably have to stay to give statements and stuff...which would cut into my running time and I probably wouldn't even have time to go...hmm....)

Sorry, where was I?

Right, okay.  Deal.  Here it is.  If I can make it through today, with the extra 0.20 km that we're going to add (another effing hill for crying out loud - sometimes I hate Tara a little bit....) I'm going to get this:

*happy dance* I know I already bought a HRM last year, but I didn't do enough research on it.  If I had known better, I would have definitely gotten the chest-strap, but instead, I'm stuck trying to get my heart beat readings and calories burned by sticking my finger on those two tiny little sensors.  It sucks and is definitely not accurate since half the time (especially after the hill when I can barely breathe!) it can't even read my beats!  So here we go...if I finish today's run, that baby will be on my wrist and around my chest for tomorrow's run.  If I don't finish it...well...then no can do, I'm not allowed to buy it.

There.  It's written and out there.  C'mon Cat.  WE CAN DOOO THIS!!!

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